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Numbers in English

There are two main types of numbers:

Cardinal Numbers - 1 (one), 2 (two) etc. (Used mainly for counting)
Ordinal Numbers - 1st (first), 2nd (second), 6th (sixth), etc. (Used mainly for putting things in a sequence)

Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal numbers are normally used when one:

* count things: He has two cars. There are twenty-seven students in a class.
* give your age or telephone number: She is seventeen years old. My mobile number is nine-nine, two-three-two, one-two-three-four-zero (99 232 12340)
* give years: She has completed her graduation in two thousand and ten (2010). We had gone to UK in two thousand and twelve (2012)

Ordinal Numbers

Oridinally numbers are created by adding 'TH' to the end of a Cardinal number - (seventh, sixteenth).
There are exceptions where 'TH' is not added - (one - first, two - second, three - third, five - fifth, eight - eighth, nine - ninth & twelve - twelfth)

Ordinal numbers are normally used when one:

* give a date: Mr Uniyal's birthday is on the 30th of September. (Thirtieth of September)
* put things in order or a sequence : He stood first in the class.
* give the floor of a building: My house is on the thirteenth floor.

Sankhya mukhyatah do prakaar kee hotee hai. GaNan-sankhyaa - 1 (ek), 2 (do), 3 (teen), .... aur Kramvaachak-sankhyaa - pratham, dvitiya, tritiya....

English bhaaShaa meiN GaNan-sankhyaa vastuo kee ginatee ke liye, umra bataane ke liye, telephone number bataane ke liye, varsh/saal bataane ke liye, aadi meiN prayog karate hai jaisaa upar varNan kiyaa hai.

Kramvaachak-sankhyaa tareekh bataane ke liye, vastuo ko kram meiN rakhane ke liye, imaarat kee manjil bataane ke liye, aadi meiN prayog karate hai jaisaa upar varNan kiyaa hai.

Cardinal Number Cardinal Number word Ganan-sankhyaa shabd Ordinal Number Ordinal number word Kramvaachak-sankhyaa shabd
0 Zero Shunya Shoonya Shoonya Shoonya
1 One Ek 1st First Pratham/Pahalaa
2 Two Do 2nd Second Dwitiya/Doosaraa
3 Three Teen 3rd Third Tritiya/Teesaraa
4 Four Chaar 4th Fourth Chauthaa
5 Five Paanch 5th Fifth PaanchavaaN
6 Six Chhah 6th Sixth छठा
7 Seven Saat 7th Seventh SaatavaaN
8 Eight AaTh 8th Eighth AaThavaaN
9 Nine Nau 9th Ninth NauvaaN
10 Ten Das 10th Tenth DasavaaN
11 Eleven Gyaarah 11th Eleventh GyaarahavaaN
12 Twelve Baarah 12th Twelfth BaarahavaaN
13 Thirteen Terah 13th Thirteenth TerahavaaN
14 Fourteen Chaudah 14th Fourteenth ChaudahavaaN
15 Fifteen Pandrah 15th Fifteenth PandrahavaaN
16 Sixteen Solah 16th Sixteenth SolahavaaN
17 Seventeen Satrah 17th Seventeenth SatrahavaaN
18 Eighteen AThaarah 18th Eighteenth AThaarahavaaN
19 Nineteen Unnees 19th Nineteenth UnneesavaaN
20 Twenty Bees 20th Twentieth BeesavaaN
21 Twenty-One Ikkees 21st Twenty-first IkkeesavaaN
22 Twenty-Two Baais 22nd Twenty-second BaaisavaaN
23 Twenty-Three Teis 23rd Twenty-third TeisavaaN
24 Twenty-Four Chaubees 24th Twenty-Fourth ChaubeesavaaN
25 Twenty-Five Pachchees 25th Twenty-fifth PachcheesavaaN
26 Twenty-Six Chhabbees 26th Twenty-Sixth ChhabbeesavaaN
27 Twenty-Seven Sattaais 27th Twenty-Seventh SattaaisavaaN
28 Twenty-Eight ATThaais 28th Twenty-Eighth ATThaaisavaaN
29 Twenty-Nine Unatees 29th Twenty-Ninth UnateesavaaN
30 Thirty Tees 30th Thirtieth TeesavaaN
31 Thirty-One Ikatees 31st Thirty-First IkateesavaaN
32 Thirty-Two Battees 32nd Thirty-Second BatteesavaaN
33 Thirty-Three Taintees 33rd Thirty-Third TainteesavaaN
34 Thirty-Four Chauntees 34th Thirty-Fourth ChaunteesavaaN
35 Thirty-Five Paintees 35th Thirty-fifth PainteesavaaN
36 Thirty-Six Chhattees 36th Thirty-Sixth ChhatteesavaaN
37 Thirty-Seven Saintees 37th Thirty-Seventh SainteesavaaN
38 Thirty-Eight Adatees 38th Thirty-Eighth AdateesavaaN
39 Thirty-Nine Untaalees 39th Thirty-Ninth UntaaleesavaaN
40 Forty Chaalees 40th Fortieth ChaaleesavaaN
41 Forty-One Ikataalees 41st Forty-First IkataaleesavaaN
42 Forty-Two Bayaalees 42nd Forty-Second BayaaleesavaaN
43 Forty-Three Tiyaalees 43rd Forty-Third TaintaaleesavaaN
44 Forty-Four Chavaalees 44th Forty-Fourth ChautaaleesavaaN
45 Forty-Five Paintaalees 45th Forty-fifth PaintaaleesavaaN
46 Forty-Six Chhiyaalees 46th Forty-Sixth ChhiyaaleesavaaN
47 Forty-Seven Saintaalees 47th Forty-Seventh SaintaaleesavaaN
48 Forty-Eight ADataalees 48th Forty-Eighth ADataaleesavaaN
49 Forty-Nine Unachaas 49th Forty-Ninth UnachaasavaaN
50 Fifty Pachaas 50th Fiftieth PachaasavaaN
51 Fifty-One Ikyaavan 51st Fifty-First IkyaavanavaaN
52 Fifty-Two Baavan 52nd Fifty-Second BaavanavaaN
53 Fifty-Three Tirepan 53rd Fifty-Third TirepanavaaN
54 Fifty-Four Chauvan 54th Fifty-Fourth ChauvanavaaN
55 Fifty-Five Pachapan 55th Fifty-fifth PachapanavaaN
56 Fifty-Six Chhappan 56th Fifty-Sixth ChhappanavaaN
57 Fifty-Seven Saataavan 57th Fifty-Seventh SataavanavaaN
58 Fifty-Eight ATThaavan 58th Fifty-Eighth ATThaavanavaaN
59 Fifty-Nine UnasaTh 59th Fifty-Ninth UnasaThavaaN
60 Sixty SaaTh 60th Sixtieth SaaThavaaN


Cardinal Number Cardinal Number word Ganan-sankhyaa shabd Ordinal Number Ordinal number word Kramvaachak-sankhyaa shabd
61 Sixty-One IkasaTh 61st Sixty-First IkasaThavaaN
62 Sixty-Two BaasaTh 62nd Sixty-Second BaasaThavaaN
63 Sixty-Three TiresaTh 63rd Sixty-Third TirasaThavaaN
64 Sixty-Four ChaunsaTh 64th Sixty-Fourth ChaunsaThavaaN
65 Sixty-Five PainsaTh 65th Sixty-fifth PainsaThavaaN
66 Sixty-Six ChhiyaasaTh 66th Sixty-Sixth ChhiyaasaThavaaN
67 Sixty-Seven SaDDasaTh 67th Sixty-Seventh SaDDasaThavaaN
68 Sixty-Eight ADDasaTh 68th Sixty-Eighth ADDasaThavaaN
69 Sixty-Nine Unahattar 69th Sixty-Ninth UnahattaravaaN
70 Seventy Sattar 70th Seventieth SattaravaaN
71 Seventy-One Ikahattar 71st Seventy-First IkahattaravaaN
72 Seventy-Two Bahattar 72nd Seventy-Second BahattaravaaN
73 Seventy-Three Tihattar 73rd Seventy-Third TihattaravaaN
74 Seventy-Four Chauhattar 74th Seventy-Fourth ChauhattaravaaN
75 Seventy-Five Pachahattar 75th Seventy-fifth PachahattaravaaN
76 Seventy-Six Chhihattar 76th Seventy-Sixth ChhihattaravaaN
77 Seventy-Seven Satahattar 77th Seventy-Seventh SatahattaravaaN
78 Seventy-Eight AThahattar 78th Seventy-Eighth AThahattaravaaN
79 Seventy-Nine Unyaasee 79th Seventy-Ninth UnaaseeavaaN
80 Eighty Assee 80th Eightieth AsseevaaN
81 Eighty-One Ikyaasee 81st Eighty-First IkyaaseevaaN
82 Eighty-Two Bayaasee 82nd Eighty-Second BayaaseevaaN
83 Eighty-Three Tiraasee 83rd Eighty-Third TiraaseevaaN
84 Eighty-Four Churaasee 84th Eighty-Fourth ChuraaseevaaN
85 Eighty-Five Pachaasee 85th Eighty-fifth PachaaseevaaN
86 Eighty-Six Chhiyaasee 86th Eighty-Sixth ChhiyaaseevaaN
87 Eighty-Seven Sattaasee 87th Eighty-Seventh SataaseevaaN
88 Eighty-Eight ATThaasee 88th Eighty-Eighth AThaaseevaaN
89 Eighty-Nine Navaasee 89th Eighty-Ninth NavaaseevaaN
90 Ninety Nabbe 90th Ninetieth NabbevaaN
91 Ninety-One Ikyaanave 91st Ninety-First IkyaanavevaaN
92 Ninety-Two Baanave 92nd Ninety-Second BaanavevaaN
93 Ninety-Three Tiraanave 93rd Ninety-Third TiraanavevaaN
94 Ninety-Four Churaanave 94th Ninety-Fourth ChuraanavevaaN
95 Ninety-Five Panchaanave 95th Ninety-fifth PanchaanavevaaN
96 Ninety-Six Chhiyaanave 96th Ninety-Sixth ChhiyaanavevaaN
97 Ninety-Seven Sataanave 97th Ninety-Seventh SataanavevaaN
98 Ninety-Eight ATThaanave 98th Ninety-Eighth ATThaanavevaaN
99 Ninety-Nine Ninyaanave 99th Ninety-Ninth NinyaanavevaaN
100 Hundred Ek sau 100th Hundredth Ek sauvaaN
1,000 Thousand Ek Hazaar 1,000th Thousandth Ek HazaaravaaN
100,000 Hundred thousand Ek lakh 100,000th Hundred thousandth Ek lakhavaaN
1,000,000 Million Das lakh 1,000,000th Millionth Das lakhavaaN
10,000,000 Ten million Ek crore 10,000,000th Ten millionth Ek crorevaaN
100,000,000 Hundred million Das crore 100,000,000th Hundred millionth Das crorevaaN
1,000,000,000 Billion Ek Arab 1,000,000,000th Billionth Ek ArabavaaN
10,000,000,000 Ten billion Das Arab 10,000,000,000th Ten billionth Das ArabavaaN
100,000,000,000 Hundred billion Ek Kharab 100,000,000,000th Hundred billionth Ek KharabavaaN
1,000,000,000,000 Trillion Das Kharab 1,000,000,000,000th Trillionth Das KharabavaaN

In compound ordinal numbers, note that only the last figure is written as an ordinal number - 522nd = five hundred and twenty-second.

Titles - With the names of kings and queens, ordinal numbers are written in Roman numbers. In spoken English, the definite article is used before the ordinal number (Charles II - Charles the Second, Edward VI - Edward the Sixth)

"And" is used for reading a numeric figure of three or more than three digits.

Teen yaa adhik ank kee sankhyaayn paDhate samay saamaanyata 'And" kaa prayog kiyaa jaataa hai.

Number English Hindi
125 One hundred and twenty five Ek sau pachchees
5,235 Five thousand, two hundred and thirty five Panch hazaar do sau paintees
12,550 Twelve thousand, five hundred and fifty Barah hazaar panch sau pachaas
321,457 Three hundred and twenty one thousand, four hundred and fifty seven Teen laakh ekkees hazaar chaar sau sattavan
170,452,426 One hundred and seventy million, four hundred and fifty two thousand, four hundred and twenty six Satrah crore chaar laakh bavan hazaar chaar sau chhabbees
140,221,400 One hundred and forty million, two hundred and twenty one thousand, four hundred Chaudah crore do laakh ekkeess hazaar chaar sau.
7,500 Seven thousand five hundred Saat hazaar paanch sau
106,200 One hundred and six thousand, two hundred Ek laakh chhah hazaar do sau
16,002 Sixteen thousand and two Solah hazaar do

Please note that 'And' comes after hundred. When in the last hundred, no numeric figure is there and there are two zeros (00), then 'And' does not come after 'hundred'.

Upar dekhe, 'And' kaa prayog 'hundred' ke baad aataa hai. Agar aakharee hundred ke baad koi sankhyaa naa ho, bulki do zero (00) ho to 'And' kaa prayog 'hundred' ke baad nahee aataa hai.

Fractions and Decimals

Number Reading in English Hindi
1/2 Half, one half Ek bataa do, aadha
1/3 One third Ek bataa teen, tihaai
1/4 One fourth Ek bataa chaar, chouthaai
1/5 One fifth Ek bataa paanch
1/10 One tenth Ek bataa dus
3/4 Three fourths Teen bataa chaar, teen chauthaai
45/100 Forty-five hundredths Pentalis bataa sau
1-1/2 One and a half Ek aur ek bataa do, daidh
1-1/4 One and one fourth Ek aur ek bataa chaar, savaa
3-1/4 Three and a quarter Teen aur ek bataa chaar, sava teen
5-2/5 Five and two fifths Paanch aur do bataa panch
0.3 naught point three/zero point three Zero dashamlav teen
3.95 Three point nine five Teen dashamlav nau paanch
4.44 Four point four four Chaar dashamlav chaar chaar

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