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Active Passive
  1. General Rules of Passive Voice
  2. Passive Voice of Present Indefinite Tense
  3. Passive Voice of Present Continuous Tense
  4. Passive Voice of Present Perfect Tense
  5. Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense
  6. Passive Voice of Past Continuous Tense
  7. Passive Voice of Past Perfect Tense
  8. Passive Voice of Future Indefinite Tense
  9. Passive Voice of Future Perfect Tense
  10. Passive Voice of W-Family Words
  11. Passive Voice of Imperative Sentence
  12. Passive Voice of Sentences of Modals
  13. Passive Voice of Sentences of Infinitives
  14. Passive Voice of Miscellaneous Sentences

Passive Voice of Miscellaneous

We have covered almost all types of Passive Voice sentences. It is observed that Passive Voice sentence emphasize more on action and subject is normally not there. Where subject comes, it is written that the action is done by the subject. e.g. Room has been cleaned. When subject is added then it becomes - Room has been cleaned by her. Importance is on action.

Sometimes at the time of making passive voice of sentences which contains words -someone / somebody / one's etc, these words are removed e.g. Active voice : Someone has stolen our cycle. Passive voice : Our cycle has been stolen. When such Passive voice sentence is to be converted in Active voice sentence, such words are added again with the Active voice sentence.

Hamane lagbhag sabhee prakaar ke Passive voice vaakyo ko cover kar liyaa ha. Yah note kiyaa kee passive voice vaakyo meiN Action par jyaadaa mahatva diyaa jaataa hai aur aamtaur par subject nahee hotaa. JahaaN subject aataa hai, vahaaN likhaa jaataa hai kee Action subject dwaaraa kiyaa gayaa e.g. Kamaraa saaf kiyaa gayaa. Subject ke joDane par yah vaakya banataa hai - Kamaraa usake dwaaraa saaf kiyaa gayaa hai. Mahatva Action par hai.

Kabhee kabhee Passive voice banaate samay kuchh shabd - someone / somebody / one's aadi ko haTaa diyaa jaataa hai e.g. Active voice :Kisee ne hamaaree cycle churaa lee hai. Passive voice : Hamaaree cycle churaa lee gai hai. Aise vaakya jab Passive voice se Active voice meiN badale jaataa hai, yah shabd -someone / somebody / one's aadi punah joD diye jaate hai.

'By' is not used with these Verbs

In Passive Voice, 'By' is not used with these Verbs. Instead of 'By' appropriate Prepositions of the Verbs are used.

Verb Preposition Verb Preposition
Alarmed At Married With (a girl)
Amazed At Married To ( a boy)
Annoyed At Offended With (a person)
Contained In Offended At (Behaviour)
Displeased With (a person) Pleased With (a person)
Displeased At (Behaviour) Pleased At (Behaviour)
Distinguished With Satisfied With
Known To Shocked At
Lined With Surprised At



Active Voice Active Voice Passive Voice Passive Voice
Khabar ne use chounkaa diyaa. The news alarmed him. He was alarmed at the news. Vah khabar se chounk gayaa.
Vah mujhe jaanatee hai. She knows me. I am known to her. MaiN usake dwaaraa jaanaa jaataa hoon.
Is bottle meiN ink bharee hai. This bottle contains ink. Ink is contained in this bottle. Ink is bottle meiN bharee hui hai.
Usakee safalataa sabako chakit kar rahee hai. His victory is surprising all. All are being surprised at his victory. Sabhee usakee safalataa se chakit ho rahe hai.
Usakee achaanak mulaakaat ne hame achambhit kar diyaa hai. His sudden visit has amazed us. We have been amazed at his sudden visit. Ham usakee achaanak mulaakaat se achambhit ho gaye hain.
Radha ne Krishan ko pareshaan nahee kiyaa. Radha did not annoy Krishan. Krishan was not annoyed with Radha. Krishan Radha dwaaraa pareshaan nahee huay.
Usake vyavahaar ne Swati ko sadmaa pahunchayaa. His behaviour shocked Swati. Swati was shocked at his behaviour. Swati ko usake vyavahaar se sadmaa pahunchaa thaa.
Maine apane parivaar ko santushT kiyaa. I satisfied my family. My family was satisfied with me. Meraa parivaar mere se santushT thaa.
Ramesh ne Suman ko naaraaj kiya. Ramesh offended Suman. Suman was offended with Ramesh. Suman Ramesh se naaraaj hui thee.
Madhur ne Bhavin se shaadee kee. Madhur got married to Bhavin. Bhavin was married with Madhur. Madhur se Bhavin kee shaadee kee gai.
Usake transfer kee khabar ne use aprasann kar diyaa hai. The news of his transfer has displeased her. She has been displeased at the news of his transfer. Vah usake transfer kee khabar se aprasann ho gai hai.
Neha ne Swati ko khush kiyaa. Neha pleased Swati. Swati was pleased with Neha. Swati Neha se khush hui.


Examples of Miscellaneous Sentences

Active Voice Active Voice Passive Voice Passive Voice
BaiTh jaao. Sit down Be seated. BaiThe raho.
Mahilaanye pasand karatee hai kee aadamee unakee jhooThee taareef kareN. Women like men to flatter them. Women like to be flattered by men. Mahilaanye aadmiyoN dwaaraa jhooThee taareef karwaanaa pasand karatee hai.
Apanaa vaada pooraa kareN. One should keep one's promise. Promise should be kept. Vaada pooraa kiyaa jaanaa chaahiye.
Yah samay hai dukaan band karane kaa. It is time to close the shop. It is time for the shop to be closed. Yah samay hai dukaan band kee jaaye.
Kisee ne hamaaree table toDee hai. Someone has broken our table. Our table has been broken. Hamaaree table toDee gai hai.
Kisee ne hame buree tarah thag liyaa hai. Somebody has deceived us badly. We have been deceived badly. Ham buree tarah thage gaye hai.
Log bhikhaariyo par hanse. People laughed at beggars. Beggars were laughed at by people. Bhikhaareeyo par logo dwaaraa hansaa gayaa thaa.
Maine usase gaanaa ganwaayaa. I made him sing a song. He was made to sing a song. Usase gaanaa ganwaayaa gayaa.

Active Voice Active Voice Passive Voice Passive Voice
Log kahate hai kee vah imaandaar mantree hai. People say that he is an honest minister. It is said that he is an honest minister. Yah kahaa jaataa hai kee vah imaandaar mantree hai.
Log kahate hai kee vah imaandaar mantree hai. People say that he is an honest minister. He is said to be an honest minister. Vah imaandaar mantree kahaa jaataa hai.
Meree patnee ne mujhase poochhaa maiN kab use phone karungaa. My wife asked me when I would ring her. I was asked by me wife when I would ring her. mujhase meree patnee dwaaraa poochhaa gayaa kab maiN use phone karungaa.
Varsha shuru hone se pahale hee kisaan kheto meiN hal chalaa chuke thay. The farmers had ploughed the fields before the rains set in. The fields had been ploughed by the farmers before the rains set in. Varsha shuru hone se pahale hee kisaano dwaaraa kheto meiN hal chalaayaa jaa chukaa thaa.
Andheraa hone se purva hee ham apane nirdishT sthaan pahunch chuke thay. We had reached our destination before it got dark. Our destination had been reached by us before it got dark. Andheraa hone se purva hee nirdishT sthaan par hamaare dwaaraa pahunchaa jaa chukaa thaa.
Train aane se purva hee maiN akhbaar paDh chukaa hoonga. I shall have read the newspaper before the arrival of the train. The newspaper will have been read by me before the arrival of the train. Train aane se purva hee akhbaar mere dwaaraa paDhaa jaa chukaa hogaa.
Barf padane se purva ve report banaa chuke honge. They will have prepared reports before snowfall. Reports will have been prepared by them before snowfall. Barf paDane se purva unake dwaaraa report banaa lee gai hogee.
Yah samay hai hari jhanDee dene kaa. It is time to give the green signal. It is time for the green signal to be given. Yah samay hai hari jhanDee dee jaaye.

Commonly used Passive Voice sentences (without subject)

Active Voice Active Voice
English yahaaN paDhaai jaatee hai. English is taught here.
BhikhaareeoN ko khaanaa diyaa gayaa thaa. Beggars were given food.
Makaan kee safedee kee gai thee. The house was white-washed.
Usakee imaandaaree kee prashansaa karanee chaahiye thee. His honesty should have been praised.
Use samay par suchit kar diyaa gayaa thaa. He was informed timely.
Use peeTaa gayaa thaa. She was beaten.
PiDeet vyaktio ko turant hospital le jaayaa gayaa thaa. Victims were rushed to hospital.
Mere office kaa sthaan badalaa jaanaa hai. My office is to be shifted.
Meeting radd kee jaa rahee hai. The meeting is being cancelled.
YahaaN kyaa kiyaa jaataa hai? What is done here?
Shaam ko kyaa pakaayaa jaayegaa? What will be cooked in the evening?
Ab kyaa kiyaa jaa sakataa hai? What can be done now?
Yah table yahaaN se kyoN haTaai gai thee? Why was this table removed from here?
Kyaa baanTaa gayaa hai? What has been distributed?
Usakee kab hatyaa kee gai thee? When was he murdered?
Isake baare meiN sabako suchit kar diyaa gayaa thaa. Everyone had been informed about it.
Curfew shahar meiN lagaayaa gayaa hai. The curfew has been imposed in the city.
Paanee aamtaur par ghoonT ghoonT piyaa jaataa hai. Water is usually taken sip by sip.

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