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"The most important thing to improve Vocaubulary is to read as much as you can".

Learning vocabulary is a very important part of learning a language. The more words you know,the more you will be able to understand what you hear and read; and the better you will be able to say what you want to when speaking or writing.

Always try to use short, simple and easy words.

We should use such words which can be understood easily by the people whom we talk.

Shabd sangrah baDhaane ke liye sabase mahatvapurN hai ki app jitanaa jyaadaa se jyaadaa ho sake utanaa paDheN.

Shabdaavalee ko yaad karanaa kisee bhee bhaashaa ko seekhane kaa sabase mahatvapurN ang/bhaag hai. Jitane jyaadaa shabd aap jaanoge utanaa jyaadaa aap samajh paaoge jo aap sunoge yaa padhoge aur utanee achchhee tarah aap kah paaoge jab bolanaa yaa likhanaa hai.

Hameshaa chhoTe, saral aur aasaan shabdoN kaa prayog kareN.

Mushkil shabdoN ko prayog karane kaa koi auchitya nahee hai jo aasaanee se doosaroN dwaaraa naa samajhaa jaa sake.

Index of Vocabulary

List of Antonyms - A-G
  1. List of Antonyms - H-M
  2. List of Antonyms - N-Q
  3. List of Antonyms - R-S
  4. List of Antonyms - T-Z
Jumbled Words
Jumbled Words
  1. Jumbled Words of Three Letters
  2. Jumbled Words of Four Letters
  3. Jumbled Words of Four Letters-2
  4. Jumbled Words of Four Letters-3
  5. Jumbled Words of Five Letters
  6. Jumbled Words of Five Letters-2
  7. Jumbled Words of Five Letters-3
  8. Jumbled Words of Six Letters
  9. Jumbled Words of Six Letters-2
  10. Jumbled Words of Six Letters-3
  11. Jumbled Words of Seven Letters
  12. Jumbled Words of Seven Letters-2
One Word Substitutions
List of One Word Substitutions - A-B
  1. List of One Word Substitutions - C-F
  2. List of One Word Substitutions - G-I
  3. List of One Word Substitutions - J-O
  4. List of One Word Substitutions - P-Z
Professions & Occupations - List
Professions & Occupations - Words - A-B :
  1. Professions & Occupations - Words - C
  2. Professions & Occupations - Words - D-F
  3. Professions & Occupations - Words - G-K
  4. Professions & Occupations - Words - L-O
  5. Professions & Occupations - Words - P-R
  6. Professions & Occupations - Words - S-Z
Rasoi-Kitechen Item List
Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - A :
  1. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - B-C
  2. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - D-G
  3. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - H-J
  4. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - K
  5. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - L-M
  6. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - N-R
  7. Rasoi Kitchen Items - Words - S-Z
Other Topics of Vocabulary
Words denoting Age-groups
Words of the Day & Quotes of the Day.
Fish_Seafood -Names Hindi & English
List of Cereals
List of Dry Fruits
List of Fruits
List of Gender Noun
List of Grains, Pulses And Flours
List of Spices
List of Vegetables
Numbers - Ordinal & Cordinal
Recipe Vocabulary in Hindi & English - A-K
Recipe Vocabulary in Hindi & English - L-Z

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