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Quiz-21 - Questions of W-Family Words-2

Please tick the Correct Answer and check your result by clicking the "Submit" Button. When ticked answer is correct, it's font colour will become GREEN. When ticked answer is wrong, the colour will become RED and Right answer will change to PURPLE colour.

Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -_______ is your mouth shut?


Q2 -______ did you call her?

:All the three options are correct

Q3 -_______often you go to the cinema in a week?

:All the three options are correct

Q4 -_____ have you come here at this odd time?

:All the three options are correct

Q5 -_____ is your brother and _____has he not come?

:Who, why
:What, why
:Where, why
:All the three options are correct

Q6 -_____ did you park your car. ____ will you go?

:Where, When
:Why, Where
:When, Why
:All the three options are correct

Q7 -_____ far is your office from here.


Q8 -______ days are left for your retirement?

:How much
:How many

Q9 -______ time do you need to complete the job?

:How much
:How many

Q10 -Can you recognise _____ dog has bitten you?

:how many

Q11 -____opened the gate of white tiger? ______ to find the tiger?

:How monkey, where
:Who, where
:Who, How
:All the three options are correct

Q12 -___decided to take shelter in the forest? _____ chances of his safety are there?

:Which, how much
:Whom, What
:Who, how much
:Who, how many

Q13 -____ did he give advice? _____ grateful is he for that?

:Whom, why
:Whom, what
:Why, how much
:Why, how many

Q14 -____ is he so capable? ______ promoted him?

:Who, whom
:Where, who
:Why, who
:Why, whom

Q15 -_____will you decide and _____ will it work?

:What, where
:Who, when
:When, how
:All the three options are correct

Q16 -______ milk does your cow give in the morning?

:How much
:How many

Q17 -________ hope do you have from this Government?

:How many
:How much

Q18 -______should we not be optimistic?


Q19 -______ sugar do you take daily?

:How many
:How much

Q20 -____ will serve there? ______ should I make responsible for it?

:Who, Whom
:How, Who
:Why, What
:What, Whom


Answers are given. Make question to get the same anwers.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.

1 She has many friends. (Start with - How)

2 I can walk 3 kms without taking rest. (Start with -How)

3 There are countless hair in my moustache. (Start with - How)

4 I have plenty of land in my village. (Start with - How)

5 He has three plots in Jaipur also. (Start with - How)

6 She was disturbed yesterday. (Start with - Why)

7 She loves to swim daily. (Start with - Why)

8 Rajni's mother-in-law goes to Satsang on every Sunday. (Start with -Where)

9 One cannot wait so long for him. (Start with - How)

10 I could stare at her for three minutes. (Start with - How)

11 It took 2 hours to last the meeting. (Start with - How)

Sentences in Hindi are given below.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.
Verify your translation with the Answer.

Reading the translated answer (without giving a try) is very easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules thoroughly.

12 Kitanaa tum mujhe intajaar karwaaee ho?

13 Mujh par tumhe kitanaa vishwaas hai?

14 Aakash meiN kitane taare hai?

15 Tum kyoN usakee kahaaniyaaN sunate ho?

16 Tumhaaraa ghar kitanee door hai?

17 Tum apanee jeb meiN kitane sikke rakhate ho?

18 Us bore meiN kitanee cheenee hai?

19 Us bartan meiN kitanee sabjee bachee hui hai?

20 Ghar meiN kitanaa doodh hai?

21 Tum khaanaa lagaa rahee ho yaa nahee?

22 Tum meree taraf dekh rahe ho yaa SakShee kee taraf?

23 Ham picnic jaayenge yaa sasuraal?

24 Kyaa tumane Gangaa meiN dupakee lagaai yaa nahee?

25 Kyaa tum apanaa kartavya nibhaaoge yaa bhaag jaaoge?

26 Vah London gayaa. Kab?

27 Vah ab ro rahaa hai. Kyon?

28 Beimaan dukaandaar ke paas kaun jaayegaa? ...Koi nahee.

29 Kisane chaay peenee hai? … sabhee ko.

30 Pradhaan Mantree jee samay par pahunch gaye thay yaa nahee?

31 Vah samay ke poore paaband hai.

32 Billee ke gale meiN ghanTee kaun baandhegaa … maiN, tum yaa vo?


Kindly convert the following sentences:

Affirmative/Negative to Interrogative Affirmative/Negative
Interrogative Affirmative/Negative to Affirmative/Negative

Try the conversion in the given box before seeing the Answer.

33 You love too much. (How)

34 She does not hate love. (Why)

35 Is there any milk in the pot?

36 Did she have courage to complain against him?

37 How many cars can be parked in your house?

38 There is plenty of salt in that bottle. (How)

Affirmative to Negative
Negative to Affirmative

39 How much space is required by him?

40 Why didn't he react in your presence?

41 He behaved in a smart manner.

42 Whose name will be deleted from the list?

43 God-fathers play a vital role in the selection process.

44 She took care of her mother?

45 She has enough money for the day.

46 Which was your last dialogue?

47 Hide your mistakes.

48 Why do you crack jokes at this moment?

49 In whose house we can watch the cricket match?

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