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ELC-17th Day - SatrahavaaN Din

17th Day - Today we shall learn about sentences of Compulsion and few important words. When there is compulsion or one does not want to do willingly, it is expressed with compulsion sentences.

Sentences of Compulsion

We have learnt about Tenses and crossed a big milestone. Knowledge of tenses is the most basic part of learning English. For expressing all sort of thoughts, sentiments, emotions and situations in English, there are certain rules. From today onwards, we shall start learning about them.

An action is to be done by a person (Subject). There may be two situations - (1) Subject wants to do that action willingly; and (2) Subject does not want to do that action willingly. In second situation the person wil do that action in compulsion. When there is any sort of compulsion in doing a thing or action, we express it by compulsion sentences. To express compulsion, 'to' is added after auxiliary verbs as described below:

Has to/Have to Present Tense
Had to Past Tense
Will/Shall have to Future Tense

Majabooree Waale Vaakya

Hamane Tenses seekh kar ek baDaa Meel kaa patthar paar kiyaa hai. English seekhane ke liye tenses kee jaankaaree bahut jarooree aadhaarbhoot hissaa hai. Sabhee prakaar ke vichaaro, bhavnaao aur pristhitio ko vyakt karane ke liye English bhaaShaa meiN kuchh niyam hai. Aaj se ham unake baare meiN seekhanaa aaraambh karenge.

Ek kaarya ek vyakti (Kartaa) ke dwaaraa honaa hai. VahaaN do paristhitiaa ho sakatee hai - (1) Kartaa vah kaarya man se karanaa chaahataa hai; aur (2) Kartaa vah kaarya man se nahee karanaa chaahataa hai. Doosaree paristhiti meN Kartaa vah kaarya kisee majabooree meiN karegaa. Majabooree kisee bhee prakaar kee ho sakatee hai. Jab kisee kaarya ko karane meiN kisee bhee prakaar kee majabooree ho, to inako ham majabooree waale vaakyo se vyakt karate hai. Majabooree vyakt karane ke liye 'To' ko 'has / have / had / will have / shall have' ke baad lagaate hai, jaisaa kee upar varNit kiyaa gayaa hai.

Compulsion Sentences
Type of Sentence Rule
Positive Subject + Has /Have /Had /Will have /Shall have + To + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (.)
Negative Subject + Has /Have /Had /Will have /Shall have + Not + To + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (.)
Interrogative Has /Have /Had /Will have /Shall have + Subject + To + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (?)
Interrogative & Negative Has /Have /Had /Will have /Shall have + Subject + Not + To + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (?)

Mere bhai ko roj subah 5 baje uThanaa paDataa hai. My brother has to get up at 5 o'clock every morning.
Mumbai meiN mere bhai ko roj subah 4 baje uThanaa paDataa thaa. My brother had to get up at 4 o'clock every morning in Mumbai.
Jaipur meiN mere bhai ko roj subah 6 baje uThanaa paDegaa. In Jaipur, my brother will have to get up at 6 o'clock every morning.
Hame is college meiN jurmaanaa denaa paDataa hai We have to pay fine in this college.
John ko school chhoDanaa paDaa. John had to leave the school.
Rajni aur Ankit ko roj subah jaldee office jaanaa paDegaa. Rajni and Ankit will have to go to office daily early in the morning.
Raju ko apane pitaa jee kaa kahanaa maanana paDegaa. Raju will have to obey his father.
Sarkaari hospital meiN mareej ko ghanTo intajaar karanaa paDegaa. Patient will have to wait for hours in government hospital.
Sharaaratee bachcho ko class meiN lecture sunana paDataa thaa. Naughty boys had to listen to lecture in the class.
Mujhe English seekhanee paDatee hai. I have to learn English.
Punjab meiN bachcho ko Punjabi bhaaShaa seekhanee paDatee hai. In Punjab, students have to learn Punjabi language.

Har pradesh meiN vidhyaarthio ko praadeshik bhaaShaa seekhanee paDatee hai. In all States, students have to learn the regional language.
Kuchh bhee karane se pahale mujhe mere bhai kee anumati lenee paDatee hai. I have to take permission of my brother before doing anything.
Metro station se office tak Neha ko roj paidal jaanaa paDataa hai. Neha has to go on foot daily from Metro Station to office.
Madhur ko aaj nikalanaa hee hai. Madhur has to leave today.
Mujhe yah kaam December'13 se pahale karanaa hee hai. I have to complete this work before December'13.
Mujhe kal Vartika se milanaa hee hai. I have to meet Vartika tomorrow.
Hospital meiN kal doctor se milane ke liye teen ghanTe line meiN intajaar karanaa paDaa. I had to wait for three hours in queue to see the doctor in Hospital yesterday.
Hame vahaaN bahut kashT sahanaa paDaa. We had to endure a lot of trouble there.
Meree bahu ko kuchh bhee nahee sahanaa paDegaa. My daughter-in-law will not have to endure anything.
Mujhe usake baare meiN kuchh karanaa paDegaa. I will have to do something about him.
Usako naukaree chhoDanee paDegee. She will have to leave the job.

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