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Names of Dry Fruits

Names of Dry Fruits in Hindi and English are listed below:

Name of Dry Fruits Hindi Name Type
Almond Nut Badaam Dry Fruit
Apricot dried Khubaanee/Jardaloo Dry Fruit
Betel-nut Supaaree Dry Fruit
Cantaloupe Seeds Kharbooz Ke beej Dry Fruit
Cashew nut Kaajoo, Kaaju Dry Fruit
Chestnut AkhroT Dry Fruit
Coconut Khoparaa, Naariyal golaa Dry Fruit
Cudpahnut Chironjee Dry Fruit
Currant Kishmish Dry Fruit
Dates Dried Khaarik, Chhuhaaraa Dry Fruit
Fig Anjeer Dry Fruit
Groundnuts, Peanuts Moongaphalee Dry Fruit
Lotus Seeds Pop /Gorgon Nut Puffed Kernel Makhaanaa Dry Fruit
Peanuts Moongaphalee Dry Fruit
Pine Nuts Chilgozaa Dry Fruit
Pistachio Nut Pistaa Dry Fruit
Pistachio Soft Chironjee Dry Fruit
Pumpkin Seeds Kaddu Ke beej Dry Fruit
Raisin Kishmish Dry Fruit
Walnuts AkhroT Dry Fruit
Watermelon Seeds Tarbooz ke beej / Magaj Dry Fruit

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