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Rasoi-Kitchen Items-8

Rasoi main istemaal hone waalee sabhee prakaar kee saamagree kee suchi Hindi shabdoN ke krum se neeche dee gai hai.

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Hindi Name English Name Type
Saag Greens Vegetables & Greens
Saabudaanaa Sago cereals
Saabudaanaa Tapioca (Cassava)Starch Balls cereals
Saabut urad Black gram (whole) grains
Saabut urad Black Matpe (Beans) grains
Sem Lima Bean Vegetables
Safed sarsoN White Mustard Spices
Safed Tejapaat Cudweed Vegetables & Greens
Safed mirchee White pepper spices
Safed Rajamaa Alubia grains
Safed Til Sesame White spices
Seb, Sev Apple fruits
Sendhaa Namak Sea Salt spices
Salaad leaves Gulsuchal Vegetables & Greens
Salaad Pattaa Lettuce Vegetables & Greens
Samosaa Triangular flaky pastry stuffed with potatoes or meats Misc
Sanchal Namak, Kaalaa Namak Black Salt Spices
Santaraa, Naarangee Tangerine fruits
Santaraa Orange fruits
Santare jaisaa chhoTaa phal Kumquat fruits
Sarson kaa saag Green Mustard Vegetables & Greens
Sarson Ka Saag Mustard leaves Vegetables & Greens
Sarson Pattaa Mustard Leaves Vegetables & Greens
Saunf Aniseed Spices

Hindi Name English Name Type
Saunf Fennel / Aniseed spices
Sem, Lobhia Bean Vegetables & Greens
Sendhaa Namak Rock salt spices
Sevai, Maide kee sukhaai gai battee Macaroni Cereals
Seviyaan Vermicelli cereals
Shaftaalu Nectarine fruits
Shaahee Jeera, Black Cumin Seeds Caraway Seeds spices
Shaitaan Anjeer Devil Fig fruits
Shakar kand Sweet Potato fruits
Shalgam Turnip Vegetables & Greens
Sharifaa, Sitaphal Custard apple fruits
Shehtoot Mulberry fruits
Shimla Mirch Capsicum Vegetables & Greens
Shimla Mirch, Kashmiri Mirch Bell Pepper, Capsicum( green pepper, bell pepper) Vegetables & Greens
Shreephal Quince fruits
SinghaaDaa Water chestnut fruits
SinghaaDaa Waternut fruits
Sirkaa Vinegar spices
Sitaaphal, petha Red pumpkin Vegetables & Greens
Sone kaa varkh Gold Leaf Edible Misc
Soojee, Ravaa, Semolina Cereals
Soonth, Saunth Ginger (Dried) spices
Sooran Elephant ear Vegetables & Greens
Strawberry Strawberry fruits
Sukhe Matar Dried Green Peas Vegetables & Greens
Hindi Name English Name Type
Supaaree Betel-nut Dry fruit
Suvaabhaajee Dillweed spices
Suwaa Daanaa, soaa ,shepu Dill Vegetables & Greens
TaaD kaa phal Palm fruits
TamaaTar Tomato Vegetables & Greens
Tarbooj Melon fruits
Tarbooj Watermelon fruits
Tarbooz ke beej / Magaj Watermelon Seeds Dry fruit
Tej Pattaa Malabathrum Vegetables & Greens
Tej Pattaa, Tej paat Bay Leaf (Cassia Cinnamon Leaves) spices
Tendu phal Persimmon fruits
Til Sesame Seeds Spices
TinDaa Tindla, Tindsi, Gentleman's Toes Vegetables & Greens
Tauree Turai Tidged,zucchini gourd Vegetables & Greens
Turai Tidged Gourd Vegetables & Greens
Tulasee Basil Vegetables & Greens
Turant Daliaa Instant Oatmeal Spices
Tuslasee ke patte Basil leaves spices
Urad Urad Bean pulses
Vaal Fava grains
Vilayatee jeeraa Caraway Spices
White Phoolgobhee Cauliflower Vegetables & Greens
Zetoon Olives Spices

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