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ELC-33rd Day - TainteesavaaN Din

33rd Day - After Tense and Active Passive, Direct & Indirect is the most important part of English Language. Today also we will continue Direct Indirect.
We can report any Speech to another person either in the same words (known as Direct Speech or Direct Narration) OR report the speech in our words without changing the meaning (known as Indirect Speech or Indirect Narration).

Direct-Indirect Speech - Imperative Sentences

Rule No. 1

Imperative sentences have different types of emotions - Order, Command, Request, Suggestion and Advise. For changing Direct Speech to Indirect Speech, please see the Reporting Verb and according to the emotion of Reporting Verb, 'Said To' is replaced with words like Requested, Advised, Ordered, Commanded, Suggested, Warned etc.

The words 'Please' and 'Kindly' and use of word 'Do' to emphasise something in Reported Speech are not kept in Indirect Speech as the Reporting Verb's replaced word "Request/Requests/Requested" already contains the same emotion.

Sometimes Tag Question is added with Imperative Sentence. It is also not kept in Indirect Speech.

Imperative vaakya meiN alag alag bhaav hote hai - Aadesh, Praarthanaa, Sujhaav, Salaah ityaadee. PratyakSh kathan ko apratyakSh kathan meiN parivartit karane ke liye, Reporting Verb ko dekhe aur Reporting Verb ke bhaav ke anusaar, 'Said To' ko haTaa kar shabd jaise Requested, Advised, Ordered, Commanded, Suggested, Warned, aadi se badalate hai.

Shabd Please aur Kindly aur kisee cheej par jor dene ke liye Reported Speech meiN prayukt shabd 'Do', apratyakSh katahan meiN nahee rakhe jaate kyonki Reporting Verb ke parivartit shabd "Request/Requests/Requested" meiN yah bhaav pahale hee nihit hai.

Kabhee kabhee Imperative Sentence ke saath Tag Questin juDaa hotaa hai. Ise bhee Indirect Speech meiN nahee rakhaa jaataa hai.

Rule No. 2

In Imperative sentences, Comma (,) and Inverted Commas ("...") are removed and word 'To' is used to join both the parts.

In negative sentences, 'Do Not' is removed and 'Not To' is used in making Indirect Speech of Imperative Sentences.

Besides these two rules, all the rules described earlier are applicable to Imperative Sentences also.

Imperative Sentence meiN Comma (,) aur Inverted Commas ("...") ko haTaa kar dono bhaago ko joDane ke liye 'To' shabd lagaayaa jaataa hai.

Nakaaraatmak vaakyo meiN 'Do Not' ko haTaa diyaa jaataa hai aur 'Not To' kaa proyog Imperative Sentence ke pratyakSh kathan ko apratyakSh kathan banaane meiN kiyaa jaataa hai.

In do niyamo ke alaawaa, saare niyam jo pahale varNit kiye gaye hai, Imperative Sentences par bhee laagu hote hai.

Examples of Imperative Sentences

Direct Adhyaapak ne Raj se kahaa, "Bench par khaDe ho jaao." The teacher said to Raj, "Stand up on the bench."
Indirect Adhyaapak ne Raj ko aadesh diyaa ki Bench par khaDaa ho jaaye. The teacher ordered Raj to stand up on the bench.
Direct Usane apane mitra se kahaa, "JhooTh mat bolo." She said to her friend, "Do not tell a lie."
Indirect Usane apane mitra ko salaah dee ki jhooTh mat boleN . She advised her friend not to tell a lie.
Direct Seema ne apane pati se kahaa, "JhooTh mat bolo." Seema said to her husband, "Do not tell a lie.
Indirect Seema ne apane pati ko chetaavanee dee ki jhooTh mat bolo. Seema warned her husband not to tell a lie.
Direct Usane Monu se kahaa, "Mujhe ek glass paanee do." She said to Monu, "Please give me a glass of water."
Indirect Usane Monu se anuroadh kiyaa ki use ek glass paanee de. She requested Monu to give her a glass of water.
Direct Poonam ne Neha se kahaa, "Ek glass doodh lijiye." Poonam said to Neha, "Have a glass of milk."
Indirect Poonam ne Neha se poochhaa ki ek glass doodh le. Poonam asked Neha to have a glass of milk.
Direct Maalee ne bachcho se kahaa, "Dobaaraa phool mat toDanaa." The gardener said to children, "Don't pluck the flowers again."
Indirect Maalee ne bachcho ko chetaavanee dee ki dobaaraa phool mat toDanaa. The gardener warned children not to pluck the flowers again.
Direct Neelam ne apane boss se kahaa, "Kripayaa mujhe teen din kaa avkaash pradaan kareN." Neelam said to her boss, "Please grant me leave for three days."
Indirect Neelam ne apane boss se gujaarish kee ki use teen din kaa avkaash pradaan kareN. Neelam requested her boss to grant her leave for three days.
Direct Captain ne kahaa, "Meraa anusaraN karo." Captain said, "follow me".
Indirect Captain ne aadesh diyaa ki usakaa anusaraN karo. Captain ordered to follow him.
Direct Doctor ne ek mareej se kahaa, "Apanee jeewan shailee aur khaane kee aadate badalo." Doctor said to a patient, "Change your life style and eating habits".
Indirect Doctor ne ek mareej ko sujhaav diyaa ki apanee jeewan shailee aur khaane kee aadate badalo. Doctor suggested a patient to change his life style and eating habits.
Direct Principal ne vidyaarthio se kahaa, "Shor mat machaao." The Principal said to students, "Don't make noise."
Indirect Principal ne vidhartheo ko nirdesh diye ki shor mat machaao. The Principal instructed students not to make a noise.
Direct Mere padosee ne mujhase kahaa, "Mere ghar ke saamane apanee car mat khaDee karo." My neighbour said to me, "Don't park your car in front of my house."
Indirect Mere padosee ne mujhe manaa kiyaa ki usake ghar ke saamane apanee car naa khaDee karoon. My neighbour forbade me not to park my car in from of his house.

Direct Harshad Bhai ne mujhase kahaa, "Ek cup chaay jaroor lijiye." Harshad Bhai said to me, "Do have a cup of tea please".
Indirect Harshad Bhai ne mujhase anuroadh kiyaa ki ek cup chaay jaroor looN. Harshad Bhai requested me to have a cup of tea.
Direct Hamane Chetna Ben se kahaa, "Apanee bimaaree ke baare meiN apane parivaar ke sadasyoN ko jaroor bataao." We said to Chetna Ben, "Do tell about your sickness to your family members please."
Indirect Hamane Chetna Ben se anuroadh kiyaa ki apanee bimaaree ke baare meiN apane parivaar ke sadasyoN ko jaroor bataaye. We requested Chetna Ben to tell about her sickness to her family members.
Direct Usane mujhase kahaa, "Pankhaa band kar do, karoge kyaa She said to me, "Switch off the fan, will you?"
Indirect Usane mujhase kahaa ki pankhaa band kar doooN. She asked me to switch off the fan.
Direct Arvind ne Joshi se kahaa, "Is file ko GM ko bhejo, bhejoge naa?" Arvind said to Joshi, "Send this file to GM, won't you?"
Indirect Arvind ne Joshi se poochhaa kee us file ko GM ko bhej de. Arvind asked Joshi to send that file to GM.
Direct Usane apane padosee se kahaa, "Kripayaa mere beTe kaa dhyaan rakhiye, rakhenge naa?" She said to her neighbour, "Please take care of my son, will you?"
Indirect Usane apane padosee se anoroadh kiyaa ki usake beTe kaa dhyaan rakhe. She requested her neighbour to take care of her son.

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