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Where & When

Where is an interrogative and relative adverb. It is used to refer to a place, situation, position, source, etc

Where (KahaaN/JahaaN) ek interrogative aur relative adverb hai. Where kaa prayog kisee sthaan, sthiti, haalat, srot, aadee ko refer karane ke liye hotaa hai. Examples

Vaakya Sentence
Meraa mobile kahaaN hai? Where is my mobile?
MaiN kahaaN galat hoon? Where am I wrong?
Tum use kahaaN mile? Where did you meet her?
Baagavaani par pustak meiN kahaaN DhoonDh sakataa hoon ? Where can I find a book on gardening?
MaiN nahee jaantaa vah kahaaN gai hai. I do not know where she has gone.
KahaaN le jaatee hai bahas? Where does an argument lead?
BaiTho jahaaN maiN tumhe dekh sakoon. Sit where I can see you.
Vah China jaa rahaa hai jahaaN tum pichhale mahine gaye thay. He is going to China where you went last month.
Us shop ko DhoonDhanaa baDaa mushkil thaa jahaaN tairaakee kaa costume ho. It was very difficult to find the shop where swimming costume was available.
Kyaa tumane usako bataayaa kee tum kahaaN rahate ho? Have you told her where you live?
KapaDe vahaaN rakho jahaaN ise jyaadaa se jyaadaa dhoop mile. Keep the clothes where it gets as much sun as possible.


When is an interrogative & relative adverb and a conjunction. It is used to denote 'at what time', 'during which time', 'just then' 'referring to a time or circumstance', etc.

When (Kab/Jab) ek interrogative aur relative adverb hai aur usake saath ek conjunction bhee hai. When kaa prayog, 'samay', 'samay ke antraal', 'abhee-tabhee' 'kisee sthiti', aadi ko refer karane meiN prayog hotaa hai.

Vaakya Sentence
Ham India vaapas kab jaayenge? When shall we go back to India?
MaiN tumhaare pitaa jee se kab mil sakataa hoon? When can I see your father?
Mujhe maths bahut pasand thaa jab meiN school meiN thaa. I loved mathematics when I was in school.
Kyaa tum 5 minute de sakate ho jab tumhe suvidhaa ho? Can you spare five minutes when it is convenient to you?
Ise paint karane kee takleef kyoN karate ho, jab tumhe yah ghar chhoDanaa hai. Why bother to paint it when you are to leave this house?
Jab vah chhoTaa thaa, vah hameshaa bimaar rahataa thaa. When he was young, he was sick all the time.
Usake saath tumhaaraa chakkar kab se chal rahaa hai? Since when has your affair been going on with her?
Mujhe yah aasaanee se mil gayaa jab maine isako dekhanaa shuru kiyaa. I found it easily when I started looking for it.
Tumhaaree agalee parikShaa kab hai? When is your next exam?
Ek samay thaa jab logo ko darawaaje par taala nahee lagaanaa paDataa thaa. There was a time when people didn't have to lock their doors.
Tum agalee neelami kee tareekh kab pakkee kar rahe ho? When are you fixing the next date of auction?

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