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Active & Passive Voice

Look at the following Examples

वाक्य Sentence Voice Subject of the Sentence Action Performed By
सचिन क्रिकेट खेल रहा है। Sachin is playing cricket. Active Voice Sachin Subject
क्रिकेट सचिन के द्वारा खेला जा रहा है। Cricket is being played by Sachin. Passive Voice Cricket Other than the Subject
जॉन किताब पढ़ता है। John reads a book. Active Voice John Subject
किताब जॉन द्वारा पढ़ी जाती है। A book is read by John. Passive Voice A Book Other than the Subject
वर्तिका ब्रेड़ खा चुकी है। Vartika has eaten bread. Active Voice Vartika Subject
ब्रेड़ वर्तिका द्वारा खाई जा चुकी है। Bread has been eaten by Vartika. Passive Voice Bread Other than the Subject
वह उनको पीट रहा है। He is beating them. Active Voice He Subject
वे उसके द्वारा पीटे जा रहे हैं। They are being beaten by him. Passive Voice They Other than the Subject

उपरोक्त उदाहरणों से, हम नोट करते हैं कि Active Voice वाक्यों में, सब्जेक्ट ने सीधे एक्शन किया है, और Passive Voice वाक्यों में, एक्शन किसी अन्य द्वारा किया गया है।

From the examples above, we note that in Active Voice sentences, the subject has performed the action directly, and in Passive Voice sentences, the action has been performed by someone else.

Active Passive Voice Rules for Conversion of Sentences

We will learn how to make a passive voice of the following topics separately to get a better understanding.

  1. General Rules of Passive Voice
  2. Passive Voice of Present Indefinite Tense
  3. Passive Voice of Present Continuous Tense
  4. Passive Voice of Present Perfect Tense
  5. Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense
  6. Passive Voice of Past Continuous Tense
  7. Passive Voice of Past Perfect Tense
  8. Passive Voice of Future Indefinite Tense
  9. Passive Voice of Future Perfect Tense
  10. Passive Voice of W-Family Words
  11. Passive Voice of Imperative Sentence
  12. Passive Voice of Sentences of Modals
  13. Passive Voice of Sentences of Infinitives
  14. Passive Voice of Miscellaneous Sentences

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