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Quiz-20 - Questions of W-Family Words

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -________ is your book?


Q2 -________is the name of your school?


Q3 -________ is this car ______ is parked at our gate?

:What, which
:Which, that
:Whose, which
:Whose, who

Q4 -________ is the owner of this car?


Q5 -_____is written in the book and ____ all are cricizing that?

:What, who
:Who, which
:What, where
:Which, which

Q6 -_____ he keeps his money and _____ knows about it?

:Where, who
:When, whose
:Where, which
:Where, when

Q7 -______are you leaving and _____ do you recommend for the job?

:When, where
:Where, who
:Where, what
:When, whom

Q8 -_____ is your pen? ____did you give it?

:Where, Whom
:Which, When
:Which, Whom
:All the three options are correct

Q9 -______are your hobbies and _____ do you expect from us?

:Which, which
:What, what
:Who, what
:Where, where

Q10 -______did he discover _____ he was young?

:Who, where
:What, which
:What, when
:Whom, who

Q11 -______did she meet and _____does she live?

:Who, where
:What, where
:Whom, where
:When, what

Q12 -____ is there and _____ is he looking for?

:What, which
:Where, whom
:Who, when
:Who, whom

Q13 -______animals are pet ones? _____ one you like the most?

:What, Which
:Whose, What
:Which, Which
:Which, Whom

Q14 -______ type of match you have in your mind? ______can you discuss about it?

:What, Where
:All the three options are correct
:What, When
:What, Who

Q15 -_____ did he tell and ____ way we are to go?

:Who, where
:What, whose
:All the three options are correct
:What, which

Q16 -In ______ direction, he is moving?


Q17 -Teacher has rewarded the boy. ____ was eligible and ____ got it?

:Which, which
:What, who
:Who, who
:Who, what

Q18 -____ do you know about internet? ____ has taught you?

:What, which
:Whom, who
:Whom, when
:What, Who

Q19 -______ is your attention? Do you know _____ I said?

:What, what
:Which, when
:Where, what
:Who, what

Q20 -____ are you going? ____are you meeting? _____ knows about it?

:Where, Whom, Who
:All the three options are correct
:Where, When, who
:When, Where, Who


Answers are given. Make question to get the same anwers.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.

1 Ramu will come to your house next week. (Start with - When)

2 I was sitting in the last row in the meeting. (Start with - Where)

3 I am B.Tech by qualification. (Start with - What)

4 I would like to see a 3-D movie. (Start with - Which)

5 I want to call Satish in the witness box. (Start with - Whom)

6 This book is not mine. (Start with - Whose)

7 I have no choice. (Start with - What)

8 I play Chess and Carom. (Start with - Which)

9 I take tea and relax after reaching home. (Start with - What)

10 I go to gym in the evening. My wife comes with me. (Start with - What, who)

Sentences in Hindi are given below.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.
Verify your translation with the Answer.

Reading the translated answer (without giving a try) is very easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules thoroughly.

11 Tumhe kaun maar rahaa hai?

12 Tumhe kaun maaregaa yaa kaun maar sakataa hai?

13 Tum kahaaN chhup sakate ho?

14 Kaun saa mitra tumhaaree madad karane aage aayegaa?

15 Kyaa tumane kabhee kisee kee sahaayataa kee hai?

16 Tum safed tiger ko kahaaN dhoonD sakate ho?

17 Kisko meree phikra hai?

18 Kisko tum milanaa chaahate ho?

19 Kisake mohalle meiN machchhar bahut jyaadaa hai?

20 Tum kab khaali ho? Mujhe tumase baat karanee hai?

21 Vah kahaaN se aa rahaa hai and yahaaN kyaa karegaa?

22 Meree galee meiN tumhaaraa kyaa kaam hai?

23 Kisakee bhains aur kaun see bhains kisake ghar gai, kisee ko nahee pataa hai.

24 Kutte ne billee se poochhaa kee usakee aakharee ichchhaa kyaa hai?

25 Billee ne kahaa, "MaiN tumhaaraa antim sanskaar karanaa chahatee hoon."

26 Kitanee bakwaas soch hai!

27 MaiN tumhe maar doongaa. Tumhe kaun bachaa sakataa hai?

28 Meraa bhagwaan mere saath hai.

29 Tumhaara Bhagwaan tumhe buddhee kab degaa?

30 Dekho tumhaare peechhe kaun aa rahe haiN? Ve aawaaraa kutto ko pakaDane waale hai.

31 Ab apane aapako bachaao.


Kindly convert the following sentences:

Affirmative/Negative to Interrogative Affirmative/Negative
Interrogative Affirmative/Negative to Affirmative/Negative

Try the conversion in the given box before seeing the Answer.

32 This lift is not working. (Which)

33 He is at fault. (Start with - Who)

34 When his flight will depart? ( 6 pm)

35 Who does not want freedom? (All)

36 What is he craving for? (Pizza)

37 Prashant is going to Kerala. (Where)

Affirmative to Negative
Negative to Affirmative

38 Who is the beautiful and lucky girl?

39 Which mobile is he using?

40 Where will he catch her?

41 When did he sing the song?

42 Who is not in your favour?

43 Who may join your party?

44 Whose responsibility can be fixed?

45 Whom have you mailed the appointment letter?

46 Which building does not have fire-alarm system?

47 Out of the two, which lift remains out of order?

48 Who is your leader?

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