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Rasoi-Kitchen Items-3

Rasoi main istemaal hone waalee sabhee prakaar kee saamagree kee suchi Hindi shabdoN ke krum se neeche dee gai hai.

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Hindi Name English Name Type
Dahee Curd Misc
Dahee kaa paanee, ToD, MaTThaa Whey Misc
Daal - Arhar Pigeon Pea pulses
Daal - Chanaa Split Skinless Black Chickpeas grains
Daal - Chanaa Chickpea pulses
Daal - Kulthee Horse Gram pulses
Daal - Masoor Split red lentil grains
Daal - Massor Lentil split pulses
Daal - MaTar Field Pea Split pulses
Daal - Moth Moth Bean split pulses
Daal - Mung Green gram (split) pulses
Daal - Urad chhilkaa Black Gram Split pulses
Daal - Urad dhulee Black Gram (skinned) pulses
Daal - Arhar Daal - Pigeon pea pulses
Daalcheenee Cinnamon spices
Daliaa Cracked Wheat cereals
Daliaa Broken Wheat Cereals
Deghee Mirch, Laal Shimla Mirch Paprika spices
Dhaniaa Saabut Coriander whole , cilantro spices
Dhaniya haraa Fresh Coriander Vegetables & Greens
Dhaniya pattaa Coriander Leave Vegetables & Greens
Dhaniya sukhaa Coriander Seed Spices
Dhaniya, Haraa Dhaniyaa Cilantro Vegetables & Greens
Hindi Name English Name Type
Dhulee daal Decorticated skinless beans pulses
Doodh Milk Misc
dry maTTar Green Peas grains
Elaaichee Cardamom Spices
Faalsaa Gravia asiatica fruits
FiTkaree, Phitkaree Alum spices
Gaajar Carrot Vegetables & Greens
Gannaa Sugar Cane fruits
Band gobhee Cabbage Vegetables & Greens
Garam Masaalaa Spice Mixture Spices
Gawaar Phalee Cluster beans Vegetables & Greens
GehooN Durum Wheat Cereals
Gehun, Gehoon Wheat grains
Germany kaa gehoon Spelt Cereals
Ghee Clarified butter Misc
Ghiyaa, turai, tauree Luffa Vegetables & Greens
Glaas mevaa Cherry fruits
Gondh, Dink Gum spices
Guaar Guar Vegetables & Greens
Gur, Raw Sugar Cake Jaggery / Molasses spices
Gwar phalee French Beans Vegetables & Greens

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