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ELC-46th Day

Direct-Indirect Speech - Simple Sentences

More Examples:

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
She says to Kanika, "I will teach you and Avyan." She tells Kanika that she will teach her and Avyan.
Avyan said to Swati, "I will give my toys to you." Avyan told Swati that he would give his toys to her.
They said to me, "We have given our share to you." They told me that they had given their share to me.
We will say to Heena, "You have brought her paintings to show your Mom and us." We will tell Heena that she has brought her paintings to show her Mom and us.
She said to Manav, "I am in love, and I want you to protect me. She told Manav that she was in love, and she wanted him to protect her.
He said, "You did not give me his address." He said that he had not given him his address. (Object is not there. Assumed it of 3rd Person)
He said, "You did not give me his address." He said that I had not given him his address. (Object is not there. Assumed it of Ist Person)


(i) अगर रिपोर्टिंग वर्ब में 'Object' ना हो तब Reporting Speech के 2nd person को बदलने के लिए हम कोई भी Person मान सकते है और वाक्य बना सकते है। आखरी उदाहरण देखो।

(i) If Reporting Verb does not have 'Object', then for changing 2nd Person of Reporting Speech, we can assume any Person and make sentence accordingly. See the last example.

(ii) Person को बदलने के लिए, कृपया ध्यान दें कि यदि Person बहुवचन है, तो इसे बहुवचन में बदल दिया जाएगा, और यदि Case possessive है, तो इसे possessive Case के साथ बदला जाएगा। Indirect Speech में Reported Speech के Verbs की Helping Verbs Pronoun के अनुसार के अनुसार बदली जाती है।

(ii) For changing Person, please note that if Person is plural, it will be changed to the plural, and if the Case is possessive, it will be changed with possessive Case. Helping Verbs of Reported Speech in Indirect Speech get changed as per changed Pronoun.

Rule No. 4

यदि Reporting Verb का टेन्स या तो Present Tense या Future Tense है, तो हम Reporting Speech के टेन्स को नहीं बदलते हैं।

If the Tense of Reporting Verb is either Present Tense or Future Tense, then we do not change Tense of the Reporting Speech.

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