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An easy Way to learn English
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Learn English Through Hindi
Hindi written with English Alphabets हिन्दी अक्षरों में लिखी हिन्दी

Suppose, What-if and Be Supposed To Use of Words Suppose, Supposing, What-if and Be Supposed To

English is widely spoken and written by millions and millions of people all over the world. More than half of world’s technical and scientific periodicals are in English and 80% of the information, in the computers around the world is stored in English language. English is an important key to succeed in any field and it should be learnt as a second language by all.

Poore Sansaar meiN laakhoN-karoDon logo dwaaraa English bolee jaatee hai. Sansaar kee aadhe se jyaadaa technical aur vaigyaanik patrikaanye English meN hai or sansaar kee computer kee 80% soochanaa English bhaaShaa meiN sangrahit hai. English kisee bhee kShetra meiN safalataa kee kunjee hai aur English ko doosaree bhaashaa ke taur par sabhee ko seekhanaa chaahiye.

Main mission of creating this Web-site is to provide support of Hindi, to learn English. It is created to learn basics of English, describing the essential parts of grammar in easy and layman's language which can be understood easily by anyone. The explanations are not in bookish language and it is not for quoting in any examination.

Is web-site ko banaane kaa mukhya uddeshya Hindi kee sahaayataa se English sikhne meiN madad karanaa hai. Isame English grammar ke jaroori bhaag ko simple aur aam aadamee kee bhaaShaa meiN vyakt kiyaa gaya hai jise koi bhee aasaanee se samajh sakataa hai. Isme vyaakhyaa kitabee bhaaShaa meiN nahee hai aur yah kisee bhee parikShaa meiN prastut karane ke liye nahee hai.

Learn English with the help of Hindi हिन्दी की सहायता से अँग्रेज़ी सीखो
In this website Hindi text is written with both Hindi and English Alphabets. Those people who cannot read Hindi and have a little knowledge of English, can also learn good English from this website. Please follow the 60 days Learning Course for taking complete benefit from the website.

Those who read Hindi text written with English alphabets need to know how to read and pronounce Hindi from Hindi written with English alphabets...In English language, vowels pronunciation differs with different alphabets.. in Hindi language, the vowels are firm and its pronunciation of each alphabet is same... How to Read Hindi
Is Website meiN Hindi ko dono Hindi aur Angrejee ke aksharoN meiN likhaa hai. Ve log jo Hindi paDh nahee sakate aur Angrejee kaa thoDaa gyaan rakhate haiN ve bhee is Website se achchhee Angrejee seekh sakate haiN. Website se sampurN laabh lene ke liye 60 divas ke pathyakram kaa anusraN kareN.

Ve jo Hindi Text ko Angrejee akharoN se paDhate haiN unhe jaanane kee jaroorat hai kee Angrejee aksharoN meiN likhee Hindi ko kaise paDhanaa hai. Angrejee meiN swar kaa uchchaaraN alag akshar ke saath alag ho jaataa hai. Hindi meiN swar kaa uchchaaraN har akshar ke saath samaan rahataa hai.. How to Read Hindi
Essential Grammar Anivaarya Grammar
…In-depth knowledge of English Grammar is not required to understand and speak good English. But knowledge of essential parts of grammar is must otherwise one will not know how to make different types of sentences in English and ...… … Introduction to Essential Grammar English samajhane or bolane ke liye English grammar ko gaharaai se jaananaa jarooree nahee hai. Parantu English grammar ke jarooree niyamo kee jaankaaree aavashyak hai nahee to…  Anivaarya Grammar se parichayA
English Learning Course English seekhane kaa Paathyakram
Learning English as a second language seems slightly difficult. An easy way of English learning is to follow step by step reading & adopt correct method of English learning. English cannot be understood, written and/or spoken by cramming few sentences. For understanding, writing and speaking good English, here it is, a 60 Days Learning Course..... … English Learning Course English ko doosaree bhaashaa ke taur par seekhanaa kuchh mushkil lagataa hai. English seekhane kaa aasaan tareeka hai kee aap kramshah padheN aur English seekhane ke sahee tareeke ko apnaaye. English ke kuchh vaakyo ko raTane se English naa to bolee jaa sakatee hai naa hee likhee aur samajhee jaa sakatee hai. Achchee English seekhane, samajhane aur bolane ke liye yah hai 60 Din kaa Paathyakram ....  English seekhane kaa Paathyakram English seekhane kaa Paathyakram
Day to Day English Rojmarraa kee English
Practice of sentences used in Day-To-Day-English is an important part of learning good English. This section includes sentences which we normally use in our day to day conversation. This section begins with simple and routine words/sentences with which the beginner should start. .....Day_To_Day_English Day-To-Day-English meiN prayog hone waale vaakyo kaa abhyaas achchee English seekhane meiN bahut madadgaar hai. Is section meiN saral aur rojmarraa meiN aane waale vakyoN kaa samaavesh kiyaa gayaa hai. 
..... Rojmarraa kee English
Vocabulary Shabdaavali
Always try to use short, simple and easy words. We should use such words which can be understood easily by the people whom we talk.
..... Vocabulary
Hameshaa chhoTe aur aasaan shabdoN kaa prayogo kareN. Hamen aise shabdon kaa prayog karanaa chaahiye jise log, jisase ham baat karate haiN, aasani se samajh sake. 
..... Shabdaavali
Many more.. Aur bahut…
This site includes links of Reading Material (Online Newspapers from the entire world) and links of Online Dictionaries (English to English, English to Hindi & Hindi to English), Abbreviations, Smileys, Quotations and all which is necessary to understand and speak good English...... Miscellaneous Is site meiN shaamil hai - paDhaneN kee saamagree ( poore sansaar ke Newspapers) Aur  Online Dictionaries  (English se English, English se Hindi aur Hindi se English) ke link, SanketaakShar, Smileys, Quotations aur vah sab jo achchhee English samajhane aur bolane ke liye jarooree hai. ..... ..... Vividh

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