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BELC - 17th Day

Formation of Adverb

Generally Adverbs are formed:

Adverbs formed .... Examples
by adding : '-ly' kind-kindly, hard-hardly, slow-slowly, beautiful-beautifully, careless-carelessly, serious-seriously, reliable-reliably, terrible-terribly, etc.
by changing :'-e' to '-y' single-singly, double-doubly, simple-simply, etc.
by changing : '-y' to '-ily' happy-happily, ready-readily, heavy-heavily, etc.
by changing :'-ic' to '-ically' basic-basically, economic-economically, drastic-drastically, etc.
Some Adverbs are made up of a Noun and Adjectives Sometimes, meantime, midway, otherwise, yesterday, etc.
Adverbs of Number one-once, two-twice, three-thrice, four-fourfold, etc.

More Examples :

Sentence वाक्य Adverb
Please try again. कृपया दोबारा कोशिश किजिए। again
He rises early in the morning. वह सुबह जल्दी उठता है। early
She sings delightfully. वह खुशी से गाती है। delightfully
Don't go far. दूर मत जाओ। far
Shivaji fought bravely. शिवाजी बहादुरी से लड़े। bravely
I am fully prepared. मैं पूरी तरह से तैयार हूं। fully
He certainly went. वह अवश्य चला गया। certainly
He drives slowly. वह धीरे-धीरे ड्राइव करता है। slowly
She cried very loudly. वह बहुत जोर से चिल्लाई। very, loudly
I hurt my finger yesterday. मैंने कल अपनी उंगली को चोट लगा ली। yesterday
He seldom comes here. वह शायद ही कभी यहां आता है। seldom

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