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Quiz-19 - Yes/No Type & Tag Type Questions

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -You can speak English, _____________?

:can you
:will you
:won't you
:can't you

Q2 -The train has already left, __________?

:has it
:did it
:hasn't it
:haven't it

Q3 -A very few people know that she is a divorcee, _______?

:is she
:hasn't she
:doesn't she
:isn't she

Q4 -Tomorrow also they will not go to office, __________?

:won't they
:won't we
:will they
:wouldn't they

Q5 -She was very popular among her friends, ___________?

:was she
:wasn't she
:isn't she
:wouldn't she

Q6 -I would not spare him, __________?

:would I
:won't I
:shan't I
:should I

Q7 -Will you recommend my name for that post, ___________?

:don't you
:will you
:won't you
:do you

Q8 -I have met Sarla before, __________?

:has she
:hasn't she
:have I
:haven't I

Q9 -Indians have given mandate to your party, ____________?

:have they
:haven't they
:won't they
:aren't they

Q10 -I don't like the girls, _________?

:does I
:am I
:do I
:don't I

Q11 -Don't touch, It is very hot, _________?

:does it
:doesn't it
:isn't it
:is it

Q12 -The river is very deep, _______?

:is it
:are it
:doesn't it
:isn't it

Q13 -He had no grudges from his life, ___________?

:has he
:hadn't he
:had he
:was he

Q14 -Animals are not safe in forest also, ______?

:is it
:are they
:isn't it
:aren't they

Q15 -Your car needs immediate service, ______?

:is it
:isn't it
:does it
:doesn't it

Q16 -Open the door, _________?

:will you
:All the three options are correct
:won't you
:will you or won't you

Q17 -Don't bark like a dog, _____?

:won't you
:will you
:will you or won't you
:All the three options are correct

Q18 -We shall wait for him in the garden, ___________?

:shall we
:will we
:should we
:shan't we

Q19 -I should invite my friends for tea party, ________?

:would I
:shouldn't I
:wouldn't I
:should I

Q20 -I am enjoying my life, ________?

:am I
:aren't I
:amn't I
:isn't I


Answers are given. Make question to get the same anwers.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.

1 Yes, I work hard.

2 No, I can't climb 20 stairs.

3 No, I didn't invite her.

4 Yes, she will understand you.

5 Yes, I would come late.

6 No, he had not stolen anything.

7 No, I shouldn't have waited for her.

8 No, he does not like me.

9 Yes, it is the best.

Sentences in Hindi are given below.

Try the translation in the given box before seeing the Answer.
Verify your translation with the Answer.

Reading the translated answer (without giving a try) is very easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules thoroughly.

10 Kyaa yah tumhaaree car hai?

11 Nahee, yah nahee hai.

12 Nahee, yah meree nahee hai.

13 Nahee, yah meree car nahee hai.

14 Kyaa vah goraiyyaa hai.

15 Nahee, yah nahee hai.

16 Nahee, yah goraiyyaa nahee hai.

17 Kyaa yah usakaa ghar hai?

18 Haan, yah hai.

19 Haan, yah usakaa ghar hai.

20 Kyaa yah tumhaaraa school bag hai? Haan, yah hai. Nahee, yah nahee hai.

21 Kyaa tum roj doodh peete ho? Haan, peetaa hoon. Nahee, nahee peetaa.

22 Tum Priya ko ghoor rahe thay, nahee kyaa?

23 Mammaa, tum ro rahee ho, ho naa?

24 Paapaa muskaraa rahe thay, thay naa?

25 Tumhaare kharaab dino ke dauraan meiN tumhaaree madad karane aai , nahee kyaa?

26 Vah Neha se velentine diwas par shaadee kaa prastaav karegaa, nahee karegaa kyaa?

27 Swati ke dimaag meiN pahale se koi hai, nahee hai kyaa?

28 Neha ko sirf apane vyaktigat jeevan ke baare meiN sochanaa chaahiye, nahee kyaa?

29 Kavita ne likhane ke baare meiN maan liyaa hai, nahee manaa hai kyaa?


Kindly convert the following sentences:

Affirmative/Negative to Interrogative Affirmative/Negative
Interrogative Affirmative/Negative to Affirmative/Negative

Try the conversion in the given box before seeing the Answer.

30 Are you going to fire him for his mistakes?

31 He puts ghee in the fire always.

32 The carrot was meant to lure the rabbit into the trap.

33 The lion wanted to punish the mouse.

34 Cat and mouse play together in Sidhhashram.

35 Have you been benefited with this site?

Affirmative to Negative
Negative to Affirmative

36 She belongs to Gujarat. Is she a Gujarati girl?

37 He threw his old bag. His father did not like it.

38 The crow was thirsty. It put pebbles in the pot to drink water.

39 The fox was cajoling the rabbit to play in the garden.

40 The rabbit did not forget the advice of its mother.

41 They are monitoring you, aren't they?

42 Don't lure the boy for chocolate, will you?

43 He goes to vegetable-market daily, doesn't he?

44 She takes a short nap in the afternoon daily, doesn't she?

45 She always admired her husband, didn't she?

46 Goats and deers have fallen prey to lion, haven't they?

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