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Suppose, What-if, Be Supposed To

There is a difference between words 'Suppose' and 'Be Supposed To'. Let us understand the difference.

Suppose' aur 'Be Supposed To' meiN antar hai. Aaiye is antar ko samajheN.


Suppose is a verb. It is used to express the meaning - to think, to suggest, to express possibility, to express a belief lacking firmness, to express a situation 'what if' and to express a hypothetical situtaion. After verb 'Suppose' word 'To' does not come.

Sometimes 'Suppose' is used at the beginning of an imperative sentence. Suppose is used in daily conversation and it is often used without a main clause. Word 'Supposing' is also used in place of 'Suppose' with the same meaning.

Suppose ek Verb hai. Isakaa prayog arth ko vyakt karane ke liye kiyaa jaataa hai - sochanaa, sanket karanaa, sambhaavanaa vyakt karna, asthir vishwaas vyakt karanaa, agar kee sthiti vyakt karanaa aur kalpit avasthaa kaa varNan karanaa. Verb 'Suppose' ke baad shabd 'To' kaa prayog nahee kiyaa jaataa hai.

Kabhee kabhee 'Suppose' ko adeshatmak vaakyoN ke aarambh meiN bhee prayukt kiyaa jaataa hai. Suppose daily bolchaal meiN aur aksar binaa mukhya vakyaansh ke istemaal hotaa hai. 'Suppose' ke sthaan par 'Supposing' kaa bhee usee / samaan arth mein prayog hotaa hai.


Vaakya Sentence
Agar maiN aaj chhuTTee le lu. Suppose I take leave today?
MaiN samajhataa hoon ki Vartika sahee hai. (vishwaas pakka nahee hai) I suppose Vartika is right. (Uncertainty is in the belief)
Kalpanaa karo ki naukaree ke liye tum chayanit ho gaye to tumhaaree pratikriyaa kyaa hogee? Suppose you are selected for the job, what will be your reaction?
Agar tumhaare pitaaji tumhe dhan naa de to tum meraa udhaar kaise chuktaa karoge? Suppose your father does not give you money, how will you repay my debt?
Tum samajho ki tum ek raajaa ho. You suppose that you are a king.
Usakaa sochaa huaa swapnil laDakaa Japan mein rahataa hai. Her supposed dream-boy lives in Japan.
Agar tumhaare anumaanit sawaal sakshaatkartaa ne nahee puchhe to? Suppose your supposed questions are not asked by the interviewer?
Agar akele mein ve tumhe choT pahuchaane kee koshish kare tab tum kyaa karoge? Suppose they try to harm you when you are alone, what would you do then?
Maanlo ki vah tumhaaree madad karane ko aage aataa hai, kyaa tum usakee madad sweekaar karoge? Supposing he comes forward to help you, would you accept his help?
Agar maiN use vivaah ke liye prastaav dooN, kyaa tum sochate ho ki vah meraa prastaav sweekaar kar legee? Suppose I propose her, do you think she would accept my proposal?
Tum tiger ke saath ye maan kar khelanaa chaahate thay ki vah kuttaa thaa. You wanted to play with the tiger supposing that it was a dog.


Suppose', 'Supposing' and 'What if' have the same meaning and any one can be used.

Suppose', 'Supposing' aur 'What if' ke arth ek samaan hai aur koi bhee prayog kiyaa jaa sakataa hai.


Vaakya Sentence
Agar maiN tumse jhooTh bolooN to? What if I tell you lie?
Agar maiN tumse jhooTh bolooN to? Suppose I tell you lie?
Agar maiN tumse jhooTh bolooN to? Supposing I tell you lie?
Hame apanee meeting kis jagah rakhanee chaahiye ? Where should we fix our meeting?
Yadi ham meeting mere ghar par rakh le to? Suppose we fix the meeting at my home?
Hamaare liye khaanaa kaun banaayegaa? Who will prepare the meal for us?
Agar ham online order kar deN aur apanaa manpasand khaana mere ghar mangwaa leN? What if we place order online and have our favourite food delivered at my home?
Dress code kyaa rahegaa? What would be the dress code?
Agar hum white T-shirt meiN aaye to? Supposing we come in white T-shirts?
Agar tumhaaree patnee binaa bataaye ghar vaapas aa jaaye to? What if your wife returns without notice?
Agar tumhaaree patnee binaa kisee poorv suchanaa ke ghar vaapas aa jaaye to ham kyaa karenge? Suppose your wife returns home without any prior intimation what would we do?
Chinta mat karo. Vah ham sab se jyaadaa buddhimaan hai. Agar vah aatee hai to vah meeting kee adhyakshtaa karegee aur usake nirNay ham sabko maanane paDenge. Don't worry. She is more intelligent than all of us. If she comes, she will chair the meeting and her decisions will have to be obeyed by all of us.

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