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The Gerund

The Gerund is one the three types of Non-Finite Verbs. Gerund is also a Verbal. (Words that are formed from verbs but don't act as verbs are called Verbal).

A Gerund is a kind of noun that does not act as a verb. A Gerund is a verbal noun we make by adding 'Ing' at the end of a verb. Any verb can be made into a Gerund (e.g. Verb-look - Gerund-looking'). A Gerund has the force of a Noun and a Verb.

Gerunds are noun and can function in the sentence as subject, object, subject complement and objects of preposition. In other words, a Gerund can perform any action in the sentence that a noun ordinarily can function.

Non-Finite verb ke teen prakaaro meiN se ek Infinitive hai. Gerund bhee ek Verbal hai.(Shabd jo verb se banaa ho parantu verb kee tarah kaarya nahee kare vah Verbal kahalaataa hai).

Gerund ek prakaar kee sangyaa hai jo verb kee tarah kaarya nahee karatee hai. Yah ek verbal sangyaa hai jo ham verb ke ant meiN 'Ing' joDakar banaate haiN. Koi bhee verb ko Gerund banaayaa jaa sakataa hai (e.g. Verb-dekho - Gerund-dekhanaa'). Gerund meiN Noun aur Verb kaa guN hai.

Gerund sangyaa hai aur vaakya meiN kartaa, object, kartaa kaa poorak aur preposition kaa object ke taur par kaarya kar sakataa hai. Doosare shabdoN meN, Gerund vaakya meiN saadhaaraNataya vah saare kaarya kar sakataa hai jo ek sangyaa kar sakatee hai.

Use of Gerund

Gerund as Subject

Reading is Avyan's passion. (Reading is normally a verb, but here it is the name of an activity and is used as a subject).

PaDhanaa Avyan kaa junoon hai. (PaDhanaa sadhaaraNataya ek verb hai parantu yahaaN yah ek kriyaa kaa naam hai aur kartaa ke rup meiN prayukt huaa hai).


Vaakya Sentence Gerund Gerund used as
PaDhanaa Avyan kaa junoon hai. Reading is Avyan's passion. reading subject
DauDanaa ek achchhaa vyaayaam hai. Running is a good exercise. running subject
Machhalee pakaDanaa ek achchhaa shauk hai. Fishing is a good hobby. fishing subject
Dhumrapaan cancer paidaa karataa hai. Smoking causes cancer. smoking subject
Safar shaayad tumhe aage baDhane meiN madad kare. Travelling might help you to grow. traveling subject
Baagh kaa shikaar pratibandhit hai. Hunting tigers is prohibited. hunting subject
Nritya ek achchhaa vyaayaam hai. Dancing is a good exercise. dancing subject
PaDhaai tumhaaraa gyaan baDhaatee hai. Reading improves your knowledge. reading subject


Gerund as Object

Avyan enjoys reading at home. A Gerund has also the force of a Verb and can take a direct object. Object of the subject 'Avyan' is 'reading'.

Avyan ghar par paDhane kaa aanand letaa hai. Gerund ke paas Verb kee bhee taakat hai aur pratyaksh Object le sakataa hai. Subject 'Avyan' kaa object hai 'paDhanaa'.


Vaakya Sentence Gerund Gerund used as
Neha sonaa pasand karatee hai. Neha loves sleeping. sleeping object of verb-love
Meraa dost chalanaa pasand nahee karataa hai. My friend dislikes walking. walking object of verb-dislike
Kitab paDhanaa shuru karo. Begin reading the book. reading object of verb-begin
MaiN machhalee pakaDanaa pasand karataa hooN. I like fishing. fishing object of verb-like
Ronaa band karo. Stop crying. crying object of verb-stop
Yuva peeDhee online khareedanaa jyaadaa pasand karatee hai. Young generation prefer buying online. buying object of verb-prefer
Vah samaaroh meiN gaana pasand karatee hai. She loves singing in party. singing object of verb-love


Gerund as Object of Preposition

Vartika insisted on reading the book again. The object of a preposition is usually noun or pronoun and comes immediately to the right of the preposition. If we want to use a verb after a preposition, it must be a gerund. We cannot use an infinitive after a preposition. In the example, 'reading' is the object of preposition 'on'.

Vartika ne kitaab ko dubaara paDhane kee jidd kee. Preposition kaa object aamtaur par sangyaa yaa sarvanaam hotaa hai aur preposition ke Theek baad daanyee taraf aataa hai. UdaaharaN meN, 'paDhana' preposition 'on' kaa object hai.


Vaakya Sentence Gerund Gerund used as
Vartika ne kitaab ko dubaaraa paDhane kee jidd kee. Vartika insisted on reading the book again. reading object of preposition-on
Use miThaai khaanaa bahut pasand hai. She is fond of eating sweets. eating object of preposition-of
MaiN apane naye office meiN kaam karane ke baare meiN uttejit hooN. I am excited about working at my new office. working object of preposition-about
Use jhooTh bolane ke liye dunD diyaa gayaa. He was punished for telling a lie. telling object of preposition-for
Mujhe manager se milane se rokaa gayaa. I was prevented from seeing the manager. seeing object of preposition-from
HameN pataa DhoonDhane meiN kuchh takaleef nahee hui thee. We had no difficulty in finding the address. finding object of preposition-in
Ab nikalane ke baare meiN tumhaaraa kyaa khyaal hai. What about leaving now? leaving object of preposition-about

Gerund as Subject complement

Avyan's first love is reading. The subject complement describes the subject. In the example, 'Avyan's first love' is subject and 'reading' is its complement.

Avyan kaa pahalaa pyaa paDhanaa hai. Kartaa kaa poorak kartaa kaa varNan karataa hai. UdaaharaN meiN 'Avyan kaa pahalaa pyaar' Kartaa hai aur 'paDhanaa' isakaa poorak hai.


Vaakya Sentence Gerund Gerund used as
Avyan kaa pahalaa pyaar hai paDhanaa. Avyan's first love is reading. reading subject complement
Tumhaaraa majboot pahalu hai usakee galtiyaaN maaf karanaa. Your strongest point is forgiving her mistakes. forgiving subject complement
Muskaraanaa meree kamjoree hai. My weakness is smiling. smiling subject complement
Jisase maiN nafarat karataa hooN vah hai peechhaa karanaa. What I hate is chasing others. chasing subject complement
Usakaa mukhya dosh chup rahanaa thaa. Her main fault was keeping mum. keeping subject complement
Meraa manpasand shouk baagabaanee hai. My favourite hobby is gardening. gardening subject complement
Kitaabe paDhanaa usakee ruchio meiN se ek hai. One of his interests is reading books. reading subject complement

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