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ELC-25th Day - PachcheesavaaN Din

25th Day - Today we will learn about other types of Conditional Sentences. We will focus on Imaginary Sentences and few Words used in conditional sentences.
In Conditional Sentences, one part states about certain conditions, and another main part describes about completion or non completion of the condition.

Other Types of Conditional Sentences

In other types of Conditional Sentences, we will learn about Imaginary Sentences and few Words which are used in conditional sentences.

Anya prakaar ke Sashart Vakyo meN, ham Kalpanasheel Vakyo aur kuchh Shabdo ke baare meiN jaanenge jo Sashart Vakyo meiN prayukt hote hai.

Imaginary Sentences

When two imaginations come in a sentence which are either almost impossible or almost possible, the following three rules apply to make the sentence.:

Jab ek vaakya meiN aisee do kalpanaaye aa jaaye jo lagbhag asambhav ho to unheN nimn teen prakaar se banaayaa jaa sakataa hai.

Imaginary Sentence Rules

Rule No. Rule
One If + Subject + Were + Object + (,) + Subject + Would + Have + Verb (3rd form) + Remaining + (.)
Two Had + Subject + Verb (3rd form) + Object + (,) + Subject + Would + Have + Verb (3rd form) + Remaining + (.)
Three If + Subject + Had + Verb (3rd form) + Object + (,) + Subject + Would + Have + Verb (3rd form) + Remaining + (.)


Agar maiN panchhee hotaa to, aasmaan meiN uDataa. If I were a bird, I would have flown in the sky.
Agar maiN jangal meiN hotaa to maine bhee bhediye dekhe hote. Had I been in the forest, I would have seen wolves.
Agar maiN doctor hotaa to maiN hridayaarog visheshagya banataa. If I had been a doctor, I would have become a cardiologist.

Sentence of impossible imagination is made as per Rule number One. When imaginations are almost possible, then sentence is made as per Rule number Two or Three. When there is a confusion that the imagination is impossible or almost possible, then also sentence is made as per Rule number Two or Three.

Asambhav kalpanaa waale vaakya ko Rule number One se banaate hai. Jab kalpanaaye lagbhag sambhav ho to unheN Rule number Two aur Three se banaate hai. Jab Kalpanaao ke baare meiN uljhan ho kee yah sambhav hai athwaa asambhav, tab bhee Rule number Two aur Three se translate karate hai.

Yadi maiN Pradhaan Mantree hotaa to desh kee saaree samasyaao ko sulajhaa detaa. If I were the Prime Minister, I would have solved the problems of the country.
Yadi tumane kaDee mehnat kee hotee to tum achchhe numbero se pass ho jaate. Had you worked hard, you would have passed with good marks.
Yadi maiN tumhaare sthaan par hotaa to use maar maar kar baahar nikaal detaa. If I were you, I would have kicked him out.
Yadi vah apanee paDhaaye se vimukh naa rahataa to aaj kyoN fail hotaa? If he had not been indifferent to studies, why he would have failed?
Yadi maiN America kaa President hotaa to aatankvaad kaa samool naash kar detaa. If I were the President of America, I would have eliminated terrorism completely.
Yadi maiN usakee jagah hotaa to chor ke hosh Thikaane lagaa detaa. Had I been in his place, I would have brought the thief to senses.
Yadi maiN tumhaaree maa hotee to tumhaare janam divas par maiN tumhe car khareed kar detee. If I were you mother, I would have bought you a car on your birthday.
Yadi maiN hawaai jahaaj uDaanaa jaantaa to maiN pilot number one banataa. Had I known how to fly an aero plane, I would have been pilot number One.
Agar maiN chiDiyaa hotee to meree mammee ke paas turant pahunch jaatee. If I were a sparrow, I would have reached my mother immediately.
Yadi maiN car hotaa to tumhe roj apanee seat par biThaataa. If I were a car, I would have made you sit on my seat everyday.


Uses of Other Words to make Conditional Sentence

Use of Would with 'If Clause'

When 'Would' is used in 'If Clause', then simple future is used in 'Main Clause'.

Jab 'If Clause' meiN 'Would' kaa prayog hotaa hai to 'Main Clause' meiN simple future kaa prayog hotaa hai.

Agar vah aanaa chaahataa hai, maiN usake liye movie ticket kee vyavasthaa karungaa. If he would like to come, I will arrange movie tickets for him.
Agar tum kal bachche kaa dhyaan rakho, maiN usakee maa ko achchhee tarah sambhaal lungaa. If you would do babysitting tomorrow, I will handle her mother properly.
Agar ve hotel main Theharnaa chaahate hai to ve vaisa karane ko azaad hai. If they would like to stay in hotel, they are free to do so.

Use of Should with 'If Clause'

'Should' is used to express a difficult possibility.

Should kaa prayog mushkil sambhaavanaa ko vyakt karane ke liye kiyaa jaataa hai.

Agar tumhe yahaaN dry clearner kee dukaan DhoonDhane kee dikkat ho to mujhe phone kar lenaa. If you should have any difficulty in finding the dryclearner's shop here, please ring me up.
Agar tumhe vahaaN dawaai naa mile, mujhe turant phone kar denaa. If you should not get medicine there, please inform me immediately.
Agar tumhe London meiN kuchh bhee shaakaahaaree khaanaa naa mile to usase sampark karanaa. If you should not get any vegetarian food in London, please contact him.
Agar tumhe London meiN kuchh bhee shaakaahaaree khaanaa naa mile to usase sampark karanaa. Should you not get any vegetarian food in London, please contact him.
Agar koi packet aap tak pahunche aur tumhe pasand naa aaye to tum vaapas kar sakate ho. Should any packet reaches you and is not liked by you, you can return it.

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