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Names of Grains, Pulses And Flours


Names of Grains in Hindi and English are listed below:

Name of Grains Hindi Name Type
Alubia Safed Rajamaa Grain
Barley Jau Grain
Black eyed beans Chawalee /lobhiaa Grain
Black gram (whole) Saabut urad Grain
Black Matpe (Beans) Saabut urad Grain
Chick Peas Chanaa Grain
Chickpeas, brown Kaalaa chanaa Grain
Chickpeas, green Haraa chanaa Grain
Chickpeas, white Khabulee chanaa Grain
Common Bean Raajamaa Grain
Corn Makkaa Grain
Corn kenel, corn on the cob Makkee bhuTTaa Grain
Fava Vaal Grain
Fenugreek seeds Methee (dana Methee) Grain
Garbanzo Chanaa Grain
Garbanzo Beans Kabulee Chanaa Grain
Green Gram (Moong Whole) Moong Saabut Grain
Green Peas dry maTar Grain
Lentil Masoor Grain
Lima Bean Sem Grain
Millet – Pearl Spiked Baajaraa Grain
Moth Bean MoTh Grain
Red Kidney Beans Raajamaa Grain
Red lentils Masoor Grain
Split red lentil Daal - Masoor Grain
Split Skinless Black Chickpeas Daal - Chanaa Grain
Urad Bean Urad Grain
Wheat Gehun, Gehoon Grain


Names of Pulses in Hindi and English are listed below:

Name of Pulses Hindi Name Type
Black Gram (skinned) Daal - Urad dhulee Pulse
Black Gram Split Daal - Urad chhilakaa Pulse
Chickpea Daal - Chanaa Pulse
Daal - Pigeon pea Daal- Arhar Pulse
Decorticated skinless beans Dhulee daal Pulse
Field Pea Split Daal - MaTar Pulse
Green gram (split) Daal - Moong Pulse
Horse Gram Daal - Kulthee Pulse
Lentil split Daal - Masoor Pulse
Moth Bean split Daal - MoTh Pulse
Pigeon Pea Daal - Arhar Pulse


Names of Flours in Hindi and English are listed below:

Name of Flours Hindi Name Type
Arrowroot AaTaa - Araarot Flour
Brown Rice Flour AaTaa - Chaawal Flour
Buckwheat Flour AaTaa - KuTTu Flour
Corn Masa Flour AaTaa - Makai Flour
Finger Millet flour AaTaa - Sattu Flour
Flour (Durum Wheat, Whole Wheat, Whole Grain Flour) AaTaa Flour
Flour Chickpea AaTaa - Besan Flour
Flour Maize AaTaa - Makkee Flour
Flour Refined (Super refined wheat flour) AaTaa - Maidaa Flour
Gram flour, Chick pea flour AaTaa - Besan Flour
Maize ,corn flour AaTaa - Makkee Flour
Millet Flour AaTaa - Baajaraa Flour
Millet Foxtail AaTaa - Kheree Flour
Millet Great Sorghum AaTaa - Jowaar Flour
Millet –LittleKodo AaTaa - Kodo Flour
Millet-Finger AaTaa - Raagee Flour
Moong bean Flour AaTaa - Moong daal Flour
Oat, Oat Bran,Oat Groats - Flour AaTaa - Jo, Jaee, Jai, Jaavi Flour
Pearl Millet flour AaTaa - Baajaraa Flour
Rice flour AaTaa - Chaawal Flour
Sorghum Flour AaTaa - Jowaar Flour
Soya flour AaTaa - Soyaabean Flour
Wheat Flour AaTaa - Gehoon Flour

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