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Quiz-23 - Imperative Sentence and Use of Let & Make

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -What did he say? Let us hear him first. Please ____ off the radio.


Q2 -Avyan is sleeping. Please______off your shoes and let us not_____ any noise.

:took, make
:take, made
:take, make
:taking, made

Q3 -We are going. Please _____ ready in 10 minutes.

:to get

Q4 -Don't_________ today.

:enjoy smoking
:allow yourself to smoke
:All the three options are correct

Q5 -She washed the apples in cold water. "Now_____ your hands.", I said to her.

:to wash

Q6 -___ out from here. ______ again.

:Got out, Don't come
:Getting out, Didn't
:Get out, Don't came
:Get out, Don't come

Q7 -______ sing together.

:Let's or Let us
:Let to

Q8 -_______ me have a look.

:Let's or Let us

Q9 -_____her _____ the floor.

:Don't let, to mop
:Don't lets, to mop
:Doesn't let, mop
:Don't let, mop

Q10 -_____ children _____ their bag.

:Let, to carry
:Let, carry
:Lets, to carry
:Let's or Let us, carry

Q11 -Now______ me see where did you ____ the key?

:let, putting
:lets, to put
:let, put
:please to let, put

Q12 -This ______ you ______ English at home.

:make, learn
:makes, learn
:makes, to learn
:make, to learn

Q13 -How did he_____ you ______statement against your husband?

:makes, to give
:makes, give
:make, to give
:make, give

Q14 -Now-a-days wives ______ their husbands______cooking.

:make, to learn
:to make, learn
:make, learn
:makes, learn

Q15 -He is not _______ him speak in front of all.

:to letting

Q16 -______ not cram. _____ teach ourselves _____ each topic thoroughly.

:Let us, Let's, to understand
:Lets, Let's, to understand
:Let us, Let's, understand
:Let us, Lets, understand

Q17 -______ behind the line please. ____ others also ______ by the rules.

:Stand, Make, to abide
:Stands, Make, to abide
:Stand, Make, abide
:Stand, Makes, abide

Q18 -_____ the lead and _____ others follow you.

:Take, make
:Took, make
:Taken, made
:Take, made

Q19 -_____ decorate the house. ______ your brothers______ in the decoration.

:Lets, Make, to help
:Let's, Make, to help
:Let's, Make, help
:Lets, Make, help

Q20 -_____ him take a shower first. _____ him_____use good shampoo.

:Lets, Made, use
:Let, Make, to use
:Let's, Make, to use
:Let, Make, use

Tick the correct sentence.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:Please come here. I needs you to feed the cow.
:Please come here. I need you to feed the cow.
:Please come here. I need you feed the cow.
:Please came here. I need you to feed the cow.

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:When you make him sit, please inform?
:When you made him sit, please inform?
:When you make him to sit, please inform?
:When you makes him sit, please inform?

Q23 -Which sentence is correct?

:Don't snore at night.
:Don't laugh at him.
:Make her present the case of poor.
:All the three options are correct

Q24 -Which sentence is correct?

:Don't touch it. It is hot.
:Don't touched it. It was hot.
:Don't touch it. It not hot.
:Don't touch him. It is hot.

Q25 -Which sentence is correct?

:Let us unite and make the management grant him permission.
:Let us unite and make the management to grant him permission.
:Let us united and make the management to grant him permission.
:Lets unite and make the management grant him permission.

Q26 -Which sentence is correct?

:Do have some more tea.
:Do has some more tea.
:Do have a some more tea.
:Do have a more tea.

Q27 -Which sentence is correct?

:Let each of them decide for himself.
:Let each of them to decide for himself.
:Lets each of them to decide for himself.
:Let each of them to decide themselves.


Sentences in Hindi are given below.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.
Verify your translation with the Answer.

Reading the translated answer (without giving a try) is very easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules thoroughly.

1 Hameshaa mehnat karo.

2 Kaam se jee mat churaao.

3 Achchee baateN karo.

4 Turant yahaaN se jaao.

5 Seedhe jaao phir apanee baanyee aur muDo.

6 Ek lambee-choDee (vistaar-purvak) shikaayat karo.

7 Use akelaa mat rahane do.

8 Billee ko kutte ke paas mat jaane do.

9 Apane kutte ko chup rakho.

10 Aao praarthanaa kareN.

11 Apanee jeebh dikhaao. Ghoom jaao aur khaansee karo.

12 Ghar kaa banaa khaanaa hee khao.

13 Raat ko doodh jaroor lenaa.

14 Davaai paanee se mat lenaa.

15 Apanaa towel alag rakhanaa.

16 Bachcho se door rahanaa.

17 Talee hui cheejo se apane aapako door rakhanaa.

18 Paanch dino tak vyaayaam mat karanaa.

19 Davaai main naaga mat karanaa.

20 Sampark karanaa agar takleef badhatee hai.

21 Saavadhaanee davaai se jyaadaa kaam karatee hai.

22 Meraa nuskhaa meree ijaajat ke bagair mat badalanaa.


Kindly convert the following sentences into Imperative Sentence:
(e.g. You should be here soon - Be here soon.)

Try the conversion in the given box before seeing the Answer.

23 You should choose a lady member.

24 You must keep your dog away from the gate.

25 We should go on a picnic for fun.

26 We must not criticize anyone.

27 You cannot get admission in this college.

28 We should organize a meeting every month.

29 You should give him one more chance.

30 You should make him humble.

31 He should have compromised with his partner.

32 You must not interfere in his personal affairs.

Affirmative to Negative
Negative to Affirmative

33 Let him take a decision on our behalf.

34 Don't smoke in front of me.

35 Consult the doctor.

36 Let us protest against his strategies.

37 Let us not ignore the welfare of weak people.

38 Think all the aspects before taking action.

39 Let me have a look on your reports.

40 Sign the report without looking at it seriously.

41 Make the child laugh.

42 Make the baby do naughty things.

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