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Human Beings can express their thoughts orally and in writing. Initial use of language started with people making sounds which evolved into words, clauses, phrases and sentences. Every language has certain rules to define its pure form, which are known as Grammar.

Insaan apane vichaaro ko bol kar aur likh kar vyakt kar sakataa hai. Bhaashaa kee shurvaat logo ne aawaaj nikaal kar kee jisake baad meiN shabdoN or vaakyo kaa janm hua. Har bhaaShaa ke shudh roop ko vyakt karane ke liye kuchh niyam hote hai, jo grammar ke naam se jaane jaate hai.

This section is created to learn basics of English, describing only the essential parts of grammar in easy and layman's language which can be understood easily by anyone. The explanations are not in bookish language and it is not for quoting in any examination. Main mission of creating this Web-site is to provide support of local language i.e. Hindi, to learn English.

Is section meiN English grammar ke jarooree bhaag ko simple aur aam aadamee kee bhaaShaa meiN vyakt kiyaa gaya hai jise koi bhee aasaanee se samajh sakataa hai. Isame vyaakhyaa kitaabee bhaaShaa meiN nahee hai aur yah kisee bhee exam meiN prastut karane ke liye nahee hai. Is web-site ko banaane kaa mukhya uddeshya Hindi kee sahaayataa se English seekhane meiN madad karanaa hai.

This site will be highly beneficial for those (i) who have not studied in English medium school; (ii) who have become busy in pulling their livelihoods and/or household responsibilities and want to understand and speak English confidently. (iii) who desire to refresh the knowledge of essential English grammar to make their English more impressive.

Yah site un logo ke liye bahut phaaydeymand hai (i) jo English maadhyam meiN nahee paDhey hai; (ii) jo jeevan kee bhaagdauD meiN aur ghar kee jimmedaario meiN pooree tarah vyast hai aur vishwaas ke saath English bolanaa/samajhanaa chaahate hai. (iii) jo apanee English aur prabhaavashaalee banaane ke liye jarooree English grammar ko punah yaad karanaa chaahate hai.

Main requirements of learning English are (1) Desire to learn English (2) Determination to fulfil the desire of learning English (3) Adopt correct method of English learning.

English seekhane ke liye aavashyakataa hai (1) English seekhane kee ichchhaa (2) English seekhane kee ichchhaa ko poorN karane kee majboot ichchhaashakti (3) English seekhane kaa sahee tareekaa apnaanaa.

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