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Quiz-8 - Present Perfect Continuous Tense & Misc.

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -He______ groaning with pain for 15 minutes.

:has been
:have been

Q2 -Sohan _____ going to office____ Tuesday.

:has been not, since
:has not been, for
:has not been, since
:have not been, since

Q3 -The students _____not been preparing _____ many days.

:has, for
:are, for
:have, for
:have, since

Q4 -Rajni____ living in hostel _____ 2009.

:is, since
:have been, since
:has been, for
:has been, since

Q5 -______the tap____running ____ an hour?

:Has, been not, since
:Has, not been, for
:Is, not, for
:Has, not been, since

Q6 -Their friend_____been waiting_____ 2 o'clock.

:have, since
:has, since
:has, for
:have, for

Q7 -He has been _____book ____2 hours.

:readding, since
:read, since
:reading, for
:reading, in

Q8 -I _________ teaching her_____ last Thursday.

:have been, since
:have been, for
:am, since
:am, for

Q9 -It_______ raining in Mumbai _____ 22 hours.

:has been, for
:have been, since
:is, for
:is, since

Q10 -Boss _____been ______ all _____ two hours.

:has, addressing, for
:has, addressing, since
:has, addressed, for
:have addressing, for

Q11 -I_______ to shimla last year.

:have go
:am go
:have been
:am been

Q12 -He_______like him to_____ to his office.

:do not, go
:has not, go
:is not, go
:does not, go

Q13 -I______ not abused anybody ______.

:am, yesterday
:have, yesterday
:have, for yesterday
:has, yesterday.

Q14 -He_____small for his age.

:do look
:does looks

Q15 -We____playing a game of cops and thieves.

:has been
:have been
:are to

Q16 -I_____ wanting such a book_____ a long time.

:am, for
:have been, for
:have been, since
:am, since

Q17 -I ______ working the whole day. Now I___ free.

:have been, am
:am, am
:have been, have been
:have been, have

Tick the correct sentence.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:He has been learning English since Jan'13.
:He has been learning English.
:He is learning English since Jan'13.
:He has been learning English for Jan'13.

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:Mob have been becoming violent since two o'clock.
:Mob has been becoming violent since two o'clock.
:Mob is becoming violent since two o'clock.
:Mob has becoming violent since two o'clock.

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:I am not finding faults in him.
:I have not finding faults in him.
:I have not been finding faults in him.
:I have not been found fault in him.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:The snow has been falling.
:The snow has been falling since morning.
:The snow is falling since morning.
:The snow has been falling for morning.

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:The workers are doing POP.
:The workers have been doing POP.
:The workers is doing POP.
:The workers has been doing POP since morning.


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Kindly translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 Ve ek ghanTe se swimming pool meiN tair rahe hai.

2 Kyaa vah teen baje se darawaaje ke baahar khaDaa hai.

3 MaiN kal shaam se tumhe tumhaare pitaa jee ke gusse se bachaa rahaa hoon.

4 Kal meree bhatijee aa rahee hai.

5 Ve Ravivaar se is saDak kee marammat kar rahe hai.

6 Mumbai meiN pichhale teen din se lagaataar musladhaar varshaa ho rahee hai.

7 Har jagah paanee bhar gayaa hai.

8 Log gharo meiN bahut der se pahunch rahe hai.

9 Sarkaari adhikaaree apanaa kaam sahee nahee karate hai.

10 Sujata teen ghanTe se sweater bun rahee hai.

11 Safedee kaa kaam ek hafte se chal rahaa hai.

12 Meree Angrejee se bahut sudhar gai hai.

13 Vah baar baar muskaraa rahee hai.

14 Mujhe lagataa hai kee vah beemaar hai.

15 Ham bahut dino se pahaaDo par jaane kaa programme banaa rahe hai.

16 Kyaa vah apanee patnee ko maartaa hai?

17 Vah bahut sochataa hai.

18 Kyaa tum imaandaar ho?

19 Meree bhatijee kaa bhaai meraa bhatijaa hai.

20 Meree saali ke pati kaa bhai hamaaree dukaan meiN kaam nahee karataa hai.

21 Maaf kijiye, maine galtee se aapakaa chhaataa usako de diyaa hai.


Kindly convert the following Affirmative/Negative sentences into Interrogative & Interrogative sentences into Affirmative/Negative sentences.

22 I always speak truth.

23 He has been sleeping for two hours.

24 He puts on shoes.

25 He is dreaming to become a super hero.

26 He has six friends in his office.

27 Does he do your work in time?

28 Has he been taking interest in politics for a few days?

29 Have those shopkeepers become bankrupt?

30 Has the Government issued new note of Rs. 2000/-?

31 It is not possible at all.

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