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BELC - 1st Day

Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

संख्या मुख्यतः दो प्रकार की होती है - 1.गणन-संख्या 2.क्रमवाचक-संख्या

There are mainly two types of numbers - 1.Cardinal Numbers 2. Ordinal Numbers

Cardinal Numbers - गणन-संख्या

इंग्लिश भाषा में गणन-संख्या वस्तुओ की गिनती के लिये (1-एक, 2-दो, 3-तीन,...), उम्र बताने के लिये, टेलिफोन नंबर बताने के लिये, वर्ष/साल बताने के लिये, आदि में प्रयोग करते है जैसा नीचे वर्णन किया है।

Cardinal numbers are normally used when we:
* count things: He has two cars. There are twenty-seven students in a class.
* tell our age or telephone number: She is seventeen years old. My mobile number is nine-nine, two-three-two, one-two-three-four-zero (99 232 12340)
* tell year: She has completed her graduation in two thousand and ten (2010). We had gone to the UK in two thousand and twelve (2012)

Ordinal Numbers - क्रमवाचक-संख्या

क्रमवाचक-संख्या तारीख बताने के लिये, वस्तुओ को क्रम (प्रथम, द्वितीय, तृतीय,...) में रखने के लिये, इमारत की मंजिल बताने के लिये, आदि में प्रयोग करते है जैसा नीचे वर्णन किया है।

Ordinal numbers are normally used when we:
* tell a date: Mr Uniyal's birthday is on the 30th of September. (Thirtieth of September)
* put things in order or a sequence: He stood first in the class.
* tell about the floor of a building: My house is on the thirteenth floor.

Ordinal numbers are created by adding 'th' to the end of a Cardinal number - (seventh, sixteenth).
There are exceptions where 'th' is not added - (one - first, two - second, three - third, five - fifth, eight - eighth, nine - ninth & twelve - twelfth)

Cardinal Number Cardinal Number word गणन-संख्या शब्द Ordinal Number word क्रमवाचक-संख्या शब्द
0 Zero शून्य Zero शून्य
1 One एक 1st - First पहला
2 Two दो 2nd - Second दूसरा
3 Three तीन 3rd - Third तीसरा
4 Four चार 4th - Fourth चौथा
5 Five पांच 5th - Fifth पांचवाँ
6 Six छः 6th - Sixth छठा
7 Seven सात 7th - Seventh सातवाँ
8 Eight आठ 8th - Eighth आठवाँ
9 Nine नौ 9th - Ninth नौवाँ
10 Ten दस 10th - Tenth दसवाँ

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