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Names of Spices

Names of Spices in Hindi and English are listed below:

Name of Spices Hindi Name Type
Alkanet Ratan Jot Spices
Alum FiTakaree, PhiTakaree Spices
Aniseed Saunf Spices
Asafoetida Heeng Spices
Barley Flakes Jau Guchchhaa Spices
Basil leaves Tulasee ke patte Spices
Bay Leaf (Cassia Cinnamon Leaves) Tej Pattaa, Tej paat Spices
Black Cardamom BaDee Elaaichee, Kaalee Elaaichee Spices
Black Cumin Kaalaa Jeeraa Spices
Black Mustard Seeds Cracked Raai Kuriaa Spices
Black Pepper Kaalee mirch Spices
Black Salt Sanchal Namak, Kaalaa Namak Spices
Brown Mustard Seed Raai Spices
Caraway Vilayatee jeeraa Spices
Caraway Seeds Shaahee Jeeraa, Black Cumin Seeds Spices
Cardamom Elaaichee Spices
Cardamom, green ChoTee elaaichee Spices
Carom Seeds Ajwaain ke beej Spices
Carom, Oregano Ajwaain, Ajvaain, Ajvaayan, Mirzanjosh Spices
Carp Rohu, Rui Spices
Cassia Janglee Dalcheenee Spices
Cayenne pepper Laal Mirch Powder Spices
Cinnamon Dalcheenee Spices
Cinnamon buds Naag keshar Spices

Name of Spices Hindi Name Type
Citric Acid Neemboo Satva, Nimboo Phool, Saju naa Phool Spices
Cloves Laung Spices
Common Sage KaDee Pattaa Spices
Coriander Seed Dhaniyaa sukhaa Spices
Coriander whole , cilantro Dhaniaa Saabut Spices
Cumin Jeeraa Spices
Cumin seeds Jeeraa Spices
Cumin, black Kaalaa jeera Spices
Curry tree/Sweet neem KaDipattaa Spices
Dillweed Suvaabhaajee Spices
Dry maango powder Amchoor Spices
Fennel / Aniseed Saunf Spices
Flax Seeds Alsee Spices
Garcinia Indica Kokam (Amsool) Spices
Garlic Lahsun Spices
Ginger (Dried) Soonth, Saunth Spices
Ginger (fresh) Adrak Spices
Green Cardamom ChoTee Elaaichee, Haree Elaaichee Spices
Green chilies Haree mirch Spices
Gum Gondh, Dink Spices
Gum Tragacanth Katiraa Gaund Spices
Indian Gooseberry Aanwalaa Spices
Instant Oatmeal Turant daliaa Spices

Name of Spices Hindi Name Type
Jaggery / Molasses Gur, Raw Sugar Cake Spices
Kokum Kokum Spices
Licorice Mulaithee, Jethee Madh Spices
Long Pepper Pippalee Spices
Mace Javitree Spices
Mango Powder Aamchur Spices
Margosa Neem Spices
Mint Pudeenaa Spices
Mountain Pepper PahaaDee Mirch Spices
Mustard Seed Raai Spices
Mustard Seeds Cracked Rai kuriaa Spices
Nigella Kalaunjee Spices
Nutmeg Jaaifal, KaTahal Spices
Olives Zetoon Spices
Onion Seeds, Nigella Kalaunjee Spices
Oregano Ajwaain kee pattee Spices
Paprika Deghee Mirch, Lal Shimla Mirch Spices
Parsley Ajmodaa, Ajmod, Bariajmud, khurasanee ajvaayan Spices
Pearled Barley Jau Spices
Peppercorn, Black pepper Kaalee Mirchi Spices
Peppermint Peppermint Spices
Pickle Aachaar Spices
Pomegranate seeds Anaar daanaa Spices

Name of Spices Hindi Name Type
Poppy seeds Khas Khas / Post daanaa Spices
Red Chili Pepper Lal mirch powder Spices
Rock salt Sendhaa Namak Spices
Saffron Kesar, Zaafraan Spices
Sage Kamarkas Spices
Salt Namak Spices
Screwpine Essence Kewraa Essence Spices
Sea Salt Sendhaa Namak Spices
Sesame Black Kaalaa Til Spices
Sesame Seeds Til Spices
Sesame White Safed Til Spices
Sour Mango Powder Aamchur Spices
Spice Mixture Garam Masaalaa Spices
Star anise Chakra phool Spices
Tamarind Imalee Spices
Turmeric Haldee Spices
Turmeric Powder Haldee Powder Spices
Vinegar Sirkaa Spices
White Mustard Safed sarsoN Spices
White pepper Safed mirchee Spices

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