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Quiz-13 - Future Indefinite Tense & Misc.

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -She______come in the morning.


Q2 -I ___________everybody to keep your mobiles in silent mode.

:shall asked
:shall asking
:shall be ask
:shall ask

Q3 -The president _____ give his consent ________the bill in the Parliament.

:will, to present
:has, to present
:will, present
:will, to presenting

Q4 -The train ______ .

:will departed within three minutes.
:is departed within three minutes
:has depart within three minutes.
:will depart within three minutes.

Q5 -He _______ in the air________.

:will fly, yesterday.
:will flied, tomorrow
:has fly, tomorrow.
:will fly, tomorrow

Q6 -______the prince _________ his verdict _____

:will, announce, yesterday?
:will, announce, today.
:Will, announced, today?
:Will, announce, today?

Q7 -_____ she _______ Jaipur tomorrow?

:Will, go
:Will, goes to
:Will, going
:Will, go to

Q8 -She______ talk about her issues with me.

:will be

Q9 -She_________ 50 on her next birthday.

:will be

Q10 -In this era, mobiles _______help _______ business.

:will, to grew
:will, to grow
:will, grow
:will, to growing

Q11 -______she weep in his ________?

:Will, absence
:Will, absent
:Is, absence
:Has, absence

Q12 -Politicians _______ not ______ interest in dirty politics.

:will, taking
:will, take
:will, to take
:are, take

Q13 -Ships _____ not sail in sea _______.

:will, yesterday.
:will, in past.
:will, future
:will, tomorrow.

Q14 -Transporters_____ declare _____ strike tomorrow.

:will, his
:will, there
:will, their
:have, their

Q15 -I ________ never write a letter_______.

:shall, her.
:shall, to her.
:have, to her.
:am, to her.

Q16 -Doctor____ advise for blood test _________ dengue fever.

:will, diagnose
:has, to diagnose
:will, to diagnose
:will, diagnosing

Q17 -Our school trip_______ to Shimla ____.

:will not go, last month.
:has not gone, next year.
:is not going, last year.
:will not go, this year

Tick the correct sentence.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:I shall qualify for the IIT entrance exam this year.
:I shall qualify for the IIT entrance exam last year.
:I have qualified for the IIT entrance exam next year.
:I shall qualified for the IIT entrance exam this year.

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:Will politicians play an ideal role?
:Will politicians played an ideal role?
:Will politicians play a ideal role?
:Will politicians are playing an ideal role?

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:Birds will chirping in the morning.
:Birds will chirp in the morning.
:Birds will be chirp in the morning.
:Birds are chirp in the morning.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:Have you booked Jaipur ticket today.
:Has you booked Jaipur ticket today.
:Have you book Jaipur ticket today?
:Have you booked Jaipur ticket today?

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:I will give him my share to enjoy in his life.
:I shall gave him my share to enjoy in his life.
:I shall give him my share to enjoying in his life.
:I have given him my share to enjoyed in his life.

Q23 -Which sentence is correct?

:Your test reports will help to diagnose the disease.
:Your test reports has helped to diagnose the disease.
:Your test reports have help to diagnose the disease.
:Your test reports will be help to diagnose the disease.

Q24 -Which sentence is correct?

:The court will exonerate him tomorrow.
:The court will exonerate him yesterday.
:The court will exonerated him tomorrow.
:The court will be exonerated him tomorrow.

Q25 -Which sentence is correct?

:Will India lead for world peace.
:Will India led for world peace.
:Will India lead for world peace?
:Will India leading for world peace?


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Please translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 MaiN ghar jaaungaa.

2 Tum ghar nahee jaaoge.

3 Raanee Raajaa se milane nahee jaayegee.

4 Raanee ke pitaa jee use maaf nahee karenge.

5 Usakaa boyfriend use nahee chhoDega.

6 Kyaa tum barsaat meiN baahar jaaoge?

7 Kyaa usakee bahan isasay sahamat nahee hogee?

8 Billee chuhe ko nahee khaayegee.

9 Chuhaa kab tak mauj manaayegaa (how long)?

10 Police kee nai team aam aadamee kaa unase Dar door / bhaya door karane kaa prayaas karegee.

11 Seema aisaa kaam nahee karegee.

12 Kyaa ham subah sair ko nahee jaayenge?

13 Kyaa vah meraa pen choree karegaa?

14 MaiN tumhaaree pratikShaa karungaa.

15 Tum use uttar nahee bataaoge.

16 Kyaa Aamir comic paDhanaa pasand karegaa?

17 Vah meraa bhaai hai. Vah imaandaari se kaam karegaa.

18 Kyaa tum is varsh IIT kee parikShaa nahee doge?

19 Kyaa meree pyaaree mujhe agale chowk par milegee?

20 Principal mere praarthanaa patra par sahaanubhooti se vichaar karenge.

21 Kyaa ve apane aane kee suchanaa Robin ko pahale se denge?

22 College ke vidyaarthee bus driver ko college ke saamane rokane ke liye dabaav daalenge.


Kindly convert the following Affirmative or Negative sentences into Interrogative Affirmative or Negative sentences & Interrogative Affirmative or Negative sentences into Affirmative or Negative sentences. If sentence is Negative maintain Negative after conversion also.

23 I love you.

24 She hates me.

25 She does not like others.

26 She will wail for his consent for two years.

27 My father will become angry.

28 Did she lodge complaint against Rohit?

29 Will you manage the show?

30 I shall not accompany you.

31 He admitted his mistake.

32 Avyan will obey his parents. Kanika loves her mother.

33 Vartika slept early today.

34 You will get wet in rain.

35 I like to get wet in rain.

36 Manager will not accept his applogy.

37 He will definitely invite you on his birthday party.

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