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Why & How

Why is an interrogative and relative adverb. It is used to know 'for what purpose', 'for what reason' or 'for what cause', 'with what intention', 'with what justification' 'with what motive', etc.

Why (KyoN) ek interrogative aur relative adverb hai. Why kaa prayog 'kyaa uddeshya', 'kyaa kaaraN', 'kis bhaavanaa'', 'kis maksad' aadi ko jaanane ke liye kiyaa jaataa hai.

Vaakya Sentence
Aakash neela kyoN hai? Why is the sky blue?
Tum English kyoN seekhanaa chaahate ho? Why do you want to learn English?
MaiN tumhaaree tarah kyoN sochataa hoon? Why do I think like you?
Tumane apanee naukaree kyoN chhoDee? Why did you quit your job?
Usane table kyoN toDee? Why did he break the table?
Avyan ne Mandy ko kyoN nahee bulaayaa? Why Avyan did not call Mandy?
Tum yahaaN par kyoN ho? Why are you here?
Koi vajah nahee hai, kyoN Madhur ko Noida nahee aanaa chaahiye? There is no reason why Madhur should not come to Noida?
Ve kyoN safal huay usakaa kaaraN spashT hai. Unahone vaastav mai kaDee mehnat kee. The reason why they succeeded is quite obvious. They worked really hard.
Mujhe bataao vah kyoN ro rahaa hai? Tell me why is he weeping?
Mujhe 2 achchhe kaaraN bataao kee mujhe dobaaraa yahaaN kyoN aanaa chaahiye. Give me two good reasons why I should come here again.
Yah parakhanaa aasaan hai kee kyoN vah usake pyaar meiN paDee. It is easy to judge why she fell in love with him.
Vah ek achchhaa khilaaDee hai. Isiliye usane team banaai. He is a very good player. That is why he made the team.


How is an interrogative adverb. It is used to know 'in what manner or way', 'by what means', 'in what state or condition', 'to what extent', 'what reason or purpose', by what measure', etc.

How (Kaise) ek interroative adverb hai. How kaa prayog yah janane ke liye kiyaa jaataa hai kee - 'kis tarah yaa kaise', 'kis haalat yaa sthiti meN', 'kis seema tak', 'kyaa kaaraN yaa uddeshya', se koi kaarya huaa.

Vaakya Sentence
Vah kitanee kharaab thee? Yaa Vah kitanee buree haalat meiN thee? How bad was she?
Aap kele kaise bechate ho? (kilo yaa piece ke hisaab se) How do you sell the bananas? ( Per kg or per piece)
Usako kaise bulaate hai? How is she called?
Aaj vah kaisee hai? How is she today?
MaiN vah taareef/saraahanaa kaise le sakataa hoon? How should I take that appreciation?
Ham kitanaa hanse jab Hamane use bevakoof banaayaa! How we laughed when we made a fool of him !
Tum kaise aur kahaaN Swati se mile? How and where did you meet Swati?
Vah kaise maree? Kyaa use cancer thaa? How did she die? She had cancer?
Tumane hame kaise DhoonDhaa? How did you find us?
Tum yahaaN kaise aaye? (bus se yaa car se) How did you get here? (By bus or by car)
Tum vah kaise jaanate ho? How do you know that?
MaiN President ko kaise sambodhit karungaa? How shall I address the President?
Ham nai car khareedane ke liye paiso kaa intajaam kaise karenge? How shall we arrange the payment to buy new car?
MaiN bhool gayaa kee kaise maine vah report banaai. I forgot how I prepared that report.


How Many - The word, 'Many' is used with 'How' to make a question about counting or numbers of something.

How Many - Many kaa arth hotaa hai 'Kitnay'. Many kaa prayog sankhyaa yaa number ke sandarbh meiN hai.

Vaakya Sentence
Tumhaare kitane dost hai? How many friends do you have?
Tum kitane bhai aur bahan ho? How many brothers and sisters are you?
Aaj kitane vidhyaarthee aaye hai? How many students have come today?
Showroom meiN kitanee car hai? How many cars are in the showroom?
Kitane log Himalaya jaa chuke hai? How many people have gone to Himalayas?
Tum kitanee baar Vaishno Devi gaye ho? How many times have you been to Vaishno Devi?
Tumane kitanee baar usako paise udhaar diye hai? How many times you have lended him money?
Tum samay par kaam pooraa karane ke liye kitane karamachaaree chaahate ho? How many workers do you require to complete the job in time?
Tum kitane bag vaapas laaye ho? How many bags have you brought back?
Kitane log bhukhe hai? How many people are hungry?


How Long - Long word is used with How to make a question about time or distance.

How Long - Long How ke saath prayog vaakya meiN diye shabd 'Kitanaa lambaa' yaa 'Kitanee der' ko vyakt karane ke liye kiyaa jaataa hai .

Vaakya Sentence
Yah surang kitanee lambee hai? How long is this tunnel?
Tum kitanee der line meiN khaDe rahe? How long did you stand in the queue?
Yah train kitanee der meiN Shimla pahunchegee? How long this train will take to reach Shimla?
Dekho, yah kitanaa lambaa saanp hai? See, how long is this snake?
Kitanee der usane tumase baat kee? How long he talked with you?
Tum kitanee der tak usakaa intajaar karogee? How long will you wait for him?
Aaj tum kitanee der so sake? How long could you sleep today?
Kitanee der tak tumane use ghuraa? How long did you stare at her?
Kitanee der tumhaaraa yah pyaar tikegaa? How long will your love survive?
Kitanee lambee wo ghaDiyaan thee? How long were those moments?


How Much - Much word is used with How to make a question about quantity.

How Much - Much kaa arth hotaa hai 'Kitnaa' Much kaa prayog Maatraa (quantity) ke sandarbh meiN hotaa hai.

Vaakya Sentence
Tum chaay meiN kitanee cheenee lete ho? How much sugar you take in tea?
Tum bolane meiN kitanaa samay loge? How much time will you take to speak?
Tumhe dostee toDane meiN kitanaa samay lagaa? How much time did you take to break friendship?
Is pen kaa maiN tumhe kitanaa dooN? How much should I pay you for this pen?
Tum kitanaa loan vaapas kar chuke ho? How much loan have you repaid?
Tum kitanaa dard sahan kar sakate ho? How much pain can you bear?
Tum kitanee der lakadee kee kursee par lagaataar baiTh sakate ho? How much time can you sit continuously on wooden chair?
Tumane kitanee pee thee? How much had you drunk?
Yah computer chaalu hone meiN kitanaa samay leTaa hai? How much time this computer take to boot?
Vah restaurant ek plate daal meiN kitanee matraa detaa hai? How much quantity of daal that restaurant does give in a plate?

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