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60 Days English Learning Course in Hindi

Course Index
60 Days English Learning Course
Correct Method of learning English
1st Day 1st Day Basics of English
2nd Day 2nd Day Present Indefinite Tense
3rd Day 3rd Day Present Indefinite Tense
4th Day 4th Day Tenses & Present Continuous Tense
5th Day 5th Day Present Perfect
6th Day 6th Day Present Perfect Continuous Tense
7th Day 7th Day Past Indefinite Tense
8th Day 8th Day Past Continuous Tense
9th Day 9th Day Past Perfect Tense
10th Day 10th DayPast Perfect Continuous Tense & Double Past
11th Day 11th DayFuture Indefinite Tense
12th Day 12th DayFuture Continuous Tense
13th Day 13th DayFuture Perfect Tense
14th Day 14th DayFuture Perfect Cont. Tense & Double Future
15th Day 15th DayArticles-A, An, The
16th Day 16th DayUse of It and There
17th Day 17th D ayImparative Sentence and Use of Let & Make
18th Day 18th Day The Verb
19th Day 19th DaySentences of Compulstion & Six Important Words
20th Day 20th DayThe Noun
21st Day 21st DaySubject-Verb Agreement
22nd Day 22nd DayPronoun - Personal Pronoun
23rd Day 23rd DayOther Pronouns
24th Day 24th DayAdjective
25th Day 25th DayDegrees of Adjectives
26th Day 26th DayAdverbs-Part-One
27th Day 27th DayAdverbs-Part-Two
28th Day 28th DayPrepositions
29th Day 29th DayModals-1
30th Day 30th DayModals-2
31st Day 31st DayModals-3
32nd Day 32nd DayModals-4
33rd Day 33rd DayModals-5
34th Day 34th DayConditional Sentences and Use of K/G/C On
35th Day 35th DayConditional Sentences (Others) and I wish...काश...
36th Day 36th DayCausative Verbs
37th Day 37th DayQuestion Tag & Other types of Questions
38th Day 38th DayQuestions of W-family Words
39th Day 39th DayThe Infinitive
40th Day 40th DayThe Gerund
41st Day 41st DayThe Participle
42nd Day 42nd DayActive & Passive Voice-1
43rd Day 43rd DayActive & Passive Voice-2
44th Day 44th DayActive & Passive Voice-3
45th Day 45th DayActive & Passive Voice-4
46th Day 46th DayDirect-Indirect Speech-1
47th Day 47th DayDirect-Indirect Speech-2
48th Day 48th DayDirect-Indirect Speech-3
49th Day 49th DayDirect-Indirect Speech-4

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