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Present Continuous Tense

The Present Continuous Tense is used to express an action which is 'on-going / still going on' . Hence it is continuous like "It is raining".

It is used to express an action going on at the time of speaking. For example, a girl says "I am reading his letter" . It means, at that moment, she is reading a letter or in the process of reading the letter. The action of reading is happening at the time of speaking.

It is used to express an action which is not happening exactly at the time of speaking but is happening in regular process in present time. For example "He is studying in Government school."

It is used to express a planned or arranged action happening in the near future. For example – New series of Harry Potter is coming early.

Present continuous tense meiN kaarya yaa action lagaataar jaaree rahataa hai. Hindi meiN isakee pahachaan hai – vaakya ke ant meiN ‘rahaa hai’, ‘rahee hai’, ‘rahe hai’ kaa prayog hotaa hai.

‘Kriyaa jaaree hai’ kaa arth yah hai kee vaakya kahate vakt vah kriyaa chal rahee hai Jaise - Ram letter paDh rahaa hai. Arthaat vaakya kahane ke samay Ram letter paDhane kee kriyaa kar rahaa hai.

Isakaa doosaraa arth hai – Kriyaa Vaakya kahate vakt shuru nahee bhee ho lekin vartamaan meiN lagaatar ghaT rahee ho Jaise – Aajkal Maahika English seekh rahee hai.

Najdikee bhavishyakaal meiN sampann hone waale planned action hetu bhee Present Continuous Tense kaa prayog kiyaa jaataa hai – Jaise – Harry Potter kaa nayaa sanskaran jaldee aa rahaa hai.

In Continuous Tense, time may come in sentence but starting time of action should not be there. If starting time of the action is given and action still continues, the Continuous Tense becomes Perfect Continuous Tense e.g. He has been studying in Government school for the last three years. In this sentence, starting time of the action 'studying - for the last three years' is given and action is continuous hence it has become Present Perfect Continuous Tense. If we remove continuous time "for the last three years" from sentence, it will become a sentence of Present Continuous Tense. - Examples:

Ram is reading the paper. - Present continuous tense
Ram is reading the paper since last two hours. - Present perfect continuous tense. ( as the specified time of two hours is used.)

In vaakyo meiN samay kaa prayog ho sakataa hai parantu aise vaakyo meiN lagaataar samay kaa prayog nahee honaa chaahiye. Vah vaakya jahaaN kaarya shuru hone kaa vigat samay diyaa huaa ho aur action lagaataar chal rahaa ho aur vaakya ke ant meiN ‘rahaa hai’, ‘rahee hai’, ‘rahe hai’ bhee ho, to vah Present Continuous Tense nahee rahta. Vah vaakya Present Perfect Continuous ban jaataa hai - Jaise :

Ram Akhbar paDh rahaa hai - Present Continuous Tense.
Ram do ghanTe se akhbhar paDh rahaa hai – Present Perfect Continuous Tense. (kyonki yahaaN lagaataar samay “do ghanTe se" kaa prayog huaa hai)

Few verbs like See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel, in simple situation are not used in Continuous Tense because the action of these words automatically gets done. When these words are used for a particular thing, then these are used in Continuous Tense.

Kuchh verb kaa prayog saamaanya sthiti meiN Present Continuous tense meiN nahee kiyaa jaataa hai - Jaise - See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel. In shabdoN kee kriyaa apane -aap swatah hee hotee hai -jaise - see (dekhanaa) aankhoN se swatah hee hotaa hai. Jab inakaa prayog kisee vishesh uddeshya hetu kiyaa jaataa hai to inako continuous tense meiN prayog karate hai.

Present Continuous Tense - Positive

Present Continuous Tense
Type of Sentence Rule
Positive Subject + Is/Am/Are + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (.)

In Present Continuous Tense 'is or are or am' is used in sentence and 'Ing' is added with first form of the main verb.

Present Continuous Tense meiN 'is yaa are yaa am' kaa prayog hotaa hai aur verb kee first form ke saath 'Ing' lagaayaa jaataa hai

Present Continuous Tense - Positive Ladake gaanaa ga rahe hai.
Person Subject IS/ARE/AM + Verb(Ist Form) + Ing Object
Ist person I am singing a song.
Ist Person -Plural We are singing a song.
2nd Person You are singing a song.
3rd Person -Singular He/She/It/Ram/Seema is singing a song.
3rd Person -Plural They/boys are singing a song.

Present Continuous Tense - Negative

Present Continuous Tense
Type of Sentence Rule
Negative Subject + Is/Am/Are + Not + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (.)


In Negative sentences, 'Not' is added just before 'Verb' and there is no other change from Positive sentence

Negative vaakyo meiN 'verb' se pahale 'not' lagaate hai baakee sab kuchh positive sentence kee tarah rahtaa hai.

Present Continuous Tense - Negative Tum mobile se nahee khel rahe ho.
Person Subject IS/ARE/AM + Not + Verb(Ist Form) + Ing Object
Ist person I am not playing with mobile.
Ist Person -Plural We are not playing with mobile.
2nd Person You are not playing with mobile.
3rd Person -Singular He/She/It/Ram/Seema is not playing with mobile.
3rd Person -Plural They/boys are not playing with mobile.

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