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Convert Active to Passive

Change a sentence to any type of Tense and view its Passive Voice sentence with its Rule and Hindi Translation. Convert Active-To-Passive is quite helpful in perfecting the knowledge of Active Passive Voice.

Ek chayanit vaakya ko kisee bhee prakaar ke tense meiN badaleN aur usake Passive Voice vaakya ko usake niyam aur Hindi anuvaad ke saath dekheN. Convert Active-To-Passive Master Active Passive Voice kee jaanakaree ko purN karane meiN kaafee sahaayak hai.

Action Flow of Active-To-Passive Master

Select Sentence >> Choose Type of Tense >> Click CONVERT Button (On every change in selection of Sentence Or Type of Tense)

Select Sentence

List of sentences are given here. Select any sentence and view all the details of the selected sentence on Clicking "CONVERT" Button below

Choose Type of Tense for Sentence Conversion

You may select here any Type of Tense in which you want to convert the above selected sentence.

Tense Type of Tense Type of Sentence
Present Tense Indefinite Tense Positive Sentence
Past Tense Continuous Tense Negative Sentence
Future Tense Perfect Tense Interrogative Sentence

Click "CONVERT" Button to view Converted Sentence

Details of both Selected & Converted Sentence are displayed below. Click "CONVERT" Button on every Change in Selection of Sentence Or Type of Tense.

Heads Details of Selected Sentence Details of Converted Sentence
Tense Present Indefinite Positive Click "CONVERT" Button to view Result
Sentence - Active Voice Laila likes Majnu
Sentence - Passive Voice Majnu is liked by Laila
Rule of Passive Voice Convert Object to Subject + Is/Are/Am + Verb (3rd form) + By + Convert Subject to Object + Remaining + (.)
Vaakya - Active Voice Laila Majnu ko pasand karatee hai.
Vaakya - Passive Voice Majnu Laila dwaaraa pasand kiyaa jaataa hai.
Active Voice of Future Continuous Tense and Pefect Continuous Tense of all tenses (Present, Past & Future) cannot be changed to Passive Voice

For detailed explanation & examples of each type of Active Passive, please visit Active Passive

We are making efforts in providing facilitations to learn English in an easy way. Convert Active-To-Passive Master is quite helpful. If you feel that it is helpful in mastering the knowledge of Active Passive, please apprise about it to all who intend to learn English. We welcome your ideas & views on facilitations (which can make English learning more easy). Kindly also apprise your liking and/or any error observed at : englishkitab@yahoo.Com


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