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List of One Word Substitutions

One word can often express the idea of a phrase or a clause and can help in writing or communicating precisely. List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. Please learn it to improve your word power.

Ek shabd kabhee kabhee poore vaakyaansh yaa vaakya ko vyakt kar sakataa hai. Kuchh aise common shabd neeche diye hai. Prabhaavshali English bolane aur samajhane ke liye inakee jaankaaree aavashyak hai. Har shabd kaa arth aapakee suvidhaa ke liye simple English aur Hindi meiN diyaa huaa hai.

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Words Start with >> J-O

Word Meaning Arth
Jail A place where prisoners are kept. Bandee graha, Kaaraagaar
Jurisdiction The area over which an official has control AdhikaarkShetra
Juvenile Anything which relates to young and youth. Kishor, Javaan
Kangaroo An animal of Australia with great leaping power. Kangaaroo
Kidnap To carry away a person forcibly. ApaharaN
Kindergarten A school for small children BaalvaaDee, chhoTe bachho kaa school
Kleptomania An abnormal desire to steal Choree karane kee bimaaree
Legal That which is lawful Kaanoonee, vidhik
Linguist One who knows many languages. Bahubhaashee, Bhaashaa praveeN
Locust A kind of winged insect migrating in swarms and consuming vegetation. TiDDee
Logic The science of reasoning. Tark, Tark shaastra, GaNitiya tark
Loquacious A continuous talker. Baatunee, vaachaal
Lunar Eclipse of Moon Chandra grahaN
Maiden The first speech made by a person, an unmarried woman Pratham, kunvaaree
Mammals Animals which give milk stanpaayee, jaanawar jo doodh dete haiN
Manuscript Handwritten book Hastalikhit, pandulipi
Martyr A person who died for the sake of his country. Shaheed, Hutaatmaa
Masochism The tendency to derive sexual gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation swapeeDan kaamuktaa, piDaa sukh
Materialistic One for whom money is the most important thing Bhautiktavaadee, viShayee, saansaarik
Matinee A cinema show which is held in the afternoon Dopahar kaa khel
Matins Morning prayer in Church Praatah kaaleen praarthanaa (church meN)
Matricide Killing of one’s own mother; killer of one’s own mother Maatrahatyaa, matrahatyaaraa


Word Meaning Arth
Matrimony State of being married. Vivaah, Shaadee
Maxim An establish principle Neeti vachan, vachan, sookti
Meadow A low level tract of uncultivated grassland Ghaas kaa maidaan
Medieval Belonging to the Middle Ages Madhyakaleen
Meditation Continuous and profound contemplation on spiritual matters Dhyaan, ishvar kaa smaraN
Melodrama An extravagant comedy in which action is more salient than characterization Sansaneekhej naaTak, Uttejnaayukt naaTak
Mercenary One who can do anything for money Lobhee, kiraaye kaa sainik
Mesomorph A person whose build is powerful, compact and muscular. GaTheela, Hattaa kaTTaa insaan
Meticulous Very particular and careful even about small details Atisaavadhaan, Chhotee chhoTee cheejo kaa bhee dhyaan rakhane vaalaa
Migratory That move from one place to another. Pravaasee, Deshaantar jaane waalaa
Misanthrope One who hates mankind Maanav-dveshee, manushya se nafrat karane vaalaa
Misanthropist Hater of mankind Manav ko pasand naa karane vaalaa
Misogamist A person who does not believe in the institution of marriage Shaadee vyavasthaa meiN naa vishvaas karane waalaa
Misogynist A person who hates women Aurat jaati se nafrat karanevaalaa, stree-dveshee
Mobocracy Rule by the mob BheeD-tantra, bheeD kaa raaj
Monarchy A Government by a king or queen Raaj tantra
Monogamy Practice of having one wife or husband Ek vivaah prathaa
Mortal Subject to death. (Humans who are susceptible to death as opposed to divine beings). Nashwar, PraaNghaatak
Muse A source of inspiration for an artist, Goddess of learning and arts. Prerak shakti, Dhyaan, Saraswatee devi
Myth Purely fictitious narrative usually involving supernatural being etc. PauraaNik kathaa, JhooThee baat

Word Meaning Arth
Namesake Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else Humnaam, naam rashi
Narcotic Addictive medicine which induces sleep. Nasheelee davaa, Neend laane vaalee davaa
Native One whose parents are domiciled. Moolvaasee, Paidaaishee
Naughty A badly behaved child. Sharaaratee, Khuraaphatee
Neologism New word coined by an author. Navshabd, Navnirmit shabd
Neophyte One who is a newcomer to a subject or activity. Nauseekhiyaa, nayaa chelaa
Notary Person publically authorized to draw up or attest contracts etc Lekhya pramaaNak, Lekh-patra pramaaNkaaree
Notorious A person with an evil reputation Badnaam, kukhyaat
Novice One who is new to a trade or profession Nauseekhiyaa, peshe dhandhe meiN nayaa
Numismatics Science of coins or medals Mudraa shaastra
Nutritive Food providing nourisnment, nutrition. PoShaN sanbandhee
Oasis Fertile spot in desert where there is water. Marusthal ke beech harit bhumi, Sukh-daayak jagah
Obesity Having lot of fat in one's body. MoTaapaa
Obituary A notice of death in a newspaper. Nidhan suchanaa, MritvivaraN
Obsolete A thing no longer in use Aprachlit
Oceanography Study of ocean Samundra vigyaan
Odontology Science dealing with study of teeth. Dant vigyaan
Oligarchy A Government by a small group. Alpatantra, kul-tantra
Omnipotent All-powerful; possessing complete power and authority Sarva shaktimaan
Omnipresent One who is present everywhere Sarvavyaapee, sarvavyaapak


Word Meaning Arth
Omniscient A person who knows everything Antaryaamee, sarvagya
Omnivorous An animal or a human being that eats any kind of food SarvabhakShee, sarvagrahee
Opaque That through which light cannot pass Apaardarshee
Ophthalmology Science dealing with the study of Eye. Netra vigyaan
Optic Science of sight and light. Prakaash sambandhee vigyaan
Optics Study of light Prakaash vigyaan
Optimist One who looks at the bright side of things; positive thinker Ashaaavaadee
Orator One who makes an eloquent public speech. Suvaktaa
Ordnance A factory where military materials are produced. Golaabaarood , yuddh saamagree
Oriental A person of Asian, especially East Asian, descent. Poorvee , Purv-vaasee
Ornithology A study of birds PakShee vigyaan
Orography Study of mountain Parvat vigyaan, paarvartikee
Orphan A person without father and mother. Anaath, Yateem
Orphanage A place where orphans live Anaathaalaya, anaathaashram
Orthodox One who believes in traditional values Paramparaagat, kaTTarpanthee
Orthography Study of correct spelling of words Vartanee
Ostracize To expel from society Nishkaasit karanaa, bahishkarat karanaa
Ostrich Largest and flightless bird native of Africa. Shaturmurg
Outcast Cast out as useless by the society. Nirvaasit, Parityakt, Bahishkrat

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