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Correct Method of English Learning - English seekhane kaa sahee tareeka.

1 Basic rules of English Grammar - In-depth knowledge of English Grammar is not required to understand and speak good English. But knowledge of essential parts of grammar is must otherwise one will not know how to make different types of sentences in English and one will become directionless. Basic rules of English help to learn English more quickly and more efficiently. Grammar is just like a friend. When you start understanding it, it helps you to understand itself thoroughly.

1 English grammar ke aadhaabhoot niyam – English samajhane or bolane ke liye English grammar ko geharaai se jaananaa jarooree nahee hai. Parantu English grammar ke jarooree niyamo kee jaankaaree aavashyak hai nahee to vyakti dishaaviheen ho jaayegaa kee vibhinn prakaar ke vaakya kaise banenge. English ke har prakaar ke vaakyo ko banaane meiN Aadhaarbhoot English ke niyam maargdarshan karate hai.

2 Good vocabulary – If one know the English rules but does not have vocabulary, one cannot communicate, express in English. Even great authors and learned persons get frustration if they do not find appropriate word for the occasion. Vocabulary power is a mandatory requirement of learning, understanding and speaking good English. Please make a habit of maintaining a vocabulary diary and note down every new word which you would like to use in your English communication.

2 Shabdaavalee – Agar kisee ko English rules pataa hai parantu shabdoN kaa gyaan nahee hai, to vah English meiN sanvaad yaa vyakt nahee kar sakataa. BaDe baDe lekhak aur vidwaan bhee avsar ke anusaar sahee shabd naa yaad aane par vyathit ho jaate hai. Shabdaavalee kee taakat, achchhee English samajhane or bolane ke liye ati aavashyak hai. Shabdaavalee kee diary rakhane kee aadat dal lijiye jisame har us naye shabd ko note kareN jo aap apane English sanvaad meiN istemaal karanaa chaahate ho.

3 Listening English to habituate your ears to catch & decipher English pronunciation/words . One has to tune his ear & mind to catch & decipher English words. Tuning of everything requires regular practice. You should make a habit of listening English programmes, films, news etc regularly. Initially you should watch English movies with sub- titles and watch it again & again without sub-titles till you start catching the English words. Practice time differs for each individual. But practice of listening English is the only way to tune your ear & mind to understand spoken English.

3 English sun kar kaano ko English shabdoN ko pakaDane/samajhane kaa abhyast karanaa. Har ek ko apane kaano or dimaag ko English shabd pakaDane/samajhane kaa abhyast banaanaa hotaa hai. Kisee bhee cheej kaa abhyast banaane ke liye, lagaataar practice bahut jarooree hai. Aapako rojaanaa English programme, news yaa film dekhane/sunane kee aadat daalanee chaahiye. Shuru meiN aap English film ko neeche diye huay sub-title ko paDhate huay dekhe aur usako baar-baar binaa sub-title ke tab tak dekhe jab tak aap English shabdoN ko pakaDanaa/samajhanaa shuru nahee karate . Practice kaa samay har vyakti ke liye alag alag hotaa hai. Parantu aapake kaan aur dimaag ko abhyast karane ke liye English sunane kaa abhyaas hee ek maatra tareekaa hai.


4 Reading English with a voice to roll your tongue to imitate English pronunciation. For speaking second language, one has to practice to roll tongue to recite correct pronunciation of that language. While watching English programmes/news/films please observe the mouth movement and rhythm of English speakers and try to imitate the intonation & rhythm. Please also take the help of on-line dictionary to learn correct pronunciation of each word. While reading please pay special attention on ‘s’ and ‘ed’ endings of the words. This will help you to strengthen your mouth muscles when you speak English. Without sincere practice, one cannot utter correct pronunciation of English words. Hence for learning and speaking good English, one has to make regular practice of reading English a voice paying attention on rolling the tongue to recite correct English pronunciation.

4 English ko bolakar paDhane se Jihwaa ko English uchchaaraN ke liye roll-karanaa/moDanaa. Doosaree bhaaShaa ko bolane ke liye, us bhaaShaa kaa uchchaaraN karane ke liye har ek ko apanee jihwaa to moDanaa/abhyast karanaa paDataa hai. English programmes dekhate huay, unake mukh kee harkatay aur laya kaa anusaraN karane kee koshish kareN. Sahee uchchaaraN samajhane ke liye, online dictionary kee bhee madad lijiye. English bolate samay, shabdoN ke aakharee akShar ‘s’ aur ‘ed’ par jyaadaa dhyaan dekar boleN jo aapake mukh kee maansapeshioN ko majoboot karegee. Binaa sincere abhyaas ke, English kaa sahee uchchaaraN nahee kar sakate. Isliye achchhee English bolane aur samajhane ke liye aur sahee uchchaaraN hetu jihwaa ko abhyast karane ke liye, lagaataar English paDhane kaa abhyaas karanaa hogaa.

5 Writing English – In writing one has ample time to think related English rules and appropriate vocabulary. More and more practice of writing English will reduce the time taken in applying the related English rule and appropriate words. For speaking good and fluent English, one should make more practice of writing day to day communicating dialogues. Reading self-written English and improving upon with impressive & appropriate word will greatly help in speaking correct and impressive English.

5 English likhanaa – English likhate samay vyakti ke paas us vaakya se sambandhit English niyam aur sahee shabd ko sochane kaa bahut samay hotaa hai. Jyada se jyaadaa English likhane kaa abhyaas, English niyam or sahee shabd yaad karane ke samay ko kam kartaa jaataa hai. Achchhee aur dhaaraapravaah English bolane ke liye, rojmarraa meiN istemaal hone waale vaakyo ko likhane kaa jyaadaa se jyaadaa abhyaas karanaa chaahiye. Khud likhe huay English vaakyo ko paDhane or usako jyaadaa impressive or sahee shabdoN se sudhaarane kaa abhyaas achchhee aur prabhaavshaalee English bolane meiN bahut madad karataa hai.


6 Speaking English – While speaking English one does not get any time to think English rules or appropriate words. More & more practice of reading, listening & writing English abolishes the time of thinking English rules & appropriate vocabulary and helps in tuning mind to think and speak English as comfortably and perfectly as you speak your mother tongue.

6 English bolanaa – English bolate samay, English niyamo or sahee shabdoN ko sochane kaa samay nahee milataa. English paDhane, sunane aur likhane kaa jyaadaa se jyaadaa abhyaas, English niyamo or sahee shabdoN ko sochane ke samay ko samaapt karataa hai aur dimaag ko maatra-bhaaShaa kee tarah, aaraam se sahee English bolane meiN bahut madad karataa hai.

7 Recording self voice – Record your voice and listen carefully. Assess your shortcomings and practice to improve upon it. This exercise will not only improve your pronunciation but also improve your confidence to speak in English.

7 Apanee aawaaj ko record karanaa - Apanee aawaaj ko record kijiye or dhyaan se suniye. Apanee kamiyo ko samajhe aur usako sudhaarane kaa abhyaas kijiye. Yah abhyaas naa kewal English uchchaaraN sudhaarane meiN madad karegaa bulki aapake English bolane ke vishwaas ko bhee baDhaayega/sudridh karegaa.


Suggested English Learning Pattern

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Always REMEMBER the points for learning good English
** Learn and understand Day's Topics
** Read and learn Day's DTDE sentences & attempt Quiz to test knowledge.
** Imagine & practice similar sentences of your use & interest.
** Daily half an hour loud reading of English Newspapers or any other good material.
** Listen/watch English news or serials or movies to habituate ear.
** Practice speaking what you read/hear and FOCUS on improvement of pronunciation.
** Note down new words and strengthen your Word Power.

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