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Quiz-6 - Present Continuous Tense & Misc.

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -_____ they coming?


Q2 -All mobile phones______ not ringing.


Q3 -Cats _____ not jumping in the garden.


Q4 -My mother-in law is_________ at our house today.


Q5 -Mahika________ next to Anahita.

:are sitting
:is sitting
:is sit

Q6 -Ram and Shyam_________ at him.

:is laughing
:are laughing
:does laugh

Q7 -_____ we not _______ about his engagement?

:is, discussing
:are, discuss
:Are, discussing
:Does, discuss

Q8 -We________ to see Taj Mahal on Sunday.

:are going
:is going
:have going
:are go

Q9 -Tom and John_______ running very fast.


Q10 -Krishna_______ down on her bed.

:is lieing
:is lying
:does lying

Q11 -Their grandfather_______ a magazine.

:are reading
:is read
:is reading
:does reading

Q12 -The baby_____ for milk.

:do cry
:is crying
:are crying

Q13 -Today______ the first day of my college.


Q14 -I am ______ well.

:feel not
:not feeling
:feeling not
:feel not

Q15 -My feet _____ killing me and my back_____ aching.

:is, are
:is, is
:are, is
:are, are

Q16 -He______ speak truth. He _____ like to fool others.

:do not, do
:does not, do
:does not, is
:does not, does

Q17 -Now he_______ with the owner of the Restaurant.

:does sits
:is sitting

Tick the correct sentence.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:Is he going to Kanpur.
:Does he going to Kanpur?
:Is he going to Kanpur?

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:He thinking about me.
:He is thinking about me.
:He is thinking about me?

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:I am not blame you.
:I do not blame you.
:I does not blame you.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:Does dogs bark at night?
:Do dogs bark at night?
:Does dog barks at night?

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:He is appreciating my contribution.
:He appreciating my contribution.
:He does appreciates my contribution.


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Kindly translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 Tum mujhe gaaliyaaN de rahe ho.

2 Kyaa ve shikaayat karane jaa rahe hai?

3 Vah meree madad nahee karanaa chaahataa hai.

4 MaiN tumhe us laDakee se dostee toDane kaa aadesh de rahee hoon.(break with)

5 Aap gusse naa ho. MaiN koi raay nahee de rahaa hoon.(opinion)

6 Vah manch par gaanaa ga rahee hai aur log taaliya bajaa rahe hai.

7 Meraa dost aajkal vaastav meiN khoob mehnat kar rahaa hai.(now-a-days)

8 Kyaa tumhaaree sahelee apanee billee ke liye ro rahee hai?

9 Tumhaaree aunty sabjee saaf kar rahee hai.

10 YahaaN har koi itanee jor se baateN kar rahaa hai.


Kindly convert the following sentences into Interrogative sentences.

11 He works hard.

12 Birds chirp daily in the morning.

13 He is not talking with me.

14 Avyan loves to play at the bank of Thames.

15 Teacher teaches you to be polite with everyone.

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