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Words denoting Age-groups

In English language, there are different words for depicting different age-groups. Words denoting age-groups are listed below:

English bhaaShaa main alag alag aayu-samooh ko darshaane waale alag alag shabd hai. Aayu-samooh darshaane waale shabd neeche diye gaye hai:

Hindi English
Garbh, Bhroonn Fetus, unborn baby
Navjaat shishu (Newborn) Infant/baby
Janma se do saal tak kaa bachchaa Infant, baby
Do se paanch saal tak kaa bachchaa Infant, toddler, tot
Paanch se terah saal kaa bachchaa Child, boy, girl, kid
Terah se atharah saal kaa laDakaa/laDakee Youngster, adolescent, teenager
AThaarah saal se baDaa aadmee/aurat Adult, man, woman
40 se 49 saal kaa vyakti Quadragenarian
50 se 59 saal kaa vyakti Quinquagenarian
60 se 69 saal kaa vyakti Sexagenarian
70 se 79 saal kaa vyakti Septuagenarian
80 se 89 saal kaa vyakti Octogenarian
90 se 99 saal kaa vyakti Nonagenarian
100 yaa usase adhik umra kaa vyakti Centenarian

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