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Double Past

There are sentences which have one incomplete sentence (subordinate clause) related with a complete sentence (principal clause) and both pertain to Past Tense. When two sentences of Past Tense come in one Sentence, rule of Past Indefinite Tense will apply to the incomplete sentence and rule of Past Tense (as per type of the sentence) will be applied to the complete sentence.

e.g. When I reached office, it was raining

The above sentence has two sentences. Incomplete sentence is "when I reached office" and it is formed with the rule of Past Indefinite Tense. The Complete sentence is "It was raining". The complete sentence pertains to Past Continuous Tense hence it is formed as per the rule of Past Continuous Tense.

Jab ek vaakya meiN bhoot kaal ke do vaakya aa jaaye to adhure vaakya ko Past Indefinite Tense ke rule se banaate hai aur poore vaakyo ko Past Tense ke us rule se banaate hai jis tense meiN vah vaakya diyaa huaa ho.

e.g. Jab maiN office pahunchaa to barsaat ho rahee thee.

Is vaakya meiN adhuraa vaakya hai "Jab maiN office pahunchaa" - ise Past Indefinite Tense ke rule se banaayaa hai. Poora vaakya hai "barsaat ho rahee thee". Yah vaakya Past Continuous Tense kaa hai attah ise Past Continuous Tense ke rule se banaayaa hai.

When there are two sentences of Past Tense in one sentence, We can write either 'first incomplete sentence and then complete sentence' or 'first complete sentence and then incomplete sentence.

e.g. When I reached station, he was waiting for me.
He was waiting for me when I reached station.

When we write incomplete sentence first before complete sentence, we use 'Comma(,)' after the incomplete sentence and then start the complete sentence. It is good to write complete sentence first.

Jab do Past Tense ke vaakya ek sentence meiN ho, ham pahale adhuraa vaakya likh sakate hai yaa pahale pooraa vaakya likh sakate hai.

e.g. Jab maiN station pahunchaa, vah meraa intajaar kar rahaa thaa.
Vah meraa intajaar kar rahaa thaa jab maiN station pahunchaa.

Jab adhuraa vaakya pahale likhaa jaataa hai to adhure vaakya ke ant meiN Comma(,) kaa prayog karate hai. Poore vaakya ko pahale likhanaa achchhee Angrejee maanaa jaataa hai.

More Examples

Sentence Vaakya
The gatekeeper had closed the gate when Avyan reached school. Jab Avyan school pahunchaa to gatekeeper gate band kar chukaa thaa.
Before Rajni went to Mumbai, she had done all shopping. Rajni ke mumbai jaane se pahale, vah poori shopping kar chukee thee.
Madhur had taken bath before Vartika awoke. Vartika ke jaagane se pahale Madhur nahaa chukee thee.
The thieves were eating in Ajmer when Police reached Jaipur. Jab police Jaipur pahunchee, chor Ajmer meiN khaanaa khaa rahe thay.
He was getting nervous before he reached to the Custom Officer. Custom officer ke paas jaane se pahale, vah ghabaraa rahaa thaa.
Had you finished your work before the teacher came? Kyaa teacher ke aane se pahale, aap apanaa kaarya samaapt kar chuke thay?
Had Harshad Bhai come home before Bhavin arrived? Kyaa Bhavin ke aane se pahale, Harshad Bhai ghar aa chuke thay?
Had Heena bought an umbrella, before it rained? Kyaa varshaa hone se pahale, Heena chhataree khareed chukee thee?
He was crying for help, before he drowned. Usake Doobane se pahale, vah madad ke liye chillaa rahaa thaa.
He was doing business, before he joined the service. Naukaree karane se pahale vah vyapaar kar rahaa thaa.
The train had already departed before he reached station. Usake station pahunchane se pahale, train pahale hee jaa chukee thee.
I was just sitting down to watch the TV when the door bell rang. MaiN TV dekhane baiTh hee rahaa thaa kee darawaaje kee ghanTee bajee.

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