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The Verb - क्रिया

Verb 'TO DO'

Let's learn about it with the following examples:

Verbs 'TO DO' - Do, does, did
वह काम करता तो है (जरूर करता है)। He does work.
मैं आराम करता तो हूँ (अवश्य करता हूँ)। I do take rest.
वह उसे झिड़कती तो है (अवश्य झिड़कती है)। She does rebuke him.
मैंढक उछलता तो है (जरूर उछलता है)। The frog does jump.
मुझे फोन अवश्य करें। Do give me a ring.
मुझे शाम को अवश्य याद दिलांए। Do remind me in the evening.


Another type of Auxiliary Verbs (will, shall, may, can, may, would, should, could, might, must, ought, dare, need, used to) are known as Modal Verbs. We will learn about Modals in upcoming lessons.

Agreement between Verb and Subject

It is essential to learn the use of Verb with each Parts of a Sentence. It is necessary to understand the Subject-Verb Agreement for learning good English.


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Exercise: The Verb

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