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List of One Word Substitutions

One word can often express the idea of a phrase or a clause and can help in writing or communicating precisely. List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. Please learn it to improve your word power.

Ek shabd kabhi kabhi puray vakyansh ya vakya ko vyakt kar sakta hai. Kuch aisay common shabd nichay diyay hai. Prabhavshali English bolnay aur samajhnay kay liye inki jankaari avashyak hai. Har shabd ka arth aapki suvidha kay liyay simple English aur Hindi main diya hua hai.

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Word Meaning Arth
Galaxy Irregular luminous band of stars. Aakash-ganga, Tara samooh, Vishisht mandali
Garage A shed for motor car. Motar ghar, Gairaaj
Gazette A government publication relating to order, notification etc. Raj patra, Sarkaari gazette
Geology Study of Earth Bhuvigyaan
Germicide A medicine that kills germs Roganu nashi, jivanu nashi
Glossary A long list of words with their meaning. Shabdavali, Shabd sangrah
Glutton One who eats too much Petu, khau
Grammar Art and science dealing with a language. Vyaakaran
Granary A store house for a threshed grain. Ann-bhandar, Annagaar
Gratis Without payment Nishulk
Gregarious Of animals living in flocks Jhund main rehnayvala, milansaar
Gullible One who is easily deceived Bhola bhala
Harangue A noisy and loud speech before a long gathering. Ugra, Prabhaavshali bhashan
Hearse Vehicle to carry dead bodies. Shav vaahan
Herbivorous A grass eating animal Shakbhakshi janvar
Heritage what is got from ancestors Parampara, Dharohar, Virasat, Uttaradhikar
Heterogeneous Things of different nature Vijatiya, vividh prakaar
Histology Study of Tissue Tantu vigyaan
Homicide Murder of a human being Manav vadh, nar hatya
Homogeneous Thing of same nature. Sajaatiya, Samarup
Honey moon The first night of newly married couple. Vivah kay baad dampatya sehvaas ka pratham mahina
Honorary A position for which no salary is paid Sammananiya, avaitnik, bina vetan ka pud
Horizon The point where the earth and sky seem to meet. Kshitij, Seema
Hospitable Fond of entertaining guests. Mehmaan Nawaaj, Mehajbaan
Hostility Intense aggression or anger state of antagonism Dushmani, durbhavana
Humanitarian One who feels sympathetic towards human beings Manavtavadi, paropkari
Hung Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majority Trishanku
Hydra A serpent with many heads Bahut siro vala saanp
Hydrophobia A fear from water Jalantak, jal sey bhaya
Hygienist a specialist in the promotion of clean conditions for the preservation of health Swasthya vigyaan visheshagya
Hypocrite One who pretends to be what he is not Pakhandi, kapati
Hypothesis A tentative assumption, Made to drive a logical conclusion. Anumaan lagana, Kalpana
Iconoclast Breaker of art and literature. Murti puja virodhi, Rudhigat vichaaro ka virodhi
Idiosyncrasy A person's peculiar habit Sanak, avanchhaniya adat
Idolatry Worship of idols Murti puja
Ignorant Person having no knowledge of any happening. Anjaan, Agyani, Aprichit
Illegal That which is against law Avaidh, gair kanuni
Illegible A handwriting that cannot be read Apathniya, aspasht
Illicit That is prohibited by law Niyam ya vyavhaar virudh, gair kanuni, avaidh
Illiterate A person who cannot read or write Ashikshit, anabhigya
Illusion False sensual proposition. Matibhram, Mareechika, Galat phahmi
Imitable Which can be imitated. Nakal honay yogya
Immigrant One who lives in a foreign country Apravasi, videsh main basnayvala
Immovable Which cannot be moved, fixed. Achal, atal
Impenetrable Incapable of being penetrated. Abhaidhya, Jisko bheda na ja sakay, Agamya
Imperceptible That which cannot be noticed Atisukshm, alakshya
Impervious A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people's opinions, suggestions Aprabhavit, avhedya

Word Meaning Arth
Imposter One who assumes name or title or someone else for deceiving others. Behrupiya, dhongi
Impracticable That which cannot be practiced Avyavharik
Impregnable Incapable of being seized by attack Ajey, abhaidya
Improbable That which is not likely to happen Asambhavya
Inaccessible Incapable of being reached. Agamya, Pahunch sey bahar
Inadmissible Incapable of being admitted or allowed. Aswikarya, Amanya
Inanimate Without life Nirjeev, achetan
Inaudible A sound that cannot be heard Na sunaaye denay vala, ashravya
Incombustible Incapable of being burnt. Jisay aag na lag sakay
Incomprehensible A statement which cannot be understood Duruh, abodhya
Incorrigible One who cannot be corrected Asudharya, Jisay theek na kiya ja sakay.
Incredible That which cannot be believed Avishvashniya
Incurable That which cannot be cured Asadhya, achikitsya
Indefatigable One incapable of being tired Athak, ashrant, na thaknay vala
Indefensible That which cannot be defended Asamarthaniya, arakshaniya
Indescribable That which cannot be described Avarnaniya
Indestructible Incapable of being destroyed. Avinashi, Atoot
Indispensable Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed with Anivarya, jaroori
Indivisible Incapable of being divided. Avibhajya, Jika bhag na ho sakay
Indoor Something carried on within door or under cover. Bhitari, Anatarik, Ghar kay anadar
Ineligible Not being able to be elected or selected under the rules. Apaatra, Ayogya, Anuchit
Inevitable That which cannot be avoided Nishchit, anivarya, apariharya
Inexcusable Incapable of being justified. Akshamy
Inexhaustible Incapable of being tired out. Anant
Inexplicable That which cannot be explained Duruh, jiski vyakhya na ki ja sakay
Inexplicit Not definitely or clearly expressed. Aspasht
Inexpressible Incapable of being expressed in words. Avarnaniya, Akathniya
Infallible A remedy which never fails Achuk, raambaan
Infanticide The act of killing an infant Shishuhatya
Infection A disease spread by contact Sankraman, bura asar, sankramak rog, bimari ki chhut
Infinite Not limited by person or number. Anant, Aseem, Vishal, Ishvar
Inflammable Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned Jvalanshil, jwalantashil
Inimitable A method that cannot be imitated Anokha, jiski nakal na ki ja sakay, ananukarniya
Insatiable That which cannot be satisfied Atripya, jo tript na ho sakay
Insecticide That which kill insects. Keet nashak Padaarth
Insoluble Incapable of being dissolved in a liquid Na ghulnavala, achulanshil
Insolvent One who is unable to pay his debts Divaliya
Insomnia Loss of sleep Anidra rog, alpanidra
Insurmountable Incapable of being overcome. Ajay, Jo praast na kiya ja sakay.
Interpolate Inserting new matter in a book Beech main dalna
Intervene Anything pushed inside veins Beech main aana, Hastakshep karna
Intestate One who dies without a Will Bina vasiyat, itchha patrahin
Introspection The action of looking back on past time Atmavishleshan
Invincible That which cannot be conquered Ajey, jisay jita na ja sakay
Invisible A thing that cannot be seen with human eyes Adarashya, ojhal
Invulnerable That which cannot be hurt Surakshit, abhedya
Irreconcilable Incapable of being reconciled. Kattar, mail na karnay wala
Irrecoverable Incapable of recovered, regained. Vapas na mil saknay yogya, Sada ke liye hone wala
Irrelevant Not applicable Aprasangik, bematlab
Irreparable A loss of damage that cannot be compensated Apurniya, jisay sudhara na ja sakay
Irrevocable That cannot be altered or withdrawn Atal, Aprivartaniya
Irritable A man who is easily irritated Chiddachida, krodhi
Itinerant One who travels from place to place Bhramanashil
Itinerary A planned route or journey, details of travel Yatra vivran

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