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ELC-34th Day

Condition Type-2

(2) State of Possession...Imagination...अगर मेरे पास ये होता तो मैं वो कर देता

Rule: [If + Subject + had + Object], [Subject + Would/Could + Verb (1st form) + Object]

Note: 'Were' will come with all Subjects irrespective of their 1st/2nd/3rd Person and singular/plural Number.

Let's look at the examples:

अगर मेरे पास कार होती, तो मैं आपको दे देता। If I had a car, I would give it to you.
अगर पापा के पास पैसे होते, तो वह मुझे जरूर देते। If papa had money, he would surely give to me.
यदि उनके कब्ज़े में मूल पावर ऑफ अटॉर्नी होती, तो वे मुझे सूचित कर देते।  If they had original power of attorney in their custody, they would give it to me.
अगर चोर पुलिस की हिरासत में होता तो वे उसकी पिटाई कर रहे होते। If the police had a thief in their custody, they would be beating him.
अगर उनके बैंक खाते में दस लाख रुपये होते, तो वे इसे जरूरतमंद लोगों को वितरित कर देते। If he had ten lakh rupees in his bank account, he would have distributed it to the needy people.
अगर मेरे पास एक कैमरा होता, तो मैं उसके एकल नृत्य प्रदर्शन को रिकॉर्ड कर रहा होता। If I had a camera, I would be recording her solo dance performance.
अगर मेरे पास उसके कार्यालय तक पहुँच होती, तो इस समय मैं उसके साथ चाय पी रहा होता If I had access to her office, I would be taking tea with him at this time.
अगर मेरे पास दो हेलमेट होते, तो मैं आपको एक दे पाता। If I had two helmets, I could give one to you.

(3) Some Action...Imagination...ये हो जाता / वो हो जाता, तो मैं...

Rule: [If + Subject + Verb (2nd form) + Object], [Subject + Would/Could + Verb (1st form) + Object]

Let's look at the examples:

अगर मैं हांगकांग जाता, तो मैं डिज़्नीलैंड ज़रूर घूमता। If I went to Hong Kong, I would definitely roam Disneyland
अगर वह मेरी बात मानती तो मैं उसे असली कहानी सुनाता। If she believed me, I would tell her the real story.
अगर वह हमारे साथ आता, तो हम उसका सारा खर्च उठाते। If he came with us, we would bear all his expenses.
यदि काव्या बहस में भाग लेती, तो उसका शिक्षक उसे पुरस्कृत करता। If Kavya participated in the debate, her teacher would reward her.
अगर आप राजनीति के बारे में बोलते, तो मैं आपका समर्थन नहीं करता। If you spoke about politics, I would not support you.
अगर गिलहरी मेरे पास आती, तो मैं उसे मूंगफली दे पाता। If the squirrel came to me, I could give her peanuts.

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