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Quiz-14 - Future Continuous Tense.

Please tick the Correct Answer and check your result by clicking the "Submit" Button. When ticked answer is correct, it's font colour will become GREEN. When ticked answer is wrong, the colour will become RED and Right answer will change to PURPLE colour.

Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -My sister___________.

:will be reading.
:will reading.
:is read.
:have read.

Q2 -________Hema ______ ?

:Will, dancing
:Will, be dancing
:Has, be dancing
:Will, be dance

Q3 -At three o'clock tomorrow, I______ for the train.

:shall be wait
:shall be waiting
:was waiting
:am waiting

Q4 -Tomorrow at 5 o'clock, she _______ready to go out.

:is getting ready
:was getting ready
:will getting
:will be getting

Q5 -__________Monu______TV tomorrow at this time?

:Is, watching
:Will, be watching
:Was, watching
:Will, watching

Q6 -She _________ at the gym tomorrow in the morning.

:is doing exercises
:does exercises
:will be do exercises
:will be doing exercises

Q7 -Neha __________ tomorrow in UK.

:was doing shopping
:is shopping
:have done shopping
:will be shopping

Q8 -Will Swati__________ him time & again?

:be meet
:be meeting
:be met
:is meeting

Q9 -Roof of the house __________ in rainy season.

:will be leak
:will be leaking
:was leak
:will leaking

Q10 -They _____not______their homework this afternoon.

:will be, doing
:will, be doing
:are, be doing
:will, doing

Q11 -She______not ______ again on this topic.

:will, be arguing
:will be, arguing
:is, argue
:will, arguing

Q12 -At this time tomorrow, I _________ deeply.

:shall sleeping
:shall be sleeping
:am sleeping
:have slept

Q13 -Ramu _______ the house and Preeti ________washing the clothes.

:will be cleaned, will be
:will be cleaning, will
:will have been cleaning, will be
:will be cleaning, will be

Q14 -Tomorrow I _________ and she ________.

:shall be taken rest, will be working
:shall be taking rest, will be working
:am taking rest, will be working
:was taking, was working

Q15 -Tomorrow we _____ go to ______.

:shall be, see Jaipur.
:shall, see Jaipur.
:shall, saw Jaipur
:shall, see a Jaipur.

Q16 -I_______ to hurt you.

:do not meant
:shall not be mean
:did not mean
:am not mean

Q17 -He______ a slur on the name of his family.

:will not be bring
:will not bringing
:will be not bringing
:will not be bringing

Tick the correct sentence.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:Will he not be going to Market?
:Will he not be going to Market.
:Will he not going to Marke?
:Will not he be going to Market?

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:You will working very hard to get that deal.
:You will be working very hard to get that deal.
:You will be working very hard to got that deal.
:You have been working very hard to get that deal.

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:Parmar had a hard time in recent past.
:Parmar has a hard time in recent past.
:Parmar will have a hard time in recent past.
:Parmar had a hard time in recent future.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:Kids were playing football tomorrow evening.
:Kids will be playing football tomorrow evening.
:Kids will play football yesterday evening
:Kids are playing football yesterday evening.

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:The water will boiling.
:The water will been boiling.
:The water will has been boiling for two hours.
:The water will be boiling.

Q23 -Which sentence is correct?

:She will be teaching in Ramjas School.
:She will has been teaching in Ramjas School.
:She had teach in Ramjas School.
:She will been teaching in Ramjas School.

Q24 -Which sentence is correct?

:He will not be helping his father tomorrow.
:He was not helping his father tomorrow.
:He had not helped his father tomorrow.
:He will not be helped his father tomorrow.

Q25 -Which sentence is correct?

:I have watching Mahabharata since beginning.
:I am watching Mahabharata since beginning.
:I have been watching Mahabharata since beginning.
:I shall be watching Mahabharata since beginning.


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Please translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 Kal 3 baje, ham carromkhel rahe honge.

2 Kyaa carromhamaaraa paarivaarik khel hai?

3 Kyaa jungle meiN bandar kutto ko Daraa rahe honge.

4 Jungle meiN sher khargosho ko nahee maar rahe honge.

5 Is sthiti kaa khorgosh galat phaaydaa uThaa rahe honge(exploit).

6 Sher bhee yahi chaahate hai.

7 CheeleN baDee aaturtaa se sher ke kisee jaanawar par aakramaN kaa intejaar kar rahee hongee?

8 Jab sher jaanawar ko martaa hai, cheelo kee party hotee hai.

9 Cheel shavo ko bahut pasand karatee hai(corpse).

10 Vah apanee maa kee mrityu par ro rahaa hogaa.

11 Ve sab kal shaam ko patange uDaa rahe honge.

12 Kyaa apane janam diwas par bhee vah so rahee hogee?

13 Vah sundari se shaadee karane ke liye uchhal rahaa hogaa.

14 Ek laDakee apane bhavee pati ke baare meiN kyaa sapane dekhatee hai (prospective)?

15 Koi nahee jaanataa.

16 LaDkiaaN bhee nahee jaanatee.

17 LaDkiaaN roj apanee chaah badalatee hai.

18 Kyaa tum bhee sapane dekh rahee ho?

19 Aajkal Neelam jaroor sapane dekh rahee hogee.

20 Log achchhe pratyaashee ko jitaa rahe honge.

21 Ve kile meiN khudaai kar rahe honge.

22 Sonaa sonaa hai chaahe nayaa ho yaa puraanaa.


Kindly convert the following Affirmative or Negative sentences into Interrogative Affirmative or Negative sentences & Interrogative Affirmative or Negative sentences into Affirmative or Negative sentences. If sentence is Negative maintain Negative after conversion also.

23 I shall not be leaving Delhi this year.

24 Management will be awarding promotion to him.

25 Hundred of beggars will be sleeping on the roadside.

26 Shall I not stand for your rescue?

27 Will she not be happy to receive your message?

28 You will be running after her.

29 She will not be telling the meaning of her statement.

30 Girls are very smart.

31 A girl easily befools a young boy.

32 My friend has been writing a thesis on the behaviour of girls in twenties for the last five years.

33 It will take another 10 more years to complete.

34 Your mother will be wondering about your success.

35 He will not be constantly ringing up his wife.

36 He will be enjoying all through his life.

37 Did I teach good manners to my kids?

38 Do they give me due respect?

39 Did I achieve my goal?

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