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Jumbled Words

In jumbled word, letters of the word are scrambled. Jumbled word is a puzzle to rearrange mixed up Alphabets/letters in a meaningful word. Solving jumbled word puzzle is a very good exercise to learn vocabulary. Unscrambling the letters make your mind to consider all the possible words and to recollect all the words you had read or learnt. Human brain is a code-cracking machine. Research says that human can read easily jumbled words if first and last letters are at the right place e.g. "fsirt" but mind will automatically correct the error and will read it 'first'.

A detailed list of jumbled words are compiled here. We have provided meaning in Hindi also. In order to solve the jumbled word you can either take the hint by seeing Hindi meaning or after solving you can learn Hindi meaning. The purpose is to improve vocabulary. There can be two or more than two meaningful words of one jumbled word. We have included only one word. You please add the other words in your vocabulary. Do your best to solve maximum jumbled words. Enjoy Jumbled Words Puzzle.

Jumbled Words (GaDbaD shabdo) meiN akSharao ko avyavasthit kar diyaa jaataa hai. Jumbled word avyavasthit shabdoN ko dobaaraa ek arthpoorN shabd meiN vyavasthit karane kee paheli hai. Avyavasthit shabdoN ko hal karanaa Vocabulary ko yaad karane kaa ek achchhaa abhyaas hai. AkSharo ko vyavasthit karane meiN dimaag har sambhav shabdoN ke baare meiN sochataa hai or har us shabd ko yaad karataa hai jo aapane paDhaa thaa yaa seekhaa thaa. Maanav kaa dimaag code/gupt bhaaShaa ko hal karane kee machine hai. Anusandhaan kahataa hai kee maanav mashtishk jumbled shabdoN ko aasaanee se paDh sakataa hai yadi pahalaa aur aakhiree shabd apane sthaan par ho -jaise "fsirt" ko dimaag apane aap sahee kar 'first' paDh legaa.

Jumbled shabdoN kee ek baDee list yahaaN sanklit kee gai hai. Hamane isame Hindi Arth bhee diye hai. Aap jumbled shabd ko hal karane meiN yaa to Hindi arth ko dekhakar sanket le sakate hai yaa hal karane ke pashchaat Hindi arth dekh sakate hai. Ek jumbled word ke do yaa do se jyaada sahee shabd ho sakate hai. Hamane ek shabd ko shaamil kiyaa hai. BaakEE shabdoN se aap apanee vocabulary meiN vriddhee karate jaaye. Jyaadaa se jyaadaa jumbled shabdoN ko hal karane kaa apanaa sarvottam prayaas kareN. Jumbled shabd paheli kaa aanand lijiye.

List of Jumbled Words

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Jumbled Words of Five Letters-2
Jumbled Words of Five Letters-3
Jumbled Words of Six Letters
Jumbled Words of Six Letters-2
Jumbled Words of Six Letters-3
Jumbled Words of Seven Letters
Jumbled Words of Seven Letters-2

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