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List of One Word Substitutions

One word can often express the idea of a phrase or a clause and can help in writing or communicating precisely. List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. Please learn it to improve your word power.

Ek shabd kabhee kabhee poore vaakyaansh yaa vaakya ko vyakt kar sakataa hai. Kuchh aise common shabd neeche diye hai. Prabhaavshali English bolane aur samajhane ke liye inakee jaankaaree aavashyak hai. Har shabd kaa arth aapakee suvidhaa ke liye simple English aur Hindi meiN diyaa huaa hai.

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Word Meaning Arth
Pacifist One who believes in total abolition of war Shantivaadee
Paleontology Study of fossils Jivaashmikee
Panacea A supposed cure for all diseases or problems RaambaaN, sanjivanee
Pantisocracy System of government where all rule equally. Sarkaar jahaaN sabako samaan adhikaar aur sabakee samaan jimmedaaree ho
Pantomime A show in which performers express through gestures not words. Mook-abhinaya, binaa boleN kewal sanketo dwaaraa abhinaya
Parasite An organism which lives in or on another organisms. Or a person taking undue support from another. Parjeevee, muftkhor, jugaaDo par palane vaalaa
Parasol A lady' s umbrella Lady Chhataree
Pathology Study of diseases and their causes, based on laboratory examinations. Rog vigyaan
Patricide Killing of one’s own father; killer of one’s own father Pitrahatyaa, pitrahatyaaraa
Patrimony Properties inherited from one's father Paitrik sampatti, viraasat
Patriot One who loves own country. Deshbhakt
Pauper One who has no money Kangaal, daridra
Pedagogy Study of the art of teaching OR Study of the methods and practices of teaching. ShikShaa shaastra
Pedantic Excessive concern in minute details and rules, especially in teaching. PaanDitya pradarshak, panDitaau
Pedestrian One who goes on foot Paidal chalane vaalaa, padyaatree
Pension A regular payment made by the government/employer to retired or disabled employees. Nivrati vetan
Pessimist One who looks on the dark side of things Niraashaavaadee
Philanderer A womaniser, someone who enters into casual relationships frequently. Vyaabhichaaree
Philanthropist Someone who makes charitable donations for the welfare of humanity, Lover of mankind. Maanav premee
Philately Study of stamp collection TikaT sangarahaN
Philistine Someone who doesn't care for cultural and intellectual values. Has commnplace thinking. Sanskrati vimukh, abauddhik vyakti
Philology Study of words and their roots. Bhaashaa shastra
Phobia An extreme or irrational fear of something Bhaya, Dar
Phonetics, Acoustics The study and classification of speech sounds. Dhvani kaa Adhyayan
Phrenology The study of skull to determine a person's character and mental capacity. Kapaalvidhyaa
Physiology The study of functioning of living organisms and their body parts. Sharir kriyaa vigyaan
Pioneer A person who is the first to lead, explore or develop something new. Agragaamee, pathpradarshak
Plagiarist One who copies from other writers, literary theff. Chor lekhak
Platitudes Common place remarks Tuchh baat, saamanya ukti
Plutocracy A Government by the rich Dhanik tantra
Polyandry Practice of having several husbands Bahupatitva, Ek samay meiN ek se jyaadaa pati
Polygamy Practice of having several wives Bahupatnitva, Ek samay meiN ek se jyaadaa patniyaaN.
Polyglot One who knows many languages Bahubhaashee
Polygon A figure with many angles or sides. bahubhuj
Port A place where ships seek shelter. Bandargaah, Rang dhang
Posthumous Something occuring or awarded after the death of the originator. MarNoparaant, marNoparaant prakaashit pustak


Word Meaning Arth
Postmortem Medical examination of a dead body Shav parikShaa
Posthumous A short message starting with PS added at the end of a letter after the signature. Anulekh, sanyojit ansh
Potable Water fit for drinking Peene yogya, peya
Predator An animal who preys on other animals Shikaaree pashu, looT maar karane vaalaa
Prejudice To form an opinion against anybody baselessly. Purvaagrah, PakShpaatpurN
Prostitute Woman who offers her body on hire. Vaishya, Neech kaam meiN laganaa
Psephology Systematic study of election trends Chunaav vishleshan
Pseudonym To write under a different name Chhadmanaam, doosare naam se likhanaa
Pugnacity Tendency to quarrel JhagaDaalupan, kalah kee ichchhaa
Purist One who has very strong ideas about what is acceptable. Shuddhivaadee, Shuddataa kaa gyaan rakhane waalaa
Quack One who pretends skill in medicine and surgery. Neem hakim, Batakh kee bolee
Quadruped Animal having four foot. Chaupaayaa, Chaar per kaa jaanavar
Quarantine Isolation imposed on infected people. Kinaare tak aane jaane kee rok, 40 din kaa samay
Quatrain Stanza or poem of four lines. Chopaai
Questionnaire Formulated series of Questions. Prashnaavalee
Quill A feather used as a pen. Pankh kee kalam, PakShee kaa pankh
Quorum Fixed number of person that must be present to make proceedings valid. NirdishT sankhyaa, Kaaryavaah sankhyaa
Radiation Emission of light or heat from central point. VikiraN chikitsaa, Radio dharmee pradaarth kee sahaayataa se ilaaj karanaa
Rape To use a woman by force. Balaatkaar
Rebel One who takes up arms against government Bagaavat Karanaa, Raaj virodhee, Baagee
Redtapism Too many official formalities. Lalpheetaashaahee
Referendum Direct decision by a general vote on the single question. Janmat sangrah
Regicide Murder of the king Raaj hatyaa, raaj hatyaaraa
Republic A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. GaNraajya
Retaliate Give tit for tat Badalaa lenaa, PalaT kar hamalaa karanaa
Reticent One who doesn't reveal feelings and speaks less. Kam bolane vaalaa, mit-bhaashee
Reticule A lady's purse. Batuvaa
Retrospective Which takes effect from some earlier date, Looking back and dealing with past events and situations. BhootlakShee, purvavyaapee, beete huay samay se laagu
Robot An intelligent and obedient machine like a man. Yantra maanav, Yantravat kam karne waalaa
Sacrilege Violating the sanctity of a church ApavitrikaraN
Samaritan One who helps others Nek aadmee, museebat meiN madad karane vaalaa
Sanatorium Place of good climate where invalids are kept, An institution for treatment and recovery of chronically ill people. (A Rehabilitation center.) Aarogya niwaas, Swaasthyalaya
Sanctuary A place of refuge recognized as secure. SharaN sthal, Garbh grah
Sceptic One who doubts the truth and values of all accepted ideas and beliefs. Avishvaashee, Shakkee
Scribble Write hurriedly or carelessly in regard to hand writing. GhaseeTanaa, Ghaseet kar likhane waalaa, AshpashT lekh

Word Meaning Arth
Sculpture The art of making dolls. Moortikalaa, Pratimaa
Secular Which does not favour anyone religion. DharmnirpekSh, Saansaarik
Sericulture Breeding of silkworm for silk production. Resham ke keeDo kaa paalan, Resham utpaadan
Sestet A stanza or a poem of six lines, also the last six lines of an Italian Sonnet.. 6 panktiyo kee kavitaa, Chhand
Shrew A woman with peevish nature JhagaDaalu naaree, kalahakaariNee
Simultaneous Happening at the same time Ek saath huaa
Sinecure An office with high salary but no work Aaraam kee naukaree, daayitvaheen pad
Smuggler A person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because they are illegal or in order to avoid paying duty on them Taskar
Solar Eclipse of Sun Surya grahaN
Soliloquy Speaking himself when alone Baatcheet jo apane aap se kee jaaye
Solo A performance by one person, either musical, dance, acting or for work. Ekal Pradarshan, Ekal gayaan yaa Vaadan
Somnambulism Walking in sleep Neend meiN chalanaa
Somniloquism Talking in sleep Neend meiN baateN karanaa/bolanaa
Sonnet A highly popular form of writing poems of fourteen lines with different types of rhyming schemes. 14 panktiyoN ki kavitaa. 8 aur 6 chhandoN mein baTee hui.
Soporific A drug or other substance that induces sleep Nidraajanak, aalasyajanak
Sororicide Killing of one's own sister. Bahan kee hatyaa
Spectrum Image formed by rays of light VarNakram, Tarang, Vistrit shreNee
Spendthrift, Prodigal A person who spends his money recklessly. Fijul Kharchee, Kharcheelaa
Spokesman One who speaks on behalf of others Pravaktaa
Stable A place where horses are kept. Astabal, GhuDsaal
Sterilize To make free from living germs or bacteria. VandhyeekaraN karanaa, RogaaNurahit karanaa, JeevaNuheen banaanaa
Stoic One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain Nirlipt, bhaavaheen, bairaagee
Suicide Act of intentionally causing one's own death, Killing of one's own self intentionally. Khudkushee
Synonyms Words which have the same meaning Paryaayvaachee
Teetotaler One who does not take alcoholic drinks Purnatayaa madhyatyaagi, sharaab naa peene vaalaa
Telltale One who enjoy talking about others private affairs Chugalkhor, bhed kholane vaalaa
Terminus Station at the end of a route. Aakhiree sthaan, Antim station
Theist One who believes in God Aastik, ishvarvaadee
Thermometer An instrument for measuring temperature. Gaarmee-sardee naapane kaa yantra
Tragedy A writing or event which end in death or great sorrow. Traasdee, DurbhaagyapurN GhaTanaa
Translucent That through which light can partly pass Parbhaasee, jisake beech se light paar naa jaa sake
Transmigration Passing of soul from one body to another after death DehaantaraN, janmaantar
Transparent That through which light can pass Paardarshee, spaShT
Tripod Having three legs. Tipaai, teen per waalaa
Truant A student left school or class without permission Binaa anumati liye anupasthit
Truism An often repeated truth swayam siddh


Word Meaning Arth
Trust Confidence reposed in a person by making them nominal owner, a firm belief in someone. Bharosaa karanaa, Aashaa karanaa
Turncoat One who changes sides GirgiT, vishvaasghaatee
Twins Two children born together. JuDavaa
Ubiquitous Found or present everywhere. Sarwavyaapee, Deshvyaapee
Unanimous All of one mind, fully in agreement. Ekmat, Sarvasammat, Ekchit
Unavoidable Incapable of being avoided. Jise tala naa jaa sake, Aparihaarya, Anivaarya
Unilateral Decision taken by one side only. Ektarphaa, EkpakShik
Universal Belonging to all parts of the world. Aseem, sampurn, vyaapak
Up-to-date Having information till today. Aadhuniktam, Navintam
Usurer One who lends money at higher rate of interest Soodkhor
Utopia A state of highest perfection Adarsh lok, Raam raajya
Uxoricide Murder of wife Patneekee hatyaa, patnee kaa hatyaaraa
Valetudinarian One who always thinks himself to be ill Bimaar, jo apane aapako hameshaa bimaar samajhataa ho.
Vandal One who damages public property ToD phoD karane vaalaa, satyanaashee, barbar
Vegetarian One who takes plant based diet and eats no meat or fish. Shaakaahaaree
Venial A pardonable offense Kshamya, kShmaa yogya apraadh
Ventriloquist A person who can make his voice appear to come from somewhere else. Tarah tarah kee aawaaj nikaal sakane vaalaa, pet bolaa
Verbatim Repetition of word by word Laphja-b-laphja, shabdashah
verbose Expressing in more words than are needed. Shabd-aadambarpurN,
Vertebrate Animals having spinal column. ReeD dhaaree
Vesper Evening prayer in a church Girjaaghar meiN saanyakaal kee praarthanaa
Veteran Somebody who is considerably experienced in something Anubhavee
Volunteer One who works for free Swayam sevak
Wardrobe An almirah where clothes are kept Almaaree, vastraagaar
Weather-cock A cock-shaped indicator on the building top to show the direction of air. Mausam bataane waalaa yantra
Widow A woman whose husband is dead. Vidhavaa, Bevaa
Widower A man whose wife has died Vidhur
Wireless or Radio Method of sending messages without the help of wires. Binaa taar kaa sandesh sampreshaN
Zodiac A belt of the heavenly bodies divided into equal signs. Raashi chakra, Jyotisha Chakra
Zoo A place where birds and animals are kept. ChiDiyaaghar, Jantushaalaa
Zoology A study of animals Jantu vigyaan, praaNee vigyaan, jeev vigyaan

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