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Quiz-2 - Overview of Noun, Pronoun and Verb

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Select the correct answer that contains all Noun(s)

Q1 -Is Uniyal coming to help Vidhur?

:Uniyal, Vidhur

Q2 -Avyan and Vartika desire big toys.

:Avyan, Vartika
:Avyan, Vartika, toys

Q3 -Shalini does not like her.

:Shalini, like
:Shalini, her

Q4 -Gupta jee was driving car.

:Guptaji, car

Q5 -Dogs invited cats in the park.

:Dogs, cats
:Dogs, cats, park

Select the correct answer that contains all Pronoun(s)

Q6 -I would like to go to Shimla with him.

:I, with
:I, him

Q7 -His name comes before Ram.

:Ram, before
:his, name

Q8 -He himself decided to go on leave.

:he, himself
:decided, go

Q9 -I like goat. It gives milk.

:I, goat
:I, it
:I, it, milk
:I, goat

Q10 -Everything _____ alright.


Q11 -These flowers _____ not real.


Q12 -Who is knocking at my door.

:knocking, my
:who, my

Select the correct answer that contains all Verbs(s)

Q13 -He is paying his debts.

:is, paying

Q14 -He is making all efforts to achieve success.

:making, achieve
:making, efforts

Q15 -He is drinking water.

:is, drinking

Q16 -We need your help

:need, help

Q17 -My friend runs very fast in the garden.

:runs, fast
:runs, very

Q18 -Do not fight with everyone.

:do, fight
:do, with

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