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Use of Let and Make


'Let' is one of the commonest words in English. Its simple meaning is to allow, to give permission and to give on rent. In terms of meaning 'to give on rent', Let is used just like other verbs. Here we will focus on its usage in terms of meaning 'to allow or to give permission'.

'Let' English bhaaShaa kaa ek common shabd hai. Isakaa sadhaaraN arth hai - ijaajat denaa, anumati denaa aur bhaaDe par denaa. 'BhaaDe par dena' ke taur par 'Let' kaa istemaal baakee kriyaa shabdoN kee tarah hee hotaa hai. YahaaN ham isake arth - Anumati denaa yaa Ijajat denaa ke upar kendrit karenge.

Let, Lets and Let's

'Let' - Let is a verb. 'Lets'- 's' is added with verb Let for using with third person singular subject. e.g. Teacher let students to go home early. The teacher lets students to go home early.

‘Let’s‘ is a contraction of 'let us'. e.g. Let us (or Let's) go to see movie.

Use of Let

We use 'Let' to give permission or allow someone to do something. Don't use 'TO' with 'LET'

'Let' ke prayog meiN 'Use / Mujhe .. Yah / Vah' karane do waale vaakya hote hai. 'LET' ke baad 'To' kaa prayog nahee karate.

Word - LET
Type of Sentence Rule
Positive Let + Subject + Verb (Ist form)+ Object.
Negative Do Not + Let + Subject + Verb (Ist form) + Object.

Mujhe araam karane do. Let me take rest.
Avyan ko park meiN khelane do. Let Avyan play in the garden.
Use Metro meiN safar karane do. Let him travel in the Metro.
Unako dobaaraa prayaas karane do. Let them try again.
Mujhe tumhaare liye ek drink laane do. Let me get you a drink.
Mujhe dekhane do. Let me see.
Mujhe chalaane do. Let me drive.
Rahane Do. Let it be.
Bachcho ko apane nirNayA lene do. Let children take their decisions.
Use road par chalane do. Let him walk on road.
Use garib logo kee madad karane do. Let him help the poor people.
Use rone mat do. Do not let her weep.
Use us park meiN mat khelane do. Do not let him play in that park.
Use ghar meiN mat aane do. Do not let him come in the house.
Unhe sach mat dekhane do. Do not let them see the truth.


Use of Let Us / Let's

'Let us' is used as a polite way of making or responding to a suggestion, giving an instruction, making an offer of help.

'Let us' ke prayog meiN 'Aao ham......kareN' waale vaakya hote hai. Namrataa se sujhaav denaa yaa jawaab denaa, yaa nirdesh denaa yaa sahaayataa kee peshakash karanaa aadi ke roop meiN prayog hotaa hai.

Word - LET US
Type of Sentence Rule
Positive Let + Us + Verb (Ist form)+ Object.

Aao ham desh kee sewaa karen. Let us / Let's serve the country.
Aao ham picture ikaTThe dekhane chaleN. Let us / Let's go to see a movie together.
Aao ham thoDee coffee le. Let us / Let's get some coffee.
Aao apane matabhed ek taraf karen aur nai shuruwaat karen. Let us / Let's put our differences aside and make a new start.
Ham kal tak kaa intajaar karen. Let us / Let's wait until tomorrow.
Chalo, ham usakee sehat ke baare meiN poochheN. Come/Come on, let us / let's enquire about his health.
Ab ham viShaya badaleN. Let us / Let's change the subject now.
Aao tumhaare beTe kee sagaai kee baat karen. Let us / Let's talk about your son's engagement.
Ham us jhagaDe meiN shaamil naa ho. Let us / Let's not involve in his quarrel.
Ham road par naa chaleN. Let us / Let's not walk on the road.
Aao baanyee aur chaleN. Let us keep to the left.

Other Examples
Kanika ke paapaa ne use apane mobile se khelane diyaa. Kanika's father let her play with his mobile.
SaakShee ke boss ne us din use jaldee jaane diyaa. Saakshi's boss let her leave early on that day.
Tumhe apanaa pass jaroor rakhanaa chaahiye jo tumhe trade fair meiN pravesh lene detaa hai. You must keep your pass which lets you enter in the trade fair.
Doctor ne usakee patnee ko salaah dee, "tumhaare pati ko ek hafte meiN do baar drink lene do. Doctor advised his wife, "let your husband take a drink twice a week".
Yadi vah baahar jaanaa chaahataa hai, use jaane do. If he wants to walk out, let him!
A aur B ko kramashah X aur Y ke liye maane. Let A and B stand for X and Y respectively.
Mujhe bataao tum usake baare meiN kyaa sochate ho. Let me know what you think of him.
Ab mujhe dekhane do, tumane yah kahaaN rakhaa? Now let me see, where did you put it?
Mujhe tumhe bataane do, MaiN bahut daraa huaa thaa. Let me tell you, I was very scared!
Vah baahar jaanaa chahatee thee parantu usake maataa pitaa ne use nahee jaane diyaa. She wanted to go out but her parents did not let her.
Tumhaare juto ko pahanane se pahale pooraa sookh jaane do. Let your shoes dry completely before putting them on.
Tumhaaree mammee ko tumhaaree chintaa karane mat do. Don't let your mom worry about you.
Agar use paise kee jaroorat hai, use kamaane do. If he needs money, let him earn it!
MaiN police ko usake office kee talaashee lene nahee doongaa. I won't let the police search his office.
Kyaa maiN yah dibbaa is kamare se doosare meiN rakh dooN. Nahee, ise yaheeN rahane do. Should I move this box from this room to another? No. Let it be here.



'Make' is a useful English verb and it's meaning is to create, manufacture a man made product, give certain properties to something, cause to do or act in a specified manner, cause to happen, formulate, etc. Here in comparison with the word 'Let', 'Make' means to force someone to do an action without giving them any option. In other words, they have to do it. Don't use 'TO' with 'MAKE' also

'Make' ek bahut upyogee kriyaa shabd hai aur isakaa arth hai - srijan karanaa, nirmaaN karanaa, utpaadan karanaa, taiyaar karanaa, majboor karanaa, khaas andaaj meiN karane yaa abhinaya karane kaa kaaraN bananaa ityaadee. 'Let' shabd kee samaantaa meiN 'Make' kaa arth hai kisee ko koi kaarya binaa kisee vikalp ke karane kaa dabaav daalanaa. Doosare shabdoN meN, unako vah kaarya karanaa paDataa hai. 'MAKE' ke baad bhee 'To' kaa prayog nahee karate.

Difference between Let and Make

Difference between Let and Make is that 'Let' gives permission to do something and the other person has an option to do it or not whereas 'Make' forces to do something and the other person has to do it whether he wants to do it or not.

'Let' aur 'Make' meiN antar yah hai kee 'Let' kuchh karane kee ijaajat detaa hai aur doosare vyakti ke pass vikalp hotaa hai kee vah kaarya kareN yaa nahee jabaki 'Make' kuchh karane ka dabaav daalataa hai yaa pravrit karataa hai aur doosare vyakti ke pass koi vikalp nahee hotaa chaahe vah kaarya karanaa chaahataa hai yaa nahee, use karanaa paDataa hai.

Word - Make
Type of Sentence Rule
Positive Subject + Make/Made/Made + Object

Vah sabase apane assistant ko bhee salaam karvaataa hai. He makes everybody salute his assistant also.
Tum apanee laDakee ko khaanaa banaanaa sikhvaao. You make your daughter learn cooking also.
Avyan kee maa use roj pujaa ke liye biThaatee hai. Avyan's mother makes him sit for puja daily.
Mere boss ne mujhe laTe rukvaayaa. My boss made me stay late.
Mere mitra ne mujhase yah galtee karvaai. My friend made me make this mistake.
Tumhe usase paDhaai karvaani chaahiye. You should make him study.
Maine usase teen baar maafee mangvaai. I made him apologize three times.
Jab maiN chhoTaa thaa, meree mammee mujhase meraa kamraa saaf karavaayaa karatee thee. When I was young, my mammee used to make me clean my room.
MaiN Saturday office meiN kaam nahee karanaa chaahataa parantu meraa boss karavaa rahaa hai I don’t want to work in office on Saturday, but my boss is making me.
Bachche ko biThaao. Make the child sit.
Kyaa tumhaare boss ne tumase kore kaagaj par hastaakShar karvaaye? Did your boss make you sign on blank paper?
Usane tumase kyaa likhvaayaa? What did he make you write?
Usane mujhe bench par khaDaa karvaayaa. He made me stand on the bench.
Usane chor ko bhaagvaayaa. He made the thief run away.
Usane Seema se party meiN gaanaa ganvaayaa. He made Seema sing in the party.
Tumhe Rajat se vah office join karvaanaa hee hai. You have to make Rajat join that office.
Kisee bhee keemat par tumhe use shaadee ke liye taiyaar karanaa hai. At any cost, you have to make him ready for marriage.
Shalini kee saas usase roj 14-15 ghanTe kaam karavaatee hai. Shalini's mother-in-law makes her work for 14-15 hours daily.
Vah bister meiN jaane se pahale apanee peeTh kee maalish bhee karavaatee hai. She makes her massage her back also before going to bed.
Nahee to vah tumase saaree jindagee khaanaa banvaayegaa. Otherwise, he will make you cook food for whole life.

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