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ELC-2nd Day - Doosaraa Din

2nd Day - We shall learn about overview of Noun, Pronoun and Verb. These are the main parts of a sentence. Basic knowledge of it will help in understanding English grammar easily.

Overview of Noun - Sangyaa kaa sankShipt vivaraN

A noun is a word used as the name of a person, place or thing. The word ‘thing’ means anything which we can think of – countable, uncountable, visible, invisible, touchable, untouchable, events, feelings, etc.

Sangyaa vah shabd hai jo Vyakti, vastu, sthaan, aadi ke naam ke liye prayog hotaa hai. ‘Vastu’ shabd meiN – gine jaane waale, naa gine jaane waale, dikhane waale, naa-dikhane waale, ghaTanaanye, bhaavanaaye aadi sabhee shaamil hai.


Computer, table, book, speaker, fan, car, gold, glass, chair, bed NAME OF THINGS
Delhi, London, New York, school, college, garden, Akshardham NAME OF PLACES
Vartika, Kanika, Tom, Ashoka, doctor, girl, Princess, Queen NAME OF PERSONS
Dog, cat, lion, rabbit, horse, donkey, monkey, parrot, bird NAME OF ANIMALS, BIRDS
Ashok has four computers ASHOK, COMPUTERS
Shilpa has two mobiles. SHILPA, MOBILES
Rambo is a doctor. RAMBO, DOCTOR
She has one dog and two Cats. DOG, CAT
Earthquake has come in Iran. EARTHQUAKE, IRAN

Upar udaaharaN meiN aap note karenge kee sangyaa shabd vyakti kaa naam, vyakti kaa peshaa, ghaTanaa/durghaTanaa kaa naam jaise earthquake (bhukamp) aur sthaan, desh (Iran) aadi hotaa hai.

Overview of Pronoun - Sarvanaam kaa sankShipt vivaraN

A pronoun is a word that is used in place of nouns. Pronoun means ‘for a noun’.

Sarvanaam – Sangyaa ke sthaan par prayog hone waalaa shabd sarvanaam hai. Sarvanaam kaa matlab ‘sangyaa ke liye’.

Sarvanaam Shabd – MaiN, tum, vah, yaha ham, ve, meraa, tumhaaraa, usakaa, usakee, hamaaraa, unakaa, usane-apaneaap, Hamane -apnaaap, unhone- apaneaap, isane-apaneaap, yah, vah, ye (ek se jyaadaa), vo (ek se jyaadaa), kaun, kisakaa, kisakee, vah, kisako, kise, kai, koi, koi-ek, koi-nahee, pratyek, har-ek.

Pronoun Words are – I, you, he, she, it, we, they, mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs, himself, ourselves, themselves, itself, this, that, these, those, who, whose, which, that, whose, whom, many, somebody, someone, nobody, everybody, each, everyone, either and neither.

Example: Avyan is also a member of the Jury. So, he is also responsible for the Judgement.

In the first sentence the word ‘Avyan’ is the name of a person. So Avyan is a noun. When we write about the same person in the following sentence, word ‘He’ is used in place of Avyan. A word used in place of Noun is Pronoun. So ‘He’ is a pronoun.

Upar udaaharaN meiN pahale vaakya meiN Avyan vyakti kaa naam hai. Isliye Avyan Sangyaa hai. UdahaaraN meiN jab doosare vaakya meN Avyan ke baare meiN kahaa gayaa hai, tab Avyan ke liye ‘Vah’ shabd kaa prayog huaa hai. Noun ke sthaan par prayog hone waalaa shabd Sarvanaam hai isliye ‘Vah’ sarvanaam hai.

More examples of Noun and Pronoun

Vaakya Sentence Noun Word(s) Pronoun Word(s)
Jaipur ek paryaTak shahar hai. Yah Gulaabee shahar se bhee jaanaa jaataa hai. Jaipur is a tourist city. It is known as pink city also. Jaipur, city It
Shalu ne apane aap pochhaa lagaayaa hai. Shalu has mopped the floor herself. Shalu, floor Herself
Vah ek kitab likh rahee hai. She is writing a book. Book She
Anu ne apanaa khaanaa unako de diyaa. Anu gave her food to them. Food Her, them
Vah school jaataa hai. He goes to school. School He
Usakee maa bahut dayaalu hai. His mother is very kind. Mother, kind His
MaiN English seekhanaa chaahataa hoon. I want to learn English. English I
Usake paas ek billee hai. Yah ekdum kaalee hai. She has a cat. It Is dark black. Cat, black She, it
Vah ek kalaakaar hai. She is an artist. Artist She
Doctor ne mujhase meree sehat ke baare meiN poochhaa. Doctor asked me about my health. Doctor, health Me, my
Mere dost ke paas paanch ghaDiyaaN hai. My friend has five watches. Friend, watches My
Yah ek bahut baDhiyaa sujhaav hai. This is a brilliant idea. Idea This
Tumhaare paas teen safed kameeje haiN. You have three white shirts. Shirts You
Smt Anu meree pasandidaa teacher hai. Ms Anu is my favourite teacher. Ms Anu, teacher My
MaiN tumhaaree unnati se bahut khush hoon. I am very happy with your progress. Progress I, your
Kyaa vah tumhaaree pakkee dost hai. Is she your fast friend? Friend She, you

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