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हिंदी भाषी के लिए संक्षिप्त अंग्रेजी सीखने का पाठ्यक्रम

Course Content
Lesson-1 Present Indefinite Tense
Lesson-2 Present Indefinite Tense - Negative
Lesson-3 Present Indefinite Tense - Interrogative
Lesson-4 Present Continuous Tense
Lesson-5 Present Continuous Tense - Interrogative
Lesson-6 Present Perfect Tense
Lesson-7 Present Perfect Tense - Interrogative
Lesson-8 Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson-9 Present Perfect Continuous Tense - Interrogative
Lesson-10 Past Indefinite Tense
Lesson-11 Past Indefinite Tense - Interrogative
Lesson-12 Past Continuous Tense
Lesson-13 Past Perfect Tense
Lesson-14 Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson-15 Future Indefinite Tense
Lesson-16 Future Continuous Tense
Lesson-17 Future Perfect Tense
Lesson-18 Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson-19 Double Past Tense
Lesson-20 Double Future Tense
Lesson-21 Revision of Tenses
Lesson-22 It and There
Lesson-23 A, An, The - Articles
Lesson-24 Rule of 'ING'
Lesson-25 Imperative Sentences
Lesson-26 Let
Lesson-27 Prepositions
Lesson-28 By / Till / Still etc.
Lesson-29 W-Family
Lesson-30 Has to..., Is to...
Lesson-31 Imaginary Sentences
Lesson-32 Modals-1
Lesson-33 Modals-2
Lesson-34 Modals-3
Lesson-35 Active Passive-1
Lesson-36 Active Passive-2
Lesson-37 Active Passive-3
Lesson-38 Active Passive-4
Lesson-39 Active Passive-5
Lesson-40 The Gerunds
Lesson-41 The Participle
Lesson-42 Direct-Indirect-1
Lesson-43 Direct-Indirect-2
Lesson-44 Direct-Indirect-3
Lesson-45 Direct-Indirect-4
Lesson-46 Direct-Indirect-5
Lesson-47 Degree
Lesson-48 Interchange of Degree
Lesson-49 Get
Lesson-50 Keep on / Go on / Carry on
Lesson-51 Use of Since
Lesson-52 Use of Being, Instead of, In spite of

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