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Quiz - Subject, Predicate and Object

You are to identify the bold word(s)

1 The moon disappeared behind the clouds
2 Rahul loves to play cricket.
3 She is very intelligent
4 In the world, India is the largest democracy.
5 This is a brilliant idea.
6 The thieves sat under banana tree.
7 His father is a doctor.
8 She always speaks in English in a get-together.
9 Writer writes book.
10 The doctor is examining the patient.
11 Avyan loves toys.
12 Stars twinkle at night.
13 Baby needs water.
14 Gardener waters the plants.
15 Will you please give me a glass of water.
16 Dogs bark at nights.
17 My mother is your teacher.
18 She has purchased her bridal dress. x

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