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BELC - 17th Day

Adjective - विशेषण - An Overview

Kinds of Adjective

There are two kinds of Adjectives
(1) Descriptive Adjectives
(2) Determinative Adjectives

Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive Adjectives (वर्णनात्मक विशेषण) किसी Noun के गुण, अवगुण, आकार, रूप आदि का वर्णन करते हैं।

Descriptive adjectives describe the merits, demerits, shapes, forms, etc. of a Noun.

Determinative Adjectives

Determinative Adjectives (निर्धारक विशेषण) किसी भी संज्ञा की संख्या और मात्रा प्रदर्शित करते हैं या इसे निर्धारित करने के लिए संज्ञा को इंगित करते हैं।

The determinative adjectives display the number and quantity of any noun or indicate the noun to determine it.

दोनों प्रकार के विशेषणों के अपने अलग-अलग उपप्रकार हैं। आइए इन विशेषणों के प्रकार और उनके विशेषण शब्दों को देखते हैं:

Both types of adjectives have different sub-types.

Type of Adjectives Adjective words
Descriptive Adjectives:
Adjectives of Quality beautiful, ugly, good, bad, small, big, large, long, short, red, green, round, square, etc.
Proper Adjectives Indian, American, African, Europen, Japanese, Chinese, British, etc.
Determinative Adjectives
Adjectives of Quantity all, entire, whole, some, little, few, much, more, enoungh, sufficient, a lot of, a peice of, a cup of, etc.
Adjectives of Number One, two, any, many, all, few, first, second, next, last, several, a plenty of, a heap of, etc.
Distributive Adjectives each, every, either, neither, etc.
Demonstrative Adjectives this, that, these, those, same, such, etc.
Indefinite and Definite Articles a, an, the
Possessive Adjectives my, our, your, his, her, their
Interrogative Adjectives what, which, where, whose

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