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Words Used in Cooking Recipe

List of Words used in Cooking Recipes is compiled. Explanation of the words in reference to cooking recipes in English and Hindi are given below. Please learn it to improve your understanding of any cooking recipe.

Khana pakaane kee vidhee meiN istemaal hone waale shabdoN ko sanklit kiyaa hai. Cooking ke sandarbh meNinakaa arth English aur Hindi meiN diyaa gayaa hai. Inako seekheN taaki cooking recipe ke nirdeshoN ko jyaadaa achchhee tarah samajh sake.

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Recipe Vocabulary List - Words Start with Alphabet L-Z

Words in terms of Cooking Hindi may vyakhya Explanation in English in terms of cooking.
Loin Putthe kaa gosht. KaTi/peechhe kaa gosht. A cut of meat that typically comes from the back of the animal.
Marinate Tel masaale aadi ke mishraN meiN lapeTanaa. Coat or immerse foods in an acidic-based liquid or dry rub, to tenderize and add flavor before cooking and eating.
Mash Bhojan ko kuchalanaa / daalana taaki Dhele/pinD khatam ho jaaye. To beat or press a food to remove lumps and make a smooth mixture.
Measure Naap tol The dimension or amount based on a standard for liquid,
Meringue AnDe ke safed bhaag ko hilaanaa jisase vah sakht ho jaaye aur use meeThaa karanaa. Yah cake aadi ke upar lagaayaa jaa sakataa hai. Egg whites beaten until they are stiff, then sweetened. Can be used as the topping for pies or baked as cookies.
Mince Bhojan ke chhoTe chhoTe tukaDe karanaa. To chop food into tiny irregular pieces.


Words in terms of Cooking Hindi may vyakhya Explanation in English in terms of cooking.
Mix Do yaa do se adhik ghaTako (khaanaa pakaane kee alag alag saamagree ) ko achchhee tarah se milaana. To beat or stir two or more foods together until they are thoroughly combined.
Moisten Itana paanee Daalo kee bhojan kee saamagree gilee ho jaaye per Doobe nahee. Adding enough liquid to dry ingredients to dampen but not soak them.
Oven Tandoor/bhaTTee/chulhaa Kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
Pan Fry Pan meiN thoDe ghee/tel/makkhan meiN bhojan ek yaa do baar palat kar pakaanaa. To cook in a hot pan with small amount of hot oil, butter or other fat, turning the food over once or twice.
Parchment Garmee pratirodhee kaagaj A heavy heat-resistant paper used in cooking.
Pinch ChuTakee bhar A very small amount of something, held between two fingers.
Poach Liquid meiN dheemee aanch par pakaanaa. Cook by simmering in liquid.
Pour Kisee bartan meiN daalanaa / uDelanaa. Make/Cause a substance to flow from one container or place to another in a steady stream.


Words in terms of Cooking Hindi may vyakhya Explanation in English in terms of cooking.
Puree Mash karanaa yaa chhalanee karake gaaDhaa liquid banaanaa To mash or sieve food into a thick liquid.
Recipe Khaanaa banaane ke nirdesh. Directions for making something
Roast Bhunanaa To cook evenly by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over fire.
Saute Halke se talanaa. To cook food quickly in a small amount of oil in a skillet or frying pan over direct heat.
Scald Paanee ubalane ke taapmaan se pahale pakaanaa, jaise doodh ubalane se pahale utaar liyaa jaataa hai. Garam paanee meiN moTe chhilke waalee sabjee ityaadee ko dal kar chhilkaa mulayam karanaa. Cooking a liquid such as milk to just below the point of boiling; also to loosen the skin of fruits or vegetables by dipping them in boiling water.
Sear Garam tej aanch per sukhaanaa. Sealing in a meat's juices by cooking it quickly under very high heat.
Season and Seasoning Khaana swaadishT banaanewaale masaaloN se milaanaa. To enhance the flavor of foods by adding ingredients such as salt, pepper, oregano, basil, cinnamon and a variety of other herbs, spices, condiments and vinegars.Also, to treat a pot or pan (usually cast iron) with a coating of cooking oil and then baking it in a 350° oven for approximately 1 hour. This process seals any tiny rough spots on the pan's surface that may cause food to stick.
Set Theek tarah se jamanaa. Let food reach the desired state of firmness, solid or semi-solid.
Shred Kataranaa - lambe tukaDo meiN katarnaa. To cut or tear into long narrow strips, either by hand or by using a grater or food processor.

Words in terms of Cooking Hindi may vyakhya Explanation in English in terms of cooking.
Sift Chhalnee se chhananaa. To remove large lumps from a dry ingredient such as flour or confectioners' sugar by passing them through a fine mesh. This process also incorporates air into the ingredients, making them lighter.
Simmer Dheemee aanch per pakaanaa. Cooking food in a liquid at a low enough temperature so that small bubbles begin to break the surface. A very low boil.
Skim Malaai utaaranaa. To remove the top fat layer from stocks, soups, sauces or other liquids such as cream from milk.
Spider Lohe kaa stand jis per garam bartan rakhaa jaataa hai (gas burner) Iron legged stand that holds cooking kettles and pots over hot embers
Steam Garam paanee ke upar yaa paanee meiN bartan rakh kar paanee kee bhaap se pakaanaa. To cook over boiling water in a covered pan, this method keeps foods' shape, texture and nutritional value intact better than methods such as boiling.
Steep Sukhee bhojan kee vastuo ko paanee/liquid meiN tab tak dubonaa jab tak un vastuo kaa swaad liquid meiN ghul/mil naa jaaye. To soak dry ingredients such as tea leaves, ground coffee, herbs, spices, etc, in liquid until the flavor is infused into the liquid.
Stewing Meat/fish aadi ko bhoon kar dheemee aanch per band burtan/cooker meiN pakaanaa Browning small pieces of meat, poultry or fish, then simmering them with vegetables or other ingredients in enough liquid to cover them, usually in a closed pot on the stove, in the oven or with a slow cooker.
Thin Mixture ke gaaDhepan ko patalaa karane ke liye liquid/paanee milaanaa. To reduce a mixture's thickness with the addition of more liquid.


Words in terms of Cooking Hindi may vyakhya Explanation in English in terms of cooking.
Toss Bahut saaree saamagree ko eksaath dheere se milaanaa. To thoroughly combine several ingredients by mixing lightly.
Utensils Burtan Tools used for cooking and eating .
Vinaigrette Sirkaa, tel masaale se banaa. A general term referring to any sauce made with vinegar, oil and seasonings.
Water bath Garam paanee ke andar bartan ko rakh kar pakaane kee vidhi A gentle cooking technique in which a container is set into a pan of simmering water. (See also "Coddle".)
Whip PhaiTanaa. Kisee mishraN ko ek jaisaa banaane ke liye kisee cheej (chammach, kaanTa, phaiTanee, haath kee mixi ) se tejee se phaiTanaa yaa hilaanaa. To incorporate air into ingredients such as cream or egg whites by beating them until light and fluffy; also refers to the utensil used for this action.
Whisk PhaiTanaa. To mix or fluff a substance by beating; also refers to the utensil used for this action.
Zest Santare yaa neembu ke chhilake. The thin brightly colored outer part of the rind of citrus fruits. They contain volatile oils used as a flavoring.

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