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When we read lessons, after some time, our mind goes in relaxing mode. Only eyes remain active and slowly-slowly it also tend towards sleepy mode and we stop reading. This is the reason we cannot understand & grasp whatever we read in one go. When we attend the Quiz, we have to activate our mind and it helps to understand & learn the topics thoroughly. Therefore, it is always advised to attend Quizzes to test your knowledge.

Jab ham paDhate hai to kuchh samay baad hamaaraa dimaag soost hone lagataa hai. Kewal Hamaaree aankhe jaagatee hai aur vah bhee dheere dheere band hone lagatee hai aur ham paDhanaa band kar dete hai. Yah kaaraN hai kee ham jo kuchh paDhate hai ek baar meiN Theek se samajh aur grahaN nahee kar paate hai. Jab ham Quiz karate hai to hame dimaag ko choost karanaa paDataa hai aur yah hame viShaya ko achchhee tarah samajhane aur yaad karane meiN madad karataa hai. Isiliye yah hameshaa salaah dee jaatee hai kee Quiz ke dwaaraa apanee jaankaaree test kareN.

Index of Quiz

  1. Quiz-1 - Subject, Object & predicate
  2. Quiz-2 - Overview of Noun, Pronoun & Verb
  3. Quiz-3 - Helping Verbs
  4. Quiz-4 - Tenses & Present Indefinite Tense
  5. Quiz-5 - Present Indefinite Tense
  6. Quiz-6 - Present Continuous Tense & Misc.
  7. Quiz-7 - Present Perfect Tense & Misc.
  8. Quiz-8 - Present Perfect Continuous Tense & Misc.
  9. Quiz-9 - Past Indefinite Tense & Misc.
  10. Quiz-10 - Past Continuous Tense & Misc.
  11. Quiz-11 - Past Perfect Tense & Misc.
  12. Quiz-12 - Past Perfect Continuous Tense & Misc.
  13. Quiz-13 - Future Indefinite Tense & Misc.
  14. Quiz-14 - Future Continuous Tense & Misc.
  15. Quiz-15 - Future Perfect Tense & Misc.
  16. Quiz-16 - Future Perfect Continuous Tense & Misc.
  17. Quiz-17 - Compulsion Sentences & Misc.
  18. Quiz-18 - Articles A/An and The & Misc.
  19. Quiz-19 - Yes/No Type & Tag Type Questions & Misc.
  20. Quiz-20 - Questions of W-Family Words & Misc.
  21. Quiz-21 - Questions of W-Family Words-2 & Misc.
  22. Quiz-22 - Use of It and There & Misc.
  23. Quiz-23 - Imperative Setences and Use of Let, Make
  24. Quiz-24 - Conditional Sentences & Misc.

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