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Quiz-10 - Past Continuous Tense & Misc.

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -People_______shouting slogans.

:have been
:has been

Q2 -The hawker __________ vegetables at a higher rate.

:were selling
:has been selling
:was selling
:was sell

Q3 -______you________me to _______that movie?

:Were, advising, watch
:Were, advising, watching
:Did, advising, watch
:Have, advised, watching

Q4 -I_________ for you to join our group.

:have been waiting
:were waiting
:was waiting
:did waiting

Q5 -Oil companies________to______them subsidy.

:were demanding, provide
:was demanding, provide
:were demanding, providing
:have been demanding, provide

Q6 -The FM__________that his budget was perfect.

:are debating
:has been debating
:was debating
:had been debating

Q7 -He ______ working late daily _______last few months.

:was, for
:has been, for
:is, since
:has been, since

Q8 -My brother___________very hard to achieve first position.

:were working
:was working
:has been working
:was worked

Q9 -The teacher ___________ students about good manners.

:were teaching
:was teaching
:has been teaching
:are teaching

Q10 -Patients in the hospital___________ about healthy diet.

:was learning
:were learning
:has been learning
:have been learning

Q11 -A group of 50 students_________towards office of the Principal.

:was marching
:were marching
:have been marching
:are marching

Q12 -Everyone in all the groups_________ to________ their voice against the crime.

:were preparing, raise
:was preparing, raise
:has been preparing, raise
:was preparing, raising

Q13 -She ____________ her mother-in-law.

:was imitating
:were imitating
:has imitating
:has been imitating

Q14 -_____ she ________ her sister to _____ in Chandigarh?

:Was, allowing, staying
:Has, been allowing, stay
:Did, allow, stay
:Does, allow, staying

Q15 -She________not written any letter to him.


Q16 -Doctor__________ me to take 3 day's rest since last Monday.

:has been advising
:was advising
:is advising
:have been advising

Q17 -During the negotiation, many people__________ with their hands and arms.

:have been talking
:was talking
:is talking
:were talking

Tick the correct sentence.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:The washermen were washing the clothes.
:The washermen was washing the clothes.
:The washermen is washing the clothes.
:The washermen have been washing the clothes.

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:He has taken his lunch at 3 o'clock.
:He has took his lunch at 3 o'clock.
:He took his lunch at 3 o'clock.
:He tooks his lunch at 3 o'clock.

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:My friend has been standing at your door at 3 pm.
:My friend was standing at your door at 3 pm.
:My friend is standing at your door for 3 pm.
:My friend were standing at the your door at 3 pm.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:He did not took part in debate.
:He has not took part in debate.
:He did not taken part in debate.
:He did not take part in debate.

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:Was the beggars begging from door to door?
:Was the beggar begging from door to door?
:Are the beggar begging from door to door?
:Has the beggar begging from door to door?

Q23 -Which sentence is correct?

:Were you not telling a lie?
:Was you not telling a lie?
:Have you not telling a lie?
:Have you not been telling a lie?

Q24 -Which sentence is correct?

:Were we not pluck flowers?
:Was we not pluck flowers?
:Do we not plucking flowers?
:Were we not plucking flowers?

Q25 -Which sentence is correct?

:He gave us a warm welcome.
:He did gave us a warm welcome.
:He does gave us a warm welcome.
:He has give us a warm welcome.


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Kindly translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 Jaaadugar rassi par chal rahaa thaa.

2 Mere ilaake meiN barsaat nahee ho rahee thee.

3 Usake shareer kaa har ek bhaag dar se kaanp rahaa thaa.

4 Principal antim report ko sampaadit kar rahe thay.( to edit)

5 Kyaa vah mujh par nahee hans rahaa thaa?

6 Kyaa usake parivaar ke sadasya durd se karaah rahe thay? (to groan)

7 Vah apanee vidaai ke samay bhee muskaraa rahaa thaa.

8 Usakee maa use aane se rok rahee thee.(to detain)

9 Mohd Gauri Bharat par chadhaai (aakramaN) kar rahaa thaa. (to invade)

10 Usane 10 gulaab ke phool toD liye hai.

11 Mujhe usakee madad kee jaroorat nahee hai.

12 Mujhe apane dosto kee safalataa par koi jalan/eershyaa nahee hai.(grudge)

13 Vah apanee mangetar kee chhoTee se chhoTee jaankaaree ko shuru se nirakh rahaa hai.(fiance, minute,observe)

14 Pallavi usakee mangetar hai.

15 Park meiN buDhe log jor jor se hans rahe thay.

16 Yah aapako khush rakhane kaa ek bahut achchhaa vyayaam hai. (keep)

17 Vah sainiko ko salaam kar rahaa thaa.

18 Vah mujh par hans rahaa thaa.


Kindly convert the following Affirmative/Negative sentences into Interrogative & Interrogative sentences into Affirmative/Negative sentences.

19 I was purchasing grocery items.

20 She was learning her lessons.

21 They were not going to attend the programme.

22 Were you smiling in the morning?

23 Was maid mopping the floor of your bed room?

24 She moved nothing in the room.

25 She works silently.

26 The train was running very fast at the time of accident.

27 Did the aeroplane take off at the scheduled time?

28 The Doctor has saved the patient.

29 He was just joking.

30 Water was leaking from the tap.

31 The ducks were playing in the water.

32 She was giving her examination notes to him.

33 You have no grudges on my success.

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